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  1. It's mostly to do with taxes, there's nothing saying that the trade will not be finalized.
  2. doesn't mean a thing to me.. i doubt hell amount to more then tuuka rask
  3. ROFL so the booins fans are already saying malcom is going to be the best goalie in the nhl in a few years.. he'll be a mediocre number 1 MMW
  4. not one of those countries would be able to beat the lower tier teams not alone compete in the olympics as for the dutch being tall and fast is great but when you are all and fast you're usually skinny.. and not to mention as we all know hockey is much more the size and skating. itd be nice to see those teams made up for sure but if it was Canada vs Australia in a hockey match it'd be 10 nothing after the first.. and where are you getting this Fanatic stuff from i know many people from Australia and some of them are athletes they are passionate but no different then a Canadian kid play hockey or baseball.. Some nations aren't supposed to play hockey as much as i love this game it will never be soccer/football.. we can't make it the worlds sport.
  5. I know.. him or rick dipi i dont know who got hurt more often.. well at least nobody signed him to a 15 year deal
  6. The guy in your signature.. is me first guy ever to score fifty goals.. i was pretty amazing if i do say so myself
  7. I've already made a thread on this it's in NHL players.. and why did you post this in the Coloumbus thread when he last played for Ottawa?
  8. I'm not sure how things will end up for crosby.. i just hope he does not end up like Lindros or Kariya..
  9. I believe in a past life that i was the Rocket
  10. It seems as though he did have a full roster.. i like JM but i didn't like his no enforcer rule.. when we have smurfs on the team enforcers are a must
  11. Anyone miss him now? I admit he had a great first year but afterwards it seemed as the the bolts didnt buy what he was selling. Well with some new players i expect that to change.
  12. LOL he's playing in Australia.. not a place renown for NHL superstars hahahah it'd be like a Canadian playing in the BPL
  13. Well im glad he decided against it .. just sign all the avaible 40 year olds to your team and make the rest 18-22 year olds give the team exetreme youth and veteranship lol
  14. Adidas rival Puma will get in the hcokey game.. how many of you knew that the founders of both companiesare brothers
  15. That's how you sell hockey to people in the south
  16. For me Carbo, Kariya, Chelios, Needs, Blake and that's it.. i put kariya because before he was cross checked in the head he was a great player.. its a shame he never won a cup though
  17. Woot i have close to three k in profile views.. am i popular or what!?

  18. You are lucky! im jelly over hurr
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