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  1. im getting a habs collage sleeve tattoo all over my right arm pretty soon
  2. id love to see him actually turn out like pat kane hahah thatd be great
  3. we need to come up with a sick nick name for beniot maybe big ben?(it sucks i know)
  4. i hope jaro fails miserably so we dont look dumb for what we got for him:(
  5. hes a good solid player all around but a lil speed wouldnt hurt him i agree!
  6. i agree its a shame we keep signing vets in front of all the great young talent we have this kid could end up id say a "star" on the leafs then switch between second line compliment player or a scoring third line player your choice.
  7. i think lappy could hit 50 points why hes better then burrows only reason burrows had so many points was cause of the sedins i could hit 70 points with the sedins on my line in fact i dare you not to hit 50 points if you paired with the sedins:P
  8. hes a good back up not doubt there just dont expect him to halak...
  9. good mask nice and retor paint job dont like the leaf though and whys it blue hahah?i know he didnt want it green but red woulda been better
  10. yah but that was a different team last year with all the injuries and everything but itll be a good year i just have a good feeling about it knock on wood thought but i fell price will have a gaa of 240 this year and that we will have a great team
  11. happy birthday big guy have a good one
  12. id love for lappy to hit 50 points this year itd be great for the team i think we have a ton of depth at forward positions and i feel well be a threat to any team in the league now that we arent small as we used to be,but itd be great to pick up some dman i mean maybe we beg beregon to come back for the mil we have left ahah or trade and free up cap space but back to lapyy id love to see him hit 50 points and 100 hits or more
  13. its pre season hes made the team we know that he knows that and boys hes playing solid i mean he cant get a goal every second game
  14. unless he scores 10 powerplay goals like metro i wont be too impressed seeing as he will be fighting for a team spot but he will recieve alot of pk time hopefully he blocks ons of shots and i want him to really be a leader well as much as he can be on the fourth line also i thought jeff halpern was alot bigger haha i thought he was 6'5 230 pounds haha i was wrong
  15. i can't wait till hockey season starts the reg season that is and see beniot play full time with us im think he gets 50-60 points maybe a 30-30 season i hope but ive said it before i hate how JM doesnt give enough chances like boudrue from washington
  16. lets hope beniot puts on 15 20 pounds of solid muscle so he can throw his body around thatd be nice and i agree with the statement that the habs are indeed bigger but eller is 215 now and avtsin is 208 210 now but in reality we should know that these players will not be full time with the habs this year and if they are they will be bottom two lines but who knows what will happen just a question what does somebody think we could get for avtsin in a trade?
  17. maybe a better dany briere if not though wouldnt mind that at all:) speed would be good
  18. whats the deal with this kid i know we have him yannik weber and subban and all three are offensive defensemen i know carle is a decent sized defender which is good but i havent seen play any games in the nhl
  19. kinda small like most of our forwards im just dissapointed in the way the team is being built if last years playoffs werent enough clues we need bigger guys to play hard and protect our skilled guys
  20. hey i was wondering if someone could make me a lappy sig and id like the font to be in cursive writing too please just leave me a message thanks
  21. yes i posted on another page that lappy should center the thirrd line and wing on the second line from time to time and i would like to see him on the powerplay anything that would give him more icetime
  22. he should see alot more playing time and i would be dissapointed if didnt
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