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  1. to counter that he's not paid as much as moen or prust.
  2. Doubt we'll get either and why go for them? they're both young.. it'd be different if they were seasoned vets but with the d core we have coming up it'd be foolish to sign them seeing as Ellis, Tinordi, And Bealuie(however it's spelled) will all be better then them.
  3. Because the chances of finding another Price are very slim considering he's a hybrid between Quick and Rinne.
  4. I just want you to look up the numbers he put up in Edmonton for just an enforcer... they arent superstar numbers but for the toughest man to ever play hockey.. they're pretty good.. as for Moen he's duct tape and holds the team together.
  5. He's much more rough then Myers and might have a mean streak to match Pronger's... I dont know about him but Mark put up 42 points in a season.. if we can get 25 out of him on average per season I'd be happy. P.s he's 6'7 218 not 6'6 205
  6. So according to wikipeida he's actually 212 and this habs site is horrible for weight anyways so i don't know who to believe.
  7. there's a difference between a few million and seven million... he's not worth 7 million to me, i agree that he's very good but givingthat much money to a guy who's yet to score 20 goals is absurd!
  8. First who cares what Gretzky has to say, I never liked him he was way too soft.. what they should do is name The Rocket Richard After Beliveau then change the con smythe trophy to the Rocket Richard trophy because the Rocket was the best player to ever skate
  9. At 6.5 mil (what Doan wants) I'dlet the flyers sign him... he's not worth that kind of money to me.
  10. How on earth would that be fair? The Hawks will get pleky who will put up 80 points playing with Hossa and frolik and we get a late second round pick and a TOP 4 not a top 2 d man... seems like raycroft for rask IMO.... Chicago I wouldn't even discuss pleky without hearing Sharp or Seabrook...
  11. oh man he destroyed mike brown.. i cringed at how hard those straights hit brown in the face..
  12. only 2 points in 17 games for the dogs, and his height and weight according to hockeydb is 5'11" and 186 pounds
  13. we should be giving this kid some more shots this year
  14. i love grapes he always show PEI love, and i tend to agree with what he says most of the time except when he talks crap about the habs, hes a huge price fan haha actually im surprised hes a not a gm hed build a nice old school hard hitting team that we could use wed have about 10 tough guys on the active roster hahah
  15. ive totally forgot we signed him has anyone else?
  16. texas choked again... what do they need to do to win hahah
  17. thats excatly what i mean ive tried numerous times and it says the same thing i thought it was just me
  18. and why do certain people get selected for this groups, it just seems weird i can understand the mods and admin but why are their HOF Captain Retired jerseys? also how come i cant raise peoples posts?
  19. you got jokes hahah, nah i meant on the forum
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