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  1. Will be nice to have Cammy back. 3 games missed should mean not too much rust, but even if there is a little, having him in the lineup means someone else is not getting checked as well, which is always a positive.
  2. All things considered, thats not too bad. My guess is that Cammy will simply need enough time for the muscle to repair enough to not re-tear, so 2 weeks likely is about as bad as it will get.
  3. Yeah, just read that. Lets hope its right. Considering where it looked like he was cut (large muscle mass just above the knee) I was expecting about that sort of healing time. Lets hope its accurate. It could have been a heck of a lot worse than that, cut by skate is always a scary prospect. Glad to hear it is most likely fairly minor.
  4. Tend to agree on all points. As habs fans we all want vengeance, but the reality is, if you look at it objectively, you could call this either way, really...
  5. I agree. Im still not writing him off - ive seen some flashes of very strong play from him over the years. He's just coming into his prime years as a defensman so there is still an outside chance he can be an effective #4 dman. Time will tell.
  6. I would agree with this. The jury is still out on whether Campoli can be as good as Gorges, but even if he was to be, he'd be a different type of "good." He's a completely different type of player as you've pointed out very clearly. Time will tell. I have no doubt that this is exactly the "worst case scenario" that Pierre Gauthier considered when signing Campoli - however - it is still very much within the realm of possibility that he becomes a valuable member of this team. He's still young enough and has shown flashes of being a better player than he is often given credit for. I dont for one minute think he'll ever be a top pairing defensman, but I think there's still an outside chance he becomes a solid #4. Tough to say if it will be with this team (if it does indeed happen) but I do think there's still some potential upside to be had with Chris. I have no idea what you're talking about! :P
  7. Bingo. He can only do so much in regards to his destiny with this team - his playing time will also be based on how others in front of him fare.
  8. Im not sure what the 2 have to do with each other, manatee? It happened in the same summer - between these teams- but they werent part of the same deal. We got exclusive rights to talk to Sundin 2 weeks before UFA day (july 1) but nothing ever came out of it...i dont believe we even gave up anything for it (we never actually trade "for his rights" we simply got permission to talk to him). Grabs was traded a few weeks later for a 2nd and prospect.
  9. Exactly. It was a risky play by Washington. One that probably didnt make sense for us. Im sad to see him go but I applaud Gauthier for not panicking and signing a contract he'd later regret. I think you can say that about any team - god forbid _________ (#1 dman) goes down. Im not sure Id say our top 4 looks "weak" without hammer. It definitely would look stronger with him, but not many teams can boast a Markov and a Subban back there. They are both top quality talent. I still have a gut feeling Gauthier will have another top 4 damn in the lineup before October, whether it be a signing (hannan) or a trade.
  10. Agreed. There are several third-pairing defensmen who could be had for league minimum right now, but thats not really what we need. We have such a glut of #5-7 dmen, I think a signing like that would be the wrong move. Top 4 dman, definitely.
  11. You're looking at it from a standpoint of "must play" in those situations though. Why is gomez "guaranteed" to play there? What if he cant produce? Cole & AK have always struggled as PP players anyway. Again, goes back to your argument that any of the players listed above "must" play on the PP. If Gomez loses his spot on the PP then there's no reason he couldnt become a PK specialist. Its moot anyway, as he seems poised to sign in the KHL, but we'll have to agree to disagree on the AK27 Experiment V2.0 I wouldnt be too worried. Every year we worry about who is going to take that spot & every year we seem to sign someone who plays great in that capacity. I doubt it will be madden or someone else looking for decent money. Most likely its going to be a dark horse sort of player who will make 750k and we will all fall in love with & say we must re-sign at this time next year when he's UFA again
  12. IMHO, it really depends, Ted. If the plan is to play a "normal" 2 offense, 1 checking, 1 energy line, then yes, Kovalev is the wrong fit. However, if you think outside the box & go with the idea of 3 scoring lines (we dont have the talent to score with 1 or 2 anyway) and one energy/checking line, then kovalev may very well have been a good fit. Not to mention the fact that he's a playoff monster and adding him to a team that already seems to be building towards the moniker of "playoff team" would be a very positive thing. Hannan could absolutely be good for us, although I think the biggest hurdle is still going to be term. He has to be looking for 3+ years at his age. The longer he goes unsigned, the more likely it will be that he'll sign for 1 or 2 years though.
  13. I think it was me you were thinking of. I've suggested Kovalev on the third line for a while now because I think he would be perfect in that role: less minutes, less pressure etc - and i would LOVE to see a motivated Kovalev in the playoffs one last time. That said, TSN is reporting he is set to sign a contract with the KHL, so I guess the plan is moot. I agree with a lot of the moves that Gauthier has made & given that we now have about $5m in cap space with most of our roster signed, if I were him I would have looked at bringing back Kovalev $2m, Hannan $1m and one more 4th line checker/grinder for <$1m. I think that we would have iced a pretty darned competitive team. Im curious to see what he does with the rest of the space.
  14. I think you are looking at this in hindsight. At the time, most people felt that keeping Souray, Komi - and even higgins - made our team better. People were practically rioting when Gainey let all those free agents walk, although the very next summer we went further in the post season than we have in over a decade.
  15. Agreed. The whole Higgins thing was too bad. I remember as he was developing in the AHL for us, most people felt he would be a great 2 way forward - a third liner capable of chipping in some timely goals & playing very sound defense. Peca, Carbonneau etc. Then he came into the NHL and got the primo spot next to Koivu (because we lacked ANY scoring wingers) and suddenly everyone was calling him the next John LeClair, not the next Mike McPhee. When he "fell" back to numbers that were respectable for him & his skillset, people called him a disappointment. But I guess thats another story... Absolutely. We look at everything and anything to do with our Habs under a microscope - like we're the only team to ever lose a good player, or the only one with a bad contract on our payroll. As for Kostitsyn - he's an enigma, much like Kovalev before him - because you always think he is just so talented and has such tantalizing size that surely he HAS to be the next great thing. Maybe he wont ever be. Or maybe, like Kovalev, he will have a couple of spectacular seasons, in amongst a bunch of so-so ones. And if that is the case, is he worth keeping around? dunno. depends on the direction of the team I guess. Either way its a crap shoot, but then so is everything. Pittsburg could call us up tomorrow & ask if we would give up PK Subban and Eller for Sidney Crosby & most of us would pass out with excitement but what if crosby never plays again because of the concussion? Unlikely, but there is always a component of risk to any move in the NHL. Every Gm makes mistakes. And every decent Gm takes risks. IMHO its the risk taking that is what is separating Gauthier from Gainey. What he chooses to do with AK will be risky either way, but I suspect he'll make the right move.