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  1. I just ran into a girl I dated in highschool...its been a long time since i saw her. At the time she was the "it" girl - head cheerleader, prom queen etc. Just a beautiful person inside and out. Well, she still is beautiful on the inside but - and i am NOT exaggerating - she looks like Jack Black with a wig now. Wow.

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    2. jedimaas


      I feel bad because like I said, shes' still a sweetheart & I am sorry we grew apart, but I just don't get it. I've never seen someone change so much!

    3. JHaul


      Hopefully she doesn't read the forum... Jack Black too, for that matter.

    4. BeanCountingHab


      Too bad she wasn't mean in highschool or this would be kind of funny.

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