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  1. Player G WILLIAM.KARLSSON 24 ANDERS.LEE 21 RICKARD.RAKELL 20 ERIC.STAAL 20 BRAYDEN.POINT 18 BROCK.BOESER 18 VIKTOR.ARVIDSSON 17 SEAN.COUTURIER 16 JASON.ZUCKER 16 NAZEM.KADRI 16 SEBASTIAN.AHO 16 NICK.SCHMALTZ 16 KEVIN.HAYES 16 EVGENY.DADONOV 16 We can always randomly point to other players who are playing as bad or who are playing better. HIs numbers look pretty bad compared to the list above Just because Oreilly only has 8 evg and galchenyk has 9 I could care less. Oreilly not on our team. I care that Galchenyk does not have 18 or 20 . Again my biggest beef is he is one of the worst defensive forwards on the team. And his numbers offensively are not making up for how bad he is.. He made a sweet play the other night on his goal. He read the cross pass and got a stick in the lane which lead to him scoring. That is being aware on the defensive side of the puck. The goal was a bonus. No one expects him to be Bob Gainey. But if your not putting up 30 plus goals a year you better become better defensively.
  2. What about MAx, he is paid 400000 dollars less then Galchenyk, has had 4 straight 30 plus goal seasons, and by far a better player on the defensive side of the puck. IS he having a bad season yep dam tootin he is... Would it make you happier if I said 20 or 25 or 30? How about 68 games, 9 even strength goals, WOW....Certainly a good young player to build around, NOT, oh and by the way Deslauriers who gets paid 750 thousand has 7 even strength goals in only 44 games. Same old with Galchenyk, needs tp play with better players, needs to be given more icetime how do you expect him to play with less skilled players like shaw and lekonen and drouin and hudon and plaks and o an on and on, when he does nothing changes, who cares if he is a minus gazillion RIGHT at least he can score Well 4 goals is 20 games is not scoiring and not what you pay someone 4.9 million for :). 9 even strength goals in 68 game is not scoring is not someone you pay 4.9 million to.
  3. Delaurias is right nobody willing to pay the price. Our so called sniper who gets more power play time then almost anyone else on the team has 3 goals in his last 19 games All in one game and gets paid almost 5 million a year and we are worried about a fringe player making 775000 a year. He is not the problem but a player like Galchenyk is. Galchenyk is paid to score and isn't. Delaurier is paid to stir things up and be a physical presence and is doing his job.
  4. That is a bet I would like to take :).. that would mean all 3 players would have to get .76 points per game They are all under .6 this season and the most anyone of them reached in a season would was .73 and that was JD on a much better scoring team... I will take the odds How do we get this set up
  5. There is no way this team should consider keeping Price, Weber or Patches for any reason, you can add Petry to this list also. Not that I don't like any of them. But, this core has failed miserably, we could not even get out of round one last season against another team who was smart enough to blow it up. This season we have one of the worst records in the league. All 4 would be 30 or older. We have a young goalie ready to make a step forward, we have some really good young wingers. We need to add to that youth with puck moving deeman and two top end centerman. The 4 players above would all warrant at least a first round pick and a prospect or multiple pieces. Who cares if we have to take back salary. And I don't care if its picks or potential prospects. As long as the picks/propects are either deeman or centerman.
  6. Is character the only English word that Bergevin knows? And does he even know what this means Does he realize the odds of even making to the NHL are like 1 in what? 3 or 4000. Most nhl players have to work at the trade from the moment they can walk, they give up almost everything most kids take for granted to get to the nhl. Yes some have less talent then others, but very few make it on talent alone, it takes dedication, hard work, total commitment, and character just to get there. So 9 out of 10 times the only thing that separates most NHL players is talent. So go get the talent and sto looking for character its already therep
  7. Oh I agree about price and weber both injured, I was just saying all players should be moved 25 or over, they are in that group, we could have been shopping price December/january though when this ship already sank. I am sure a team like Edmonton/Stl Louis would have jumped then, they have pieces we need. This team is getting older the core does not cut it. Not even close.
