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  1. I think we have to give him at least 15 games so he can show the coaches he is NHL ready and yes Chips might look lost or do something stupid once in a while as he learns but thats life. Two years ago I thought he looked ready but Carbo went more with his vets except Sergei and Price and we all know what happened to them last year. I kinda wish we had Martin back then too.
  2. Awesome fight Chips Thats the way to stay up in the NHL
  3. I sure hope Kyle gets to play in Calgary Tuesday. I hope the Habs are going to give Kyle at least 15 to 20 games this year to show us what he's been doing for Hamilton the last few years. Go Kyle Go
  4. Now Dryden had a awesome attitude Sorry can't help you with the picture. It seem when I was in (school learning) how to down size a picture I wasn't "paying attention" to what the {{Teacher}} said and he told me I had a ""bad attitude""
  5. Here some info on Sergei from the media that might shed a little more light on why he was sent down. http://www.habsinsideout.com/boone/21741
  6. Like you have never and I put myself here too, did the "character assassination" Sergei is a young talented player that I feel needs to be sent a message. As a Habs fan that loves to see the team do awesome I hope SK74 will be with us for many productive years. Martin has to set a example and maybe Sergei doesn't have the worst attitude (winning at all cost) on the team but Martin should know better then us fans which buttons should be pushed.
  7. Three asst captains would be a good way to go and it would show respect to Koivu and what he ment to this team. If they do decide to give someone the C, I'd pick Markov hands down. Sure he's a quiet guy but he wouldn't be the first quiet captain in the NHL that leads by example. Action always speaks louder than words and when he got injured last year are team look like they blew out there back tire. My three choice for asst captain: Markov, Lapierre, Georges
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