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  1. Another great move by our GM.
  2. I hope he hits everything that moves tonight and makes the team I like the kid alot
  3. Great pics!!
  4. That's one sic mask I love it!
  5. That is so awesome ty sooo much
  6. I have a request if anyone is interested in helping me out. I'm looking for a new sig preferably with either Cammy or PK Subban in it as well as my forum name? Can anyone help me out that has a bit of free time and is generous enough to make me one? I'd be eternally grateful tyvm
  7. Great depth move and for half the price we would have had to pay Moore.
  8. I'd add Quebec, Hamilton and Winnipeg. I'd love to see a team in Indiana so I can watch the Habs in person a few times a year but that's unlikely to happen Teams I'd remove would be Florida, Nashville, Phoenix and Atlanta
  9. I'm really beginning to dislike TB and Yzerman he's pilfered the next coach of the Habs Boucher, his assistant and now Moore. I really liked what Moore brought to the team and the comparison to Keane is right on he reminds me alot of him. I just hate that we gave up a 2nd round pick on a player that was a rental and didn't even play a full season. The Habs need to hang onto those picks instead of just throwing them away.
  10. You make some great points Price is more often than not the scapegoat for decsions made by management. The bottom line is Price doesn't deserve to be the #1 on this team, he was annoited the number 1 by management after the spectacular job by Halak. That is why there's resentment. Price isn't replacing a bad goalie after earning the job he's replacing the goalie that got the team into the playoffs and then into the ECF. Is it Price's but he's benefitting from management's decision and didn't earn anything he's gotten so far.
  11. Well said. I will miss Halak alot and while I don't hate Price but I feel alot of resentment towards him. I'm sure alot of Halak fans feel the same way. When Roy was traded I rooted for Thibault and I'll root for Price the same way because I love this team regardless of who is in nets.
  12. Great deal for the Habs and I like the term. 1 year will keep him motivated for the next big contract. Max was one of my favorite players during the playoffs he really showed he can step up and be an important part of this team.
  13. It's just too bad we had to give up a 2nd round pick for a 3rd line rental player.
  14. Unless they sign with the Rangers
  15. Sadly +1 we'll see what other moves this guy will do at the trade deadline but I have a bad bad feeling about this GM.