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  1. All i do is win win win no matter what
  2. oh and when they play the live christmas songs too.. nothing worse tehn live music over a radio its like buying a comedy cd you're missing a good deal of what's going on.
  3. can't stand christmas music... ): now that im older i realize christmas was alot more special as a child
  4. actualllllly...... i got a piggy back ride from my good friend usian bolt
  5. go on hockey db it projects Nathan to be a number 2 dman and tinordi and ellis are projected as top 4... i'm not hyping theming beyond expectations at all.. i've personally watched ellis play before seeing as he's from my province.. and i've watched the sea dogs pick apart the rocket so i have seen nathan play.. the only one i haven't seen play is tinordi and the only thing i have said is that he's going to be alot better then hal gil.
  6. it feels great to win... maybe one day you guys will know the feeling
  7. okay i'll talk to you in two years when they've made it.. have you seen a propesct and development staff in the habs this strong before?
  8. i want to take this to the negative thread... and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH thanks for the best players on your baseball team
  9. i like to something like this too but i go it more as a homage to crocadiles... just paint myself the colours of the forest and lay still for 8-9 hours at a time.. really helps me connect with mother nature.... nawww im kidding i have ADHD
  10. pfft way to go kinot your are... sheese
  11. ive actually been calling them the maple leaves forever until it was pointed out and i started saying leafs and it sounds horrible in my mouth.
  12. exactly! thats why i said trade him to brooklyn where they can use him more.
  13. I would say hell be called up for injuries next season
  14. LOL he'll make it.. he's a more offensive and bigger version of josh and atm he's the most NHL ready of any of our you dmen.. and Nathan is also a right sided d man when he was in saint johns he was paired up with simon depree and played the right side.. i know this because i watched when the sea dogs would pick apart the rocket...and yes Diaz is proven but he's not safe and he will bring a nice return to us as well.. you are also forgetting that i mentioned emelin being safe as well and emelin is a right sided dman as well.. he's been put on the left side because marky certainly isnt gonna play his off side... and i think its obvious to everyone that you'd want emelin over diaz.
  15. Yes but he wont be be able to stop ellis tinordi and bealuie to take spots on the teamand he's the odd man out.. gorges and emelin are safe.
  16. not much talk about nathan has he not preformed as we thought he would
  17. i have so many years on you.. in 30 years ill be close to the age most of your are now and still posting on this website!!!! post count prediction in 30 years 134,587,983,259.. what rank is that? well i may just be the admin by then
  18. $ mil to the cap? whys that, imo they won that trade.
  19. Compared to the Staal brothers who hoth have cups.. along with ward and Muller? highly unlikely you'll even miss jaro...
  20. Agreed this is random chat whats random about
  21. It's good his raising his trade value because i can't see him being on the time for too long.. maybe work out a trade where him and weber go to Brooklyn to join Streit.. they are in need of dman and how
  22. what a horrible start to the season for the raps.. i expected them to be a .500 team, management should bring in a superstar to fit in with the nice cast of players they have atm... JV is still young but if they get a superstar power forward to play along side derozan that'd be awesome.. either that or someone who can shoot from the field.. they have sucked at that from the games i have seen.
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