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  1. Oh well, I earned all my grey hairs anyway, proud of em actually! Roy, my hubby, is from the north end originally, around stapleton ave. I think. Now we're near the General hospital.
  2. Hi everyone, I've been a habs fan since I started watching hockey... a long time ago. Not about to give away my age, lol. It is simply not possible to grow up in the Montreal area without becoming a fan. Since my hubby grew up in Hamilton, he is unfortunately a leafs fan, but we are polite to each other on game nights! Among my favorite players are LaFleur, Worsley, and of course both Richards. I never got to see a game at the forum, one of my biggest regrets, but follow the game as much as I can on tv and the computer.
  3. I'm curious does anyone know how many line changes have been made since opening day? We started out with a great record of wins, but lately not so good. Has someone been trying to fix what wasn't broken, lol?
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