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  1. After watching highlights I think he had pretty good game, well apart from bad Sv%.1st goal was rebound, 2nd it was 5 on 3 PP. Then he stopped a breakaway and had a couple of great saves.
  2. You see, ducks suck and he can't even get a shutout.Good trade
  3. TRUE poster below me will scream "GOAL" at least 3 times tonight!
  4. Well, I guess he is not playing tomorrow either coz he is doing meet&greet with season ticket holders.Who knows maybe all 35 of them will show up Anyway one can imagine he is going to have a looot of ice time once season starts,lot more than he had during last years obviously.
  5. He was already sent to farm, only Halak and Conklin there.
  6. Well, not a single player you mentioned was playing,Chicago was trying out some prospects to make a cut...but still Hawks pretty much dominated for first half of the game and at one point shots were 16-4 for Chicago.So nice effort from Halak to keep the game tied but I think him and Blues coach have to organize the D somehow coz they are running around like headless chickens screening him all the time.
  7. It is remarkable if you take into account it was a while ago since playoffs,it's ofseason and 1 autograph cost freakin 20 bucks!
  8. Holly Smokes! I thought like 300 people would be really a lot but thousands?? Not sure if I could handle waiting that long!
  9. Not me. Looking at that bright yellow glove I'm having headache instantly. Well, it's no bleu blanc rouge At least you did put a picture of Saku there...
  10. CanadianMike, when you had to start new thread why you didn't make a profile of Halak with some info and stats?! Or at least rip it of NHL site!Because now his thread just doesn't look nice. Now I got some news about Jaro.This week he started on ice preparation, training with his former team Slovan Bratslava.It is first time since playoffs he is training on the ice. He said he is doing so because he want to make sure he will be any help for his new team, St.Louis Blues.I believe he also wanna get familiar with new pads. Halak will be preparing with Slovan till the beginning of Blues training camp which starts early in September. Halak fighting Satan Look at the pads now.I believe these are new sized pads he will be wearing next season!And they don't look any smaller if you ask me. Certainly not any drastic changes, that's for sure.
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