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  1. http://www.saultstar.com/2012/11/13/ex-senators-goaltender-pascal-leclaire-retires It seems Leclaire has retired after battling injuries throughout most of his career. Leclaire ends his career with a 61-76-15 record, a 2.89 GAA and .904 SV%. His last NHL game was Dec. 16, 2010. I like Leclaire when he was a Blue jacket really thought he would break out after replacing Denis but the rookie sensation Mason took over for him. I voted as unfulfilled potential.. what do you think?
  2. what are ya's getting me for my 20th birthday.. im no longer a teen sooooo
  3. Well as long as i stay in Canada i'm cool although i have to be terribly close to t.o So i'll go with the Lighthouse and look at it like this.. i can see the dogs play alot P.E.I or Vancouver ( I'm from PEI sooooooo hint hint )
  4. I totally spoke my mind... next time you'll get one of these ¶
  5. Does anyone disagree with my statement? jwing id love to hear your guys thought on what i said
  6. The person below me loves Looch and wishes he was a hab from the start.
  7. Solid tie chocolate chip pancakes or french toast
  8. #giveupiamthebestyoucannotbeatmesowhytrylet'sbehonest
  9. nothing like kickboxing lol its various martial arts combined you can do alot of things though there are some ules and since these mean are actual athletes im taking mma.. who cares about driving in a circle.
  10. Let's see who chokes more in a this or that fashion sharks or caps
  11. Forsberg and the other Russian prospect are gonna put them over the top and gives the the ability to make some trade.. let's say they move backstrom and green for some big time players.. i mean Backstrom is a tier 1 center anywhere he goes, They need some pieces in my opinion.. like a solid top 2 dman like a Kieth or someone. Holtby is gonna be a great goalie.. and honestly i would move ovy..
  12. The flames offering up more dumb contracts i see.. what are they doing? wideman isnt worth the money he"s being paid>> hudler is by no means a 4 mil player.. it just seems like a waste of contracts and money.. imo this is going to put them back..
  13. and we'll sub them for the KHL.. they'll lose their minds diabolical
  14. i was winning for a bit there! if i was a mod.. id comment and close it
  15. well if i had to be a fan of either or id rather go with a team that at least makes it to the playoffs
  16. Molson triple X beer MkGee or Kinot?
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