  8. What a waste. This team will again have the same core next season. Less there best defensive forward. It was time to unload the core. Patches and any other forward over 25, Price, Weber. all the dee with the exception of Mete and Julsen. You have to be all in not partial. Your core next season will be the same as this season but all another year older.We cannot win with what we have, we likely don't make the playoffs again next year with what we have. So why keep anyone ....over 25 If you get a 1st round pick 2nd and prospect take it for patches that would be fine. . We needed to unload the core. 2nds for Byron, Shaw etc, pucks for Benn, Schlemko, Alsnzer thats good enough Prospects to take on cap from other teams so they could load up for the playoffs Even a guy like Kirby Rychle who you just got may have got a good look for the remainder of the year if you unloaded all the forwards over 25. Now by not cleaning house the young core will still sit while players like shaw, Byron, patches, etc eat up minutes
  9. Yep not much value in goalies, Mrazek since 2015. .910 and 2.72, still only 26 years old Price since 2015, .917 and 2.48, I never even realized, that ranks him 15th in the NHL with goalies more then 100 games. And were going to pay him 10.5 million starting at 31 years of age. He is already on the decline. How about price for Draistal. While Edmonton has a GM as bad as montreal. Not sure there are many GM who would be willing to take on price.
  10. I don't think it was a wrong choice. He is by all accounts one of the top coaches in the NHL. I do however think the game is changing and older coaches that have been around the game for so long need to be flushed out our system. We need to start looking at younger coaching minds. With French not being the criteria even having said that I would be looking at coaches like Dominique Ducharme , Jay Leach , Sheldon Keefe etc. However this is the least of our worries right now. We have crap for management, our AHL hockey coaching staff is even worse then crap, AHL team should have a roster with an average age of 22 to 23 with your oldest player maybe 25 or 26. If they have not made the jump by then they never will and why have them on your roster. We should not care about trying to win at this level we should care about developing first then the winning will take care of itself
  11. That's so true, not only do we have the worst GM in the NHL right now, we also have the worst coaching staff in the AHL for developing young kids, which is their main objective...
  12. With a bottom pairing of Markov and one of Beulieu/Emelin. for another year until Jullsen
  13. As most know I am not the biggest supporter of Galchenyk. But its refreshing to have a coach actually compliment his players instead of beating them down like the previous successor. Maybe they keep Galchenyk and I get to eat my words. And while the debate whether Alex Galchenyuk belongs at center or on the wing will likely continue, Julien for his part likes what he sees from the 24-year-old overall. "It's obvious to me that he's become a much better player today than from the day I arrived," underlined the 57-year-old. "He skates better, and is confident with the puck. He's still young and continues to work on the parts of his game that he needs to improve. He has a good attitude and wants to get better. I have nothing bad to say about Alex. He's someone who wants success for himself, but wants it even more so for the team."
  14. Just assume no teams want to give up their young up an coming players for the likes of Weber and MCdonagh. but both the habs and nyr want to make the move for sake of making a move. Would you do a trade strait up. Weber for McDonagh ?
  15. Yes, I was referring to AG, as much as you like to find excuses for him, I like to point out why he is not worth playing five on five no matter how pretty he looks. And its not even about has defensive play any more. End result minus 3, only 2 shots on net, 0 goals and over 3 minutes of PP time. That's great he was at 62% tonight, that may very well move him ahead of Joe Morrow and into and into 19 place on the team this year.12 th among forwards.
  16. I missed the other two empty net goals :). He was minus 3
  17. I dare say if we had those 4 on the back end with Petry and Mete, we are probably wondering how far we can go in the playoffs. Not wondering how low we can end up to get the best pick, even without a top two centerman.
  18. the only thing I would be after in dallas is Heiskanen, but our scouts would not see him in the ahl...
  19. Don't be all offended all I am saying 3 inches really doesn't mean a hill of beans, Its projected talent, not size. And those two player that were mentioned are extremely high end young players who are getting better all the time. You can have two players who appear to have equal talent, but no way can ever have equal talent, its projected talent. IF you get caught looking for size you tend to exaggerate a bigger players talent over someone 2 or 3 inches shorter. Maybe Crosby at 6 ft 3 is not as good as he is 6 ft, because what makes Crosby good is his tree trunk legs and low center of gravity, add 3 inches to height and now he may struggle down low. Simply saying you want someone 6 3 with talent over someone 6 .0 with talent is not near enough. The size is not going to separate those two players its the projected talent that going to seperate those two players.
