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  1. also somebody PLEASEEEEEEEEEE check the habs lines thread and give me some feedback.. i got tired of waiting
  2. HAHAHAH that's awesome.. i know Canadiens or whatever destroyed the other nhl teams part it was all him until i posted my semi half assed evaluations of the teams every update he knew what was going on lol
  3. ya we're not missing much.. the way it's put together sucks.. the colour bores me to death.. nobody over there has a signature
  4. yea i know it was a different forum but i was posting it because it's funny .. i've also noticed that we seem to be the only team that has a forum.. ive tried looking for the booins and laffs forums so i could bring some mad hate to em
  5. Heck if they could find hockey players there they could all be from Niger.. or the Kongo's cuz they speak french.. your minds blown? point is winning is all that matters not the Nationality of our guys.
  6. from here on out i will stat lines from movies even if they have nothing to do with anything! new name of this thread btw.. pad your post count
  7. I was glad not to hear anything about gaga maybe her 15 mins of fame are finally out :D
  8. It's fall here.. i'm so lucky to live on an Island come winter time because it totally doesn't make the air colder
  9. everybody just stop posting.. lemme win cmon!!!
  10. the walking dead... best zombie picture EVER amc check it out.
  11. We Canadian's are the bravest.. sorry if you're from any other Country.
  12. im 19 im the up and coming future franchise star for this team.. you're the vet on his way out who may gte us a 1st rounder come trade deadline... YOUR CRAIG RIVET
  13. tbh i jacked it from photobucket sent you like a request for a new cp one never got a reply so i cried :'( <--- like that
  14. you're lucky kinot that your post count is very much so above 1000 btw shouldnt i be an all star now that my post count is above 1000?
  15. this season.. got a discount on em for some reason that is unknown to me
  16. I was hoping to have Desjardins as the back up for Carey.. He deserves it after the time he's put in and i believe he'd be capable for backing up Price.
  17. counter point.. maybe this is just a phase for him then
  18. do countless research on where bettman likes to spend his time
  19. I'm 19 so technically speaking i got a edge on most of ya's
  20. My advice would be to sign me as the back up goaltender because i'm sure i can manage ten games a season and i'll do it for the low price of 90,000 a game My guys will get in touch with your guys
  21. I don't get what happened to Kony.. I also don't get why America has to nominate a president.. both of them are tools. But harper isn't much better.. he only got in because Martin screwed up and got caught, I heard Trudue is now the Liberal leader, I'm hoping the NDP win though tbh maybe they'll actually do what they said they're going to.
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