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  1. they got MURDERED on the lou trade and kept the wrong guy i wish i had a contract like that though
  2. they stole the division we should be livid!!
  3. you're all laughing and every time we've played them this year we get bullied...
  4. these smaller guys are trading fodder
  5. We should probably use him in the playoffs as he seems to actually play better then white but with halpern it would be better if Blunden played in all honesty i would replace moen with white and keep white halpern blunden/ dumount
  6. you said solid and d then kaberle are you sure i'd rather buy him out and go for Pardy
  7. Well it's not price he's playing hurt with a defense that contains some players who haven't played the full year, but no we can't we aren't big enough(never said tough) you cant expect our smurfs to take playoff punishment and win the cup.. look at the past couple of teams who have won the past four have had decent size, with the very last two being big and rough that's how you win a cup.
  8. yes i love gio but we have a younger bigger him now.. let's trade him i know if we add a blue chip prospect we can land a great top 6 power forward.
  9. I'd keep Tinordi for the playoffs.. his age doesn't bother me he has been a leader everywhere he has been so maturity isn't an issue and he is pretty mobile for a big guy.
  10. you were hated at the start of the game and loved at the end!
  11. JW gets hurt a fair amount Emelin was a huge loss and i really think price isnt 100%
  12. I like DD just not his size and this year he hasn't been lights out.. i don't know why he was given 4.5 mil for 4 years.. what did he do to deserve it?
  13. it's sad because i think MB signed him because of where he's from.. his height and uncomplete play is not covered by him being french
  14. hate to say it but the leafs will hit us out of the bell centre
  15. I hope Eller finally gets to be on the second line with some talented guys.
  16. So how does he compare to Tinordi, who would you rather have in the playoffs?
  17. Seeing him play New Jersey would be nice and maybe we can use him in the playoffs to replace emelin's big body with an even bigger one.
  18. So he takes Emelin's spot tonight in the top four?
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