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  1. "Did not look out place. On first glance you get the impression that he is already a professional hockey player. His hockey sense, on-ice intelligence, is quite high, yet you can tell he is absolutely geared towards being an offensive machine. He had 3 breakaways/penalty shots in the rookie game today for the Red Squad, but could not finish any of them. By the looks of things, he appeared to be pretty tired by the end of the scrimmage and, although he is a well-built player with good weight and size, his endurance levels need a serious boost. Despite the rough edges that need to be worked out, I really like the potential he brings to the franchise and am excited to see how quickly he develops in Hamilton. I wouldn't be surprised if he popped onto the team's radar by January." AS PER STEVEN HINDLE
  2. Agreed... He came over injured, re-injured in the fight against Redden... Production slowed down from there... I haven't lost faith in his abilities or desire to be here... Sometimes young players play injured in fears their spot won't be available when they are healthy... I believe the same thing for pacioretty
  3. Your absolutely right, Weber 5'11" 193 lbs, Subban 6'0" 206 lbs, Carle 6'0" 203 lbs really makes him look like a shrimp ... I guess the reason we got a veteran instead of relying on our prospects is because he has experience playing in the NHL and the organization doesn't feel the prospects aren't ready to be thrown to the wolves... So many people complain about bringing Latendresse, Pacioretty and Price up too quickly, yet want to throw our defensemen in right away... Apart from goaltending, defence is the hardest position to get use to in the NHL... They have to play against much bigger and faster guys than they are use to... If Gainey takes his time with these guys you won't hear a complaint from me... Welcome to the team Bergeron, hope the stay in Hamilton doesn't take too long... Give Kostitsyn a smack in the head for us
  4. Could be a sign that he impacts the dressing room negatively if he was sent down before the bonding trip... I only think this because there are a few more cuts to be made, and yet they are going for the trip...
  5. Martin didn't light a fire under kostitsyn... He yelled at him during practice, thats it... no big deal... personally i found kostitsyn playing well all preseason and it was only a matter of time his hard work (during the games, haha) would pay off... doubt the practice situation did anything to spark his performance last night
  6. I didn't know its a story everytime a coach does his job... I guess I was use to the lack of stories from the media during Carbo's term here... Carbo did so poorly they had to overblow everything else like: the kostitsyns being mobsters, Kovalev being benched, Price in a slump, bowling instead of practice, etc... Well I'll be looking forward to more of these "stories" in the future... personally I just thought the media was bored when they overblew this proper coaching techniques By the way, im all for martin putting players in their place and don't hold it against the players either... Typical hockey practice in my mind
  7. Short sticks have nothing to do with it... Its all about a players comfort with that stick... You can't compare Kovalevs puck handling to anyones, he is absolutely above everyone... Guys can stick handle with long sticks as well... plus i would rather not have Lats looking to his feet only to be hammered with his head down.... In my opinion this guy is earning his spot this year and I personally was extremely happy to see a player finally willing to stand in front of the net
  8. This is an awesome idea for a thread, good job graeme
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