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  1. I just ran into a girl I dated in highschool...its been a long time since i saw her. At the time she was the "it" girl - head cheerleader, prom queen etc. Just a beautiful person inside and out. Well, she still is beautiful on the inside but - and i am NOT exaggerating - she looks like Jack Black with a wig now. Wow.

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    2. roy_133


      I have it on great authority that Jack Black does read the forum

    3. jedimaas


      Sorry Jack! :) You're not terrible looking for a man...but for a woman... :P

    4. weepingminotaur


      uh, Jack Black is terrible-looking regardless of gender.

      Anyhow, we all age, we get grey hair (or in my case, lose it), we put on a few pounds. Can't stay 19 and in great shape forever...;)

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