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  1. Well, at least in our 1st round, they can't try to give the Canadian team a disadvantage
  2. Yup. Didnt look horrible in his first stint here, but definitely more at ease now. Dont know if he cant take emelin's spot for the short term but he's bringing some much needed grit to the blueline without looking out of place on most plays.
  3. Indeed. This is a team you can defend against. In theory, we should be much tougher because of our balanced attack. The key to beating Anderson is absolutely rebounds- he plays very big in his net and stops nearly everything thats thrown at him but his inverted T style leaves him very vunerable to the 2nd or 3rd shots. This series may well be won by guys like Gallagher, Bourque & Patches going to the dirty areas and getting the garbage goals. Bingo. Add to that fact that we were a high scoring team but we didnt play great defensive teams like Ottawa every night either. Its going to be a close series, no doubt about that. In the end, I think our firepower will prevail & I think our defensive game will be back on track through this one too.
  4. When did Gui switch positions? http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=422016 "Sens defenceman Guillaume Latendresse played three-plus years in Montreal, and knows both sides of the rivalry."
  5. Well, the good news is that we'll be up 2 - 0 in the series by the time you land Hehe.
  6. Part of me was sort of hoping for a B's win tonight so that we would face the leafs in the first round, but I think either team (leafs or sens) are wholly beatable, so Im happy to: a) have home-ice until at least the 3rd round and b ) have no possible way to meet the pens until at least the conference finals Starting with this round, the keys for us are: 1) Playing well in front of Price. I think he will show up & play well but as a team we need to play the way we have the last 2 - 3 games, not that insane scrambling we saw for a stretch of 7 - 8 before that. Back to basics on the back end & we should be fine. 2) Balanced attack. All 3 of our offensive lines need to be flying. Anderson is not going to give up a lot, so we need to fire everything we can at him. 3) Stick to the plan. This team does not have the talent to just let a few guys carry them. We need a complete team effort to be successful. If we can do those 3 things, we should be ok. Im predicting Habs in 5 or 6.
  7. And its exactly why I was left scratching my head with the coach trying to replace Emelin's minutes with Weber & even Bealieu. Tinordi is the clear choice if you're replacing Emelin & what he brought to the team.
  8. For what its worth, Nashville has said they will be looking for "offense first" players this summer. Thats a team so starved for offense, they may well take a speedy, one-dimensional player. I am still doubtful that MB would trade him this summer, after only just signing the deal, but he's shown he's not afraid to do some unusual things so who knows. For now though, best of luck to DD. If we are to have any hope of success in the playoffs, we're going to need that line scoring a bit, but at very least not being a defensive liability. They dont backcheck or play great defense as a line - but - when they are flying they usually dictate play (in the offensive zone) thus not needing to play much defense.
  9. I think we get back on track tonight. Confidence gets built tonight & thursday. Message gets sent Saturday. We take all 6 points available in our last 3 games and enter the playoffs ready to do some damage.
  10. Frankly, im more excited to have him back 5 on 5 - the PP thing will be a (very big) bonus. Hope it doesnt take him long to get back into game shape
  11. He's not untreadable imho. Its pretty clear that if you put him in a 2nd line position, with a couple of big, decent wingers, he'll get you points. There will be some takers out there, should we decide to move him. For now I wouldnt expect it (never great to sign a guy long term for what is a home-town discount & then ship him off) plus I think he still has some use to us right now - but I would not be surprised at all to see years 3 & 4 of this contract with a different team.
  12. Exactly, because there's no way they were going in, thats all that carey gave them
  13. Yeah, im stuck at work trying to catch up so I only have the "gametracker" to help me through it. Sounds like Price is playing strong & we're tied 0-0 so its a better start than the last 3
  14. baby steps. After 3 embarrassing games where the guys flat out lost their collective confidence, you cant expect to come out flying and blowing away the opposition. as long as they get stronger as the game wears on, we'll be fine.
  15. Oh and I hope they get the ice time they deserve. They have arguably been our best 3 forwards (Plekanec & his two way play excepted) over the last 6 - 8 games.
