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  1. I dont think Kaberle is gonna be as big a bust as everybody thinks, i definatley think he has a couple more 40 point seasons in him. New coach,fresh start, just like the team as a whole last year, i dont think he/or they are as bad as everybody thinks.

    Go Habs Go

  2. PP 1

    Cole Deharnais Pacioretty

    Subban Markov

    We absolutely need markov setting up Subban, and you cant go wrong with two and a half men

    PP 2

    Gionta Eller Bourque

    Kaberle PLeks

    Good skill, Bourque has an awesome shot, gionta a digger and eller is the talent. And most people dont think so but Pleks has a bomb.

    I think if things go south right off the bat then they go Markov and Kaberle on the first line with Kabby setting them up and markie firing away.

    If you look at every team with a good power play its all about the bombs from the point, we did it for years with Souray, then Streit,, then Mathieu Schnedier and MA Bergeron.

  3. Bottom six is gonna be interesting this year, finally something to look forward to, was sick and tired at looking at teams like Boston and Philly and rangers with a bottom 6 that could produce plus punish the other team. With guys like Moen,White ,Prust,LeBlanc, Armstrong and others it will be fun to watch.

    For once it our abundance of centers that worries me. What to do with gomez. I think he and gionta, if teamed with the right power forward can still do some damage. Just look at what they did with Pouliot when he first came here then Pacioretty the next year until Chara almost killed him. But 7.5 is to rich to take chances on, and i dont want eller to go thru another season with 3-4 line players, i think he is too valuable to be put on the back burner again.

    All of this said, you cannot break up the two and a half men line. Tough decisions lie ahead

    Please let there be hockey this year


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