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  1. Don't go there. It is early, many important missing pieces (Price, Edmundson, Hoffman, Weber) in the lineup. Also include Danault, a Québécois centre, JK, Perry who are gone for good...Lines and D pairings are quite different than last year and will need time to form chemistry. Losing 5-1 to a bottom feeder in October on a back to back road game which is their second overall into the season is not a travesty. It is what it is. Notice I didn't include Tuna in departed players because apparently who ever is designing and editing the web content on this site didn't get the memo...
  2. My answer for the vote is Edmundson . To follow on with the relevant discussions...my current protection list D Protection: Petry (Mandatory) Weber Edmundson F Protection: Anderson Drouin Evans (to be replaced with Danault if signed to a new contract between now and July) Gallagher (Mandatory) Kotkaniemi Lehkonen (to be replaced with Tatar if signed to a new contract between now and July) Toffoli G. Protection Price (Mandatory) Top candidates for the Kraken to draft : Allen, Fleury, Kulak, Chiarot, Byron
  3. If I was MB: 1) I wouldn't have worn those suit pants he did at the first day of the entry draft 2) I would sign Radulov for 6,5 M cap hit for 5 years but no more 3) I would trade for Duchene to be # 1 centre (Galchenyuk & SOMETHING ELSE IF THAT WHAT IT TAKES) 4) I would try to trade Plekanec (if unable buy him out) 5) I would not sign Markov (Drouin will be playing the left hand point on # 1 power play unit) and sign Alzner 5) I would sign Hanzal (4.5 M cap hit for 4 years?) 6) I would sign Christian Folin for less than 1 M cap hit (insurance if Juulsen is developing slower than hoped) 7) depending on ability to sign/trade...I may need to make additional moves to stay under the annual team's salary cap. Depth chart of centres heading into training camp could be: 1st line - Duchene 2nd line - Hanzal/Danault 3rd Line- Danault/Hanzel 4th Line - Mitchell/McCarron/Martinsen
  4. He has some size and I think they like the way he grinds it out there on the ice...
  5. As a player MB was known for his practical jokes in the locker room...can someone tell him the front office requires a different type of character.
  6. Something that MB could offer to another party in a three way deal?
  7. Arizona is looking to build a young team I would seriously kick the tires and see what it would take to get Goligoski...younger and faster than Marky...
  8. He is a signed RFA unlike AG & NB. Hmm what will be done before expansion draft ? Trade or protect those guys ? I am nervous that MB would easily rather have less puck handling skilled players skating at the backend...Before I make my initial judgement on this move I will till after next week and probably not till sometime in July...
  9. Leading a deep IceCaps offense. If he stay healthy he should keep this pace up an could be the first call-up If Hab roster player's injuries occur and Kassian does not return...
  10. He also has a strong sense of wear the puck will be and has poise not to Panic
  11. If Galchenyuk stays then MB will most likely move him (because of financial constraints) to a team that needs his feeding ability on the blue line for the PP(Nashville?). This would allow MB to hold onto the one special buyout option to possibly free cap space next year.
  12. I've heard Bourque has been looking good in camp, what about Kabby ? If the new # 27 is staying past 5 games, Kabby's cap hit as an insurance policy for Marky going down by injury may have to be addressed sooner than later by MB...
  13. I do not know if it is still done in the Swiss elite league but the top scorer from each team used to wear a distinct jersey from his teamates identifying them as such. You would consider it a strange tradition since it provides a target for the opposition. If Pacman should light up the league (which would likely be the case)and if this silly practice of special shirts is still applied, the only real worry for Habs fans would be if opposing designated imports (which I believe the league allows 3 per roster who are usually North Americans) decide to take a run at him. Most Swiss players do not hit big power forwards. IMO, this is highly unlikely beccause the most designated imports are brought in to provide scoring punch only...
  14. I do not know why the term cup contenders is used so frequently in these discussions in a such a league with its current parity of play between clubs. There are so many factors that come into a veteran player's decision to move to a different team and city. There are distinct pros and cons to joining the Habs and living in Montreal as there is with any other NHL team and city. Each individual has their own set of priorities which will dictate what they will do... Doan's loyality to the Coyotes leads me to believe that one of his top piorities (if the future is uncertain in Phoenix)is going to a club that is loyal to its players and does not have a swinging door policy that continually changes personnel. I am not quite sure where the Habs rate in that category but I have an idea where Philly & NYR place in it.
  15. Of all the Hab's prospects or fringe players who have signed EL or 2W contracts, does anyone have an opinion on who has the greatest chance of cracking the lineup for the upcoming season at this point in time?
  16. 5 years. Main rationale Do not what his renewal year to coincide with or follow Price's A gradually salary weighted towards the backend contract that provides period of stability without significant commitment and cap hit (no +7-year contracts please) Allows us to harvest other prospects who may need to replace PK if he asks for the moon when his UFA eligibility arrives
  17. With the Habs unable to land a high scoring forward via trade or UFA market, Alex Galchenyuk steps up and undisputably makes the team this year and bolsters his regular linemates production and the team's overall scoring.
  18. I would not go that far with my prediction but will say he ends up on the + side of +/- stats for the regular season. The key to the Habs making the 2012-13 playoffs is more timely scoring during 5 on 5 situations.
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