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  1. Yeah, but that's the same team that beat both OV's Caps and Cros'es Pens in the playoffs. Two 7 games series and losing Markov along the way just took it's toll on the Habs. I think with this pickup we have added depth and will have a stronger team this season.
  2. Rejean Who(ll) ? My number 15 is Bobby Smith. How big do you want them? He's 6 feet.
  3. Looks like he's suiting up for the home opener on Thursday. I don't think he can do any worse defensively than Gill and Hammer have been doing so far this season. This is definitely an upgrade....and for only a $750K hit.
  4. C-Gomez A-Cammelleri A-Gionta LOL! Actually I wouldn't rule out Spacek as one of the A's
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