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  1. I think Moen deserves third line minutes, And if Eller was going to play wing i'd rather it be with Pleks not Eller haha. I'm iffy with Rene, like i said MT is going to demand alot from everyone so maybe Bourque crumbles underneath that pressure but Sutter demands alot too so it's hard to say.
  2. I heard he tried to fight big z is this true?
  3. With MT i expect his play to improve tenfold from last year seeing him on a line with Eller and Moen makes me very excited for NHL hockey again he isn't the best player in the world but should create space for Eler and give the opposing team another threat to deal with and also.. Some improved talent for Eller as well!
  4. Great point and I agree with the exception or Armstrong.. I wouldn't count on him being healthy in fact in my head when i do different line combo's I don't consider armstrong a main stay. I would like to see a fourth line like White Nokes Prust and then play that line 7-10 minutes a night giving plenty rest to our top two lines.. I hate the bruins but Claude does a great job with his lines and other then The beregon line there isn't really high end talent there.. I don't consider Krecji that great Looch as a top six guy not top three and Horton.. meh.. but those lines and rested and can play to their limit every night because they're not being leaned on.
  5. His focus? I do believe he was the best player for us last year.. if he lack focus then kessell has ADHD, I don't understand how you can say his focus is lacking.. I mean even if it was this past year uhm can ya blame him? If the canes had of re signed him they probably would have made the playoffs which is most likely why he came to the habs in the first place.
  6. Oh okay is that the same deal with crosby as well then?
  7. I have no clue, what is it like a beer league or something?
  8. enough with the gill comments.. way to really dream guys.. this guy is the opposite of gill... i dont remember gill laying many people out)lindros) or beating the crap out of anyone.. the only thing they really share in common is size and defensive ability.. other then that theyre not really similar. 1000 post yay
  9. I would trade DD to phoenix for one of their out standing young dmen like gormley.. you re unit gormley and ellis and you get the PEI connection(yay my province) sure your going ot have to throw in another play but it's worth it because in 5 years MTL will have the best six pack in the entire NHL by far!!!! having 3 top two d and another 3 top four guys.. say hello to cup contention
  10. Patches fits in with MOntreal better then Iggy would.. due to patches speed and also he's bigger then iggy but not as tough... that said i dont think you can mention patches in the same breathe as iggy atm but ten years from now who knows all i'm saying is that in my mind(and not because I'm a habs fan) i would take patches over looch which as I stated people seem to look at him as the next big power forward when all he really has going for him is size toughness and hitting ability.. he's not the goal scorer patches is nor will he ever be he just benefits from the team that he's on.. dont get me wrong I'd love seeing looch on my team.
  11. that was greasy of emelin.. anyway i just hope that emelin brings 20 points per season as well as his stellar defensive play that will come with time.
  12. why the HELL is gorges undersized does eanyone realize he's bigger then subban who many people conisder big and strong.. granted subban is a think man gorges is a inch taller and heavier as well(don't go by this stupid NHL weight listings i dont think they update it) anyways I just wanna know where gorges is playing atm.
  13. I like patches and with MT as head coach it could possibly further patches into the role as prototype for a power forward around the NHL. Patches already has size speed and a scoring touch, obviously he has soft hands he just needs to work on his hitting.. but compared to Lucic who has apparently become the power forward everyone wants.. patches is much better then looch in almost every category you can think of.
  14. I wouldn't trade Pax anytime soon but I wonder what the Rangers would give us for him.. plus they have to make up for the gomez deal too
  15. leafs fans trollin on the tsn article.. sad at least our American is performing sorry exceeding expectations kessel is doing what.... yawning ya thats right
  16. I like patches more then Kane.. Kane is grittier but that could change with Mt as the coach but watching Patches shoot the puck last season It's easy to see he can be a 50 goal scorer if Galchenyuk lives up to his hype.. as for left wingers i do belive corey perry is a ufa next year... it would cost a lot of money but having the best overall powerforward in the NHL would be very helpful against the bruins and flyers
  17. I prefer noke to darche.. i mean i liked darche too but watching him skate i was thinking the entire time.. "please pass the puck before my grandmother catches up to you" Noke should get more chances this season too.. i just hope MT roles all four lines.
  18. they need to play him a little more though i mean if we make the playoffs carey has got to be rested because you know he's gonna play every game and budaj did pretty well so why not give him more chances and maybe throw him out against an actual team too and not make price play every difficult game
  19. actually i came on here to say i hope with MT he hits more
  20. I do agree with you there.. and yes he's a 25-30 goal guy but his passing is absolute trash and in order for him to impress me hell have to play hard and be physical every night better yet every shift. We gave up alot for him and seeing as Holland is here yet he has to perform every night!
  21. I would do this trade in a heartbeat... with simmonds you get a versatile player who plays rough and seeing how he's not homegrown talent he probably would be in play... although with 28 goals we'd most likely have to give another player up but that throw in would be weber and a 2nd round pick for simmonds and shelley this way we get much tougher and offensive in one trade.
  22. I would trade kaberle to edmonton simply for jf jacques to add a legit enforcer.. Your fourth line is actually very well rounded but if and i think he will moen out plays bourque id switch that line and i'm also going to assume( could be wrong) that armstrong will get injured so i'd let schultz and jacques compete for the enforcer role but most likely it would be schultz due to his style and the fact that he can actually contribute with some offense now and then.
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