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  1. This is why the team is missing Eller a lot. His line was getting very good at not just shooting, but getting in the dirty areas and getting the opposition off their game. Without him, we're left with a perimeter line (DD) a good 2 way line (Pleks) a grinder line (white) and a poor man's eller line (Gally) If I were MT I would seriously consider some line juggling - to try to get at least one guy per line who can go to the dirty areas. DD's line has been completely ineffective most shifts & will continue to be unless they shake things up a little.
  2. Agreed. He may not have scored but he wasnt a liability and contributed. He and pleks looked dangerous on several shifts, just couldnt capitalize. He absolutely deserves to be in the lineup - unlike some other forwards who I would frankly sub out for someone like Halpern if i were MT.
  3. This. They need to stop trying to "avenge" Eller by throwing bodies around, and do so by winning the series. I know nothing would make him happier.
  4. Its tough because he's the only position we can say "cost" us a game. DD has been basically invisible for 3 games but we cant "blame" him for the losses because he's just one of 12 forwards. I would say that if price was playing like he *should* we'd be up 2-1 instead of down, but nothing that can be done of it now. Even with the softies, he's looked consistently better than he did towards the end of the season. I googled "Rene Bourque" in the past 24 hrs and every source I can find confirms it. Sounds like the leaugue said carte blanche, "no supplemental discipline from last night's game. period"
  5. They dont cite sources, but I cant see CBS saying this if they didnt have confirmation: Game 3 between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens got out of hand fast. None of it will garner supplemental discipline from the NHL. article http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/blog/eye-on-hockey/22206508/no-supplemental-discipline-for-senatorscanadiens-rene-bourque Its the biggest problem we have right now. You look at last night - Price was phenomenal on some saves - he had sequences where he looked amazing - then he lets in 2 floaters & we're down 4-1. I dont get it. I said earlier in the series, in game one he looked sharp right up until the tying and winnning goals. Its like he psyches himself out as the game rolls on. I dont get it. Maybe we should try putting Carey in for the first 40 minutes & then Budaj for the 3rd. Lol. Seriously, no idea right now.
  6. The other thing is that because this is a close series (ie against a team that we're fairly well matched against) we can actually see our shortcomings & (hopefully) MB will work on fixing those in the offseason. Had we been in a series against a team we could easily beat - or one where we were completely outgunned, this may not have been the case. I still think we can win this series. We need to get back to using our speed though, because if we let Ottawa dictate play like they did last game, I dont think we have a chance.
  7. So im still at work - should be able to get most of the rest of the game as Im leaving in a couple of minutes. The "ice tracker" on nhl.com tells me we had a lot of shots (14) and they had 8. I can see the refs had a lot of work penalizing our guys. How is the team looking? How has price looked? Are we missing Gio/Patches/Eller a lot? or do our lines look decent in their absence?
  8. We cant keep taking everything seriously that we read in a message board thread
  9. Good point - it was highly unusual though, i just cant see them doing it - especially when you consider they didnt, all last year when Gio was injured - but you're right, its possible.
  10. Uh, unless Gio got traded, they arent naming a new captain As for Prust, thats a fair "A" award - he deserves it, he's been much more than just a spare part this year. I dont love the PGG line based on the injuries we have. I think that Galchenyuk deserves a finisher on each wing, but I guess we'll see how the night plays out.
  11. 100% agree. The funny thing is that last night, at times, he looked like a world beater - only to follow it up with 2 very soft goals. I dont get it. How can he be so good for stretches & then just lapse on easy plays - he's done this for most of the 2nd half of this season. Hopefully that gets sorted out tonight.
  12. I have a good feeling about tonight. First off I am able to actually think about a hockey game, not just the health of one of our best young players - and Im sure thats doubly true for his teammates. But secondly, with the loss of Eller, Gio & Patches for tonight, the team is going to have to buckle down and play like a team - all system, patient etc. Who cares if you get 50 shots, if 40 of them are 1st shots, no rebounds, far out etc, you arent going to score much against Anderson. I think a 2-1 habs win is in order tonight. But we're going to need a big game from Carey.
  13. Honestly - and i hate to say it - but this series will rest squarely on the shoulders of #31. If he can be our best player, we win. Even losing Eller/Gio/Patches, we have the scoring ability to beat them, but we need our goalie to be our best player... i sure hope it happens.
  14. Test of the season so far. Can Price somehow get his game straight & stand on his head? We will need him to be our best player if we have even the slightest chance of winning this one with all of these injuries.
  15. No offense, but how can you make that judgement after 3 games? Karlsson is an elite defenseman but you cant say that his return somehow turned the Senators' into a contender with a 3 game sample size. In his 3 games back, you beat the bruins, you beat the caps in OT and you lost to the Flyers. All were 1 goal games (yes, there was an empty netter vs. the bruins) so they were close. I think its going to be a great series but I dont think you can make statements about a trend or a pattern based solely on 3 games.
  16. This year we are starting with a Lord of the Rings theme because Anderson reminds me of a giant Gollum.
  17. I suspect the first period will be a huge test for Carey. If he can weather the storm & we can come out either tied, or better still, leading, I think it sets the tone for the game & indeed the series. We need to play hard, use our greatest strengths (speed & depth) and we will be ok.
  18. Well the other thing is, I dont know if we've seen how Anderson reacts after a bad game since he's been in Ottawa. If we somehow manage to light him up one night, will be bounce back the next? Hopefully we find out, although I suspect this is going to be a low-scoring affair.
  19. This. I think its entirely doable too.
  20. To be fair, most - actually all the media outlets that I've seen have picked us, although all have said it should be a "tough battle" with many saying it will go 7 games. The reality is that as well know, any series can go either way but based on our season & our depth, we should still be considered heavy favourites in this one, not just the "likely" winners.
  21. Im riding the Eller/Gally/Gally line's recent play & going with Galchenyuk. I believe that in the playoffs, MT will go with the hot hand & that will likely mean more PP time for AG27 & his line & we will start to see him take over games, not just the occasional shift.
  22. Well, at least in our 1st round, they can't try to give the Canadian team a disadvantage
  23. Yup. Didnt look horrible in his first stint here, but definitely more at ease now. Dont know if he cant take emelin's spot for the short term but he's bringing some much needed grit to the blueline without looking out of place on most plays.
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