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  1. The year atlanta took half the team they went down the crapper.. seems the let the wrong guys walk, for instance i would rather Ladd then kane that way you could have traded Kane for some blue chip prospects. They have Keith who is always iffy per season and other then him the dcore is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo weak, seabrook gets hurt every third game or so. I like toews(sorta injury prone) Sharp i love but the offense is also iffy. Nothing on this team is for sure except for excellent coaching.
  2. Rofl Reinhardt IMO better then Murray.. harder hitting.. bigger more offense and good in his own end. Who would you rather have Shea weber or Scott Neidermayer(however it's spelled). Not that it matters.. this team is hopeless, ugly jersey, no fan base, and only one guy to put the puck in the net.
  3. Having fun posting all to yourself? With a few more tweaks to this team, they are already tough to begin with, AP is a great dman who can play both sides exetremely well, I think IMO if they had of signed Carle it would have been the feather in their hat, that way you would have three guys who can help your powerplay , The pk is great with backes and oshie, elliot will keep Halak rested. I see the Blues making the playoffs and going much deeper then last year, Backes is an outstanding captain, they have depth 4 lines deep and other then AP they have a no name but very capable defense.
  4. No doubt in my mind they have one of the best defensive cores in all of the NHL with everyone on that team being a top four guy. I'm jealous .
  5. Greg Mxkegg... hate the leafs, but THAT is an awesome name
  6. Nick kypreos said it best he tried commanding the same respect the way gainey did.. difference is Gainey earned it.
  7. HAHAHAHAH are you kidding.. Pouliot was amazing.. the man goes and plays the best shift of his entire hcokey carrer gets a penalty and gets benched.. and i wouldnt wanna play for JM anyways.. its JM's fault not BP, Ben is super strong for one hits scores and is a great scorer given chances to be with better players. like eller moen and Big ben would be a great third line.. or i would even consider putting ben on the second line if you didnt put Eller on the the 2nd line you would still have an offensive threat on the third line. So i disagree with you.. i would bring Ben back in a second.
  8. this guy is complete trash... little punk
  9. we got a steal of a deal when we traded him away.. legit
  10. Poor saints im not even watching because of the way the team has been screwed up.. for good reason but still.
  11. anybody going for t.o i like em cuz they're in Xanada but ima heat fan have been before LBJ joined... with ray allen i smeel repeat
  12. someone had pointed out Kabs was on pace for 44 points had he not been injured.. he is a brilliant player.. and he isnt terrible on defense, there was a point in his career he was one of the fabled dmen in the league.. sure he lost his step but that does not mean he's crap.. he is imo a sure upgrade from MAB.
  13. This guy was the pk master!!! I like how we're getting former players who have actually played the game Most of these guys were 4th line players meaning they got to watch the game more often then play and those guy makes great coaches so this will help the team even more.
  14. i've noticed everyone has forgotten about Bourque.. lol imo this guy will have a bounce back season under MT.. the more i had thought about it the more i realized that MT is much more demanding then Sutter who bourque played well for.. how many times have we seen JM or RC yell at guys.. btw what happened to RC. I would make a trade to anaheim for Ryan that would send gio kristo Diaz and for Ryan and a 3 rounder. Also i would make some sort of trade that would bring us both dwight king and jared nolan sooo probably this Gallager and Anaheims 3rd for Nolan White and a 2 rounder. Patches Pleks Ryan Eller DD Cole Bourque gomez Moen Prust Nolan King Armstrong white Subban Gorges emelin Markov Boullion Nash Weber Price Desjardins/Budaj (give desjardins a chance to play back up as he is cheaper then Budaj) This way we have gained much size and tenacity while adding guys who have won a cup and keeping alot of our core guys together.. Leadership in the locker room has increased so has dept at the forward position and our young promising defence prospects stay with us.
  15. Well I do believe we were considered very deep when we had those 4 guys.. that was the season pleky put up 70 points... gomez had 64 and moore was great all around and glen i do blieve lead the team with power play goals
  16. I think he's better then a third line center.. either way the habs have a deep prospect pool that they can use for trade bait or if we wait we'll have a high octane offense that will be hard to slow down.. it seems like all of our prospects are great at skating and good puck handlers.
  17. I think if nokes is given more chances he will proove us wrong but if he doesn't big deal.. we gave up a career AHLer for him, so nbd we just got a size upgrade.. and he is pretty gritty imo, There are better players out there for sure when it comes to gritt but nokes can fill in until management think that dumont is ready.. Gabriel isn't that small tbh he is 5'10 same height as richards if he could just put on about 15 pounds it would really help him out in the NHL.
  18. with have boyce.. who can be used as a fourth liner
  19. I'm so confused ahaha this really is a mess though players scattered everywhere i'm worried what will happen when the season does start obviously some players are getting much better comptetion then others
  20. To be honest i haven't watched any of the dogs games.. not because i don't want to but because i can't find a channel that airs the games.. sportsnet is too busy with the CHL and im noot sure why tsn is doing rewinds but the only time ive seen the dogs play is on highlights, i'm just going by what others are saying.. and again i wasn't aware ellis had played any games but i'm glad he is.. btw whos the captain now?
  21. I did mean gomez ahah I was not focusing But yes i really haven't made any space for gomez on my personal roster.. he's a downgrade everywhere
  22. well i guess he's out for a month to a month and a half
  23. This is the definition of pathetic.. they should have came to agreement before summer's end.. Fire bettman fire The fehrs oh and fire Daly too just get rid of all of them....
  24. We could win the ever more realistic draft lottery( a real one) yayyy
  25. opps my bad i read right over his name without noticing when i was looking at the stats , he's a big boy 6'2 214 apparently he hits like a "Mac Truck" as stated above, i'm assuming with all the talent that they will be swapping pairings because ellis is yet to play or that's what it says on the dogs stats. It's weird we dont have henry on the blue line leaves a really young squad of dmen so im not gonna blame goaltending for the dogs.. yet
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