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  1. ya 12 goals is pretty good considering hishe wasnt full time
  2. they called jaro joseph on cbc...

  3. ya tampa and mtl are bottom half teams in fact if it werent for price we would finsih under tenth place anyways campoli was an okay pick up i would rather have sopel but at least we have some depth back there
  4. 0-2 with markov back???

    1. ColRouleBleu


      Send the bum to the pressbox! :P

    2. MkGee


      trade him for scraps hes so over payed...but i actually hada good trade planed out for us...markov and kristo for seabrook and sharp

  5. well hes on pace for more then 50
  6. JM put halpern and beniot on the second line and teach gomez a leason by making him play only 10 mins tonight

    1. Lizardking89
    2. roy_133


      What has Gionta done to warrant his position? If you're going to teach Gomez a lesson Gionta should be in the same boat.

    3. powerplay2009


      I think Gionta might perform better without the C, although better linemates might help.

  7. i say we win the rest of the games

  8. well he now has 5 points more then the rest of the second line...so now they need to wake up
  9. impossible...id like to but its impossible who needs offense that much hahah?
  10. well biron was a starter and s uccesful at that soo i think biron was miles ahead of auld but not nittiymaki or however you spell it but auld will fit in fine because hes not expected to play like 30 games which is what biron would of wanted
  11. yes so we get something for him i bet tampa would take him
  12. thats coaching management's fault i dont know how it would be theres like subban is just up now at 20 he was ready last year for full time
  13. it would be nice if he could gain another 15 pounds eh? and worked his legs out really really hard!!!!
  14. hockey isnt ballet we needs rough players like that!
  15. well said i agree we cant put him agianst weak teams tehn when we make the playoffs be like oh what happened to price he did great in the regular season no auld plays 20 games max maybe agianst 5 good teams another 5 decent teams then 10 crap teams
  16. ARE YOU KIDDING I LOVE LAPPY look at my sig..... lappy is the man the best at what he does.... i dunno how you can say that i really dont i love lappy... and lappy made a smart move not fighting.... he got us a powerplay when we were down no sense in fighting talbot..
  17. again lets be real price can hold his own against buffalo...if the bruins could we can
  18. lets trade him hes not gonna turn into anything trade him back to minnesota for gillies
  19. i love him just the way he is only other player that can compare to maxy is avery...but avery gets top line mins maxy doesnt
  20. this kid is my size....... cept 15 pounds lighter
  21. oh well thatd be nice but this has nothing to do with you but i believe this kid will make it in the NHL i like him and hes big
  22. i knew this already haha i was just stating that so i mean if price fails guys were done basically like its doubtful that Auld would even do Craig Anderson and that is come out of nowhere and amaze us
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