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  1. hey nice work everyone...i was wondering if one of you could do me a sig of my favourite buddy in my motocross race (#22 Chad Reed)....i would try to do it myself but i'm on tour or if not i have some races to attent...anyways just PM me if you could make one for me and i sould be able to send you pics of him...thx in advance!!! Come and suport our canadian racer at the canadian motocross race this weekend included me!!!
  2. can anyone do a goodbye sig for Bulis, Sunny and Zed plz i would really apreciate it!!! thx in advance
  3. i knoe i might be off topic here but i'm going in montreal for a week do you guys know where i could get hockey cards for my boyfriend like what store? and on witch road? i could ask my guitarist but his gone for 2 week at my place and i'm on a tour without him he's sick so i hope you could help me
  4. hey habsfreak27 your new sig of captain "K" is pretty awesome btw where did you got the pics of koivu with his damaged eye[/b]
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