  20. Yah - who would want Sydney Crosby or John Tavares
  21. Well you can forget about Tavares I guess. He wants to play for a team that is doing everything it can to win. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/tavares-i-want-to-play-for-a-team-that-s-doing-everything-it-can-to-win~1313626 Only when they go after the best player, best coach , best gm, regardless of culture, language, race then and only then will they be doing everything they can to win.
  22. I cannot for the live of me explain why Carr is not playing either he should be ahead of almost anyone of our forwards, he has only played 177 minutes of 5 on 5 hockey, but per minutes he has a higher scoring % then any forward on our team Player TOI 5on5 Min Points 5 on 5 % 5 on 5 points DANIEL.CARR 177.95 8 4.50% PHILLIP.DANAULT 564.75 21 3.72% PAUL.BYRON 601.97 21 3.49% NICOLAS.DESLAURIERS 302.03 10 3.31% MAX.PACIORETTY 644.48 20 3.10% BRENDAN.GALLAGHER 621.8 19 3.06% TOMAS.PLEKANEC 645.17 18 2.79% BYRON.FROESE 257.35 7 2.72% ALEX.GALCHENYUK 599.17 15 2.50% CHARLES.HUDON 539.87 13 2.41% JONATHAN.DROUIN 583.93 14 2.40% ANDREW.SHAW 565.48 12 2.12%
  23. With all due respect I believe my points are valid. And the data I am providing is valid. He appears to be a good offensive forward especially if he could play 14 minutes of PP time each game. There is a reason he gets moved around the lineup 5 on 5. One probably to get his an OZ Start. 2 He is brutal defensively. Just to put things in perspective when I say his scoring is not really anything to brag about I am referring to hos 5 on 5. I have said it before and will say it again. anytime we have a PP he should be on the ice no doubt about that. However when it comes to 5 on 5 ... well here take a look. There are 5 forwards that score more per minute points 5 on 5, there are two other forwards that score at the same rate. And I dare say, with the exception of JD are all better in their own zone. So I would say to who ever coaches AG they would be a fool to not play AG on every PP because he scores at a higher rate then anyone else on our team I would say to who ever coaches AG they would be a fool to think he is any better 5 on 5 then any of our other forwards with the exception of JD. Since everybody wants to help AG with BG. Maybe lets try to help JD have him play with BG....Because they are stuck with JD, but they cn move Galchenyk PPPoints Total Points 5on5 pts 5 on 5 Time PP Time Percent PP Points Percent 5 on 5 Points Danualt 2 23 21 565 50 4% 4% Byron 1 21 20 578 39 3% 3% Patches 10 29 19 621 141 7% 3% Brendan Gallager 7 24 17 595 91 8% 3% Pleks 0 17 17 620 8 0% 3% Galchenyk 12 26 14 572 121 10% 2% Drouin 10 22 12 556 139 7% 2% Shaw 7 19 12 565 103 7% 2% Charles Hudon 6 16 10 516 70 9% 2%
  24. 1. Yes 2.Yes 3. At what cost, why have BG/MP Corsi numbers come down for AG there are 8 other forwards who had a better corsi playing with BG/MP, 6 of those forwards are still with us. 4. Come on big Ted. Lets be a little fairer here. Only two players have more PP time this season then AG, JD and MP. 95% of the time he has played with one at least one of the following forwards, PHILLIP.DANAULT, BRENDAN.GALLAGHER, MAX.PACIORETTY,CHARLES.HUDON,ANDREW.SHAW,ARTTURI.LEHKONEN,PAUL.BYRON,TOMAS.PLEKANEC, JONATHAN.DROUIN. You know what that equates to for 4th line minutes, he has played 572 minutes of 5 on 5, 28.6 minutes. 28.6 minutes. You know how many PP minutes he has received this season 121 minutes. Again only JD and MP have more so when I hear people complain about his 28/29 minutes on the 4th line I have to laugh. He should get that PP time no doubt about it. But complaining about his playing on the 4th line all of 28 minutes is really laughable. To use that because his offensive number are not really that great is also laughable or because his corsi is at 48% please. You wanna talk about no have Subban, Markov of a couple of years ago, I get that, but it not only helps Galchenyk it helps all our forwards, Our forwards were playing really well to start the season, we just have a crap dee, no center and price was playing like Nieme. Galchenyk is not our answer. I would start trading the best players first, Price, Patches, Weber and continue down the list.
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