  16. yes! now try Markov - Gorges and Subban- The other three (rotating, because none can handle his minutes) and we may actually be able to play a better defensive game!
  17. I was just reading that. So that means: Subban-Gorges Markov-?? Weber-Drewiske Or did they mean that Beaulieu is moving up next to Markov (thus being replaced on the 3rd by weber?)
  18. Tonight is where we right the ship. I expect a big effort from the boys, puck battle wins and tight checking. On a side note, an interesting post by TSN's Bob McKenzie, here: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=420953 TSN asked NHL coaches to predict the award winners. They got results from each conference as they didnt play each other this year, and had winners for each award in both the eastern & western conferences. Awards pertinent to us: - Montreal's Brendan Gallagher narrowly edged Florida's Jonathan Huberdeau for top Calder consideration - Montreal's Carey Price, topped the survey, (which was conducted after he was lit up by Toronto on Saturday but before he was torched by Philadelphia on Monday night) for the Vezina. - Montreal's P.K. Subban was the clear No. 1 choice as the Eastern Conference's top defenceman, - Montreal coach Michel Therrien was chosen No. 1 by his Eastern Conference peers, ahead of both Ottawa's Paul MacLean and Toronto's Randy Carlyle at Nos. 2 and 3. Now, dont read too much into this (they are impromptu, they are by the coaches, not the PHWA, and they are one conference only) and i still think we really only have a legitimate chance at 1 or 2 of these, but its nice to see some love for les boys AND its interesting to note that while some fans are willing to throw Carey out with the bathwater, he is the choice of the eastern conference coaches as best goalie- despite having a somewhat subpar season.
  19. This. Big game from Carey tonight & the boys will come out flying.
  20. Im probably close to you on this. I think Subban has the strongest chance, but I do think that Gallagher has decent odds too - the last handful of games here will go a long way to determining both. Both of these awards are given by the PHWA (Professional Hockey writers association) with a 5 point system (10-7-5-3-1) and I think that voting will favour both Subban an Gally (as opposed to just picking your favourite at a position & casting one vote). Therrien most likely will get a nod, but won't win. Its the Broadcasters association who votes for this & I believe its far more of a crapshoot than the 2 above. Markov is an interesting choice for the Masterton - and still could win - but its actually awarded based on a "poll" of the PHWA, so again, its never as calculated or accurate as the Calder or the Norris. Between the two mentioned above (Crosby & Markov) obviously Markov should win - he has come back to a level that most thought he never could, at a much later age and much more time off, than Crosby. However, being the face of the NHL, it stands to reason that Sid will be hard to beat for this one. He's just too high profile. I don't believe their heritage or ethnic background has much play int he matter, i just think the NHL is so in love with Sid that when he takes a crap they want to help wipe. Oh and yeah, I don't see Price being a finalist. He's been fine but nowhere near good enough to be a vezina winner this season imho. Thats ok, he can just go out & win the Conn Smythe instead
  21. But even this is is tricky because in your 40% odds of winning the cup final (should we make it there) assumes (i would think) that we face Chicago or Anaheim. If for some reason they are ousted & we end up facing a team we match up favourably against, who knows. Not to mention that I think both of those teams would have worse records if they had to face some eastern conference teams this season
  22. This. The way the poll is worded (Can we win it all) is a loaded question. Will we? thats another story. The reality is that a lot of things will have to fall into place for us to go far, imho. Health will play a huge role and our young core (obviously the rookies, but also younger, less experienced players like Subban, Eller, Patches - and of course Price) will need to be at their very best. My personal feeling is this: After a season like we've just had, making it to the 2nd round should be mandatory. Making it to the 3rd would be terrific and making it to the finals would be fantastic. Anything less than final 8 & im going to be dissapointed, but as along as the team fights hard & puts in the effort (gaining valuable experience) I wont be too upset with a second or 3rd round exit. That said, I actually believe that something is up - i have a gut feeling, something I havent felt since...1993 (and Im not kidding here!!)...there's an air about this team. Things will still need to work out, but I have a strong suspicion they will go far this playoff season.
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