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  1. I have a request if anyone is interested in helping me out. I'm looking for a new sig preferably with either Cammy or PK Subban in it as well as my forum name? Can anyone help me out that has a bit of free time and is generous enough to make me one? I'd be eternally grateful tyvm
  2. Great depth move and for half the price we would have had to pay Moore.
  3. You make some great points Price is more often than not the scapegoat for decsions made by management. The bottom line is Price doesn't deserve to be the #1 on this team, he was annoited the number 1 by management after the spectacular job by Halak. That is why there's resentment. Price isn't replacing a bad goalie after earning the job he's replacing the goalie that got the team into the playoffs and then into the ECF. Is it Price's fault...no but he's benefitting from management's decision and didn't earn anything he's gotten so far.
  4. Well said. I will miss Halak alot and while I don't hate Price but I feel alot of resentment towards him. I'm sure alot of Halak fans feel the same way. When Roy was traded I rooted for Thibault and I'll root for Price the same way because I love this team regardless of who is in nets.
  5. Great deal for the Habs and I like the term. 1 year will keep him motivated for the next big contract. Max was one of my favorite players during the playoffs he really showed he can step up and be an important part of this team.
  6. I feel the same way if the Habs don't have a shot at the cup I'll be rooting for the Ducks in the playoffs.
  7. Jim Rome had him on his show on ESPN today. He looks excited about playing with Selene and not having the responsibility of wearing the C here in Montreal. I hope he does well in Anaheim but I really do miss him already.
  8. I think people are over reacting. What do we really know about what happened in the locker room besides what the press tells us? Bottom line is Sergei was inconsistent and at times lazy. I don't think this is the result of just being late for one practice and being yelled at. This stems from bad work ethic and bad habits from last season. Some time in the minors won't hurt the kid and if his brother is upset that's too damn bad. This is a team first, if the players we have can't get on board its obvious now that JM won't stand for it. I for one find it refreshing and think its exactly what this team needs, A coach isn't there to be your friend he's there to maximize your potential.
  9. I agree, in my opinion we should package either or both brothers and Pleks to get a real 2nd line center. Its quite possible he will bounce back if like Boone said, he extracts his head from his anal orifice. The lazy way the Habs played last year is a thing of the past.
  10. Good for Saku, think he's one of the only Hab aside of Patrick Roy that I've actually rooted for even though he left the team.
  11. And the media if they even cover hockey there
  12. I think the whole issue is overblown and stems from lazy practice habits. I'm glad JM lit into him maybe it will wake him up and break the laziness that was ingrained on this team from the Carbo era.
  13. Sorry had to vent about losing Komi to toronto
  14. Please Komisarek is a loser as far as I'm concerned. He jumped ship and went to the Laffs for an extra 500k. He's overrated and a douchbag as far as I'm concerned. He doesn't give a crap about you, one of his fans or this city and for that I hope he rots in the a-hole of Canada they call Toronto. He obviously doesn't care about winning because if he did he would have went anywhere but Toronto. He wanted to stick it to Habs fans and get paid pure and simple.
  15. Right on. Putting the C on Gomez is too much pressure especially for a new player just joining the team.
  16. I'd really hate to put the C on one of the new guys that would be even more added pressure on top of playing in a new city. I think there should be 3 A's and mid season they name a captain based on merit and leadership abilities. The honor of wearing the C should be earned not just given out in my opinion.
  17. That's the thing, there's no clear cut leader on this team anymore. Maybe one of the new guys but I just don't see one of them getting the captaincy right away.
  18. Amen to that. If Koivu does leave however I think the honor of wearing the C should go to Markov.
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