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  1. Buffalo always plays us tough but the boys will be hungry. I think we'll clinch tonight.
  2. Agreed. Have no problem on the term, the hit or the plan. I like him, he's shown he can be an effective backup without too much rust in between games and, has shown in the past that if he's called upon for an extended period (not a whole season, but maybe 12 - 15 games) he can play a starters role for a time.
  3. Interesting stat, didnt realize the stretch was made up against bottom dwellers. I think the team will see the Emelin injury as a rallying point & will tighten up their coverages & checks. Im predicting a strong showing & a 3 - 1 win.
  4. The team is going to have to play strong as a whole. That means strong back-checking from all the forward lines, but yes, Carey is going to play a bigger than usual role if we hope to win tonight, methinks.
  5. Interesting, I guess im not seeing your concerns with Drewinski -he's looked a little "forced" on some plays but considering he's just joined a new system, thats to be expected. Hopefully he changes your mind & can do a decent job down the stretch. I absolutely agree about Kabs. The thing is I understand why they were keeping him off the ice, but drastic times call for drastic measures. He's not unusable. He's still an NHL-caliber defensman, he just happens to be vastly overpaid for what he brings, but the reality is, he brings a lot more than either Beaulieu or Tinordi could at this point. The other side of the coin is that if Kaberle was to come in & play even reasonably well, its not beyond the realm of possibility to think someone might trade a 7th rounder for him (for one year of overpayment) this summer. PIcking him up now is tricky (thus making it through waivers) because a lot of teams dont know what direction they are going in yet. By the summer, most will have a clear idea of their plans & may well rid us of his contract without a compliance buyout. Back to Emelin though, really sucks for this to happen now, but the future does look bright for him....although I still think he compliments PK better (and Gorges with Markov) both in skillset and ability to handle bigger minutes.
  6. Yes, not a great prognosis. Its worse still when these injuries occur on totally innocuous plays. There's still an option to play Kabs, of course, although I highly doubt they will, but the pickup of Driewinski is looking very timely indeed right now. Im not sure he can handle top 4 minutes until diaz returns but he's looked fairly comfortable out there.
  7. It was bad, but I dont think as bad as that. Look at the goals again, all 4 flyers goals were lucky bounces. It was a weird game & I will agree we didnt play a full 60 minutes but it was a flukey win for them. Still disappointing and one that we should have won, but c'est la vie.
  8. So the question, if i am MT: Do i do like last night (move up the centres) or do I move a centre who has been playing as a winger, namely, Galchenuyk. What do you think about this as a top 9 for tonight: Patches - DD - Gallagher Ryder - Galchenyuk - Gio Moen- Eller - Prust Its not that I dont think Eller can do a good job on the second - given a bit of time, he's probably our best option there, but if we leave him at 3rd and bump Chuckie then the 3rd line remains intact to take the tough defensive assignments and the 2nd can concentrate on scoring. Last night MT did the best think he could "on the fly" but with some consideration & a little time to plan, I think the above top 9 would be a better fit while super-pleky rests that injury.
  9. Im not home yet so Im just getting updates from the Nhl "ice tracker" but according to that, we're up 1-0 on a goal by emelin, with an assist to Budaj. Thats an interesting trick, since price is in nets. Is Budaj playing defense or something??
  10. Hopefully Pittsburg & Boston meet in the 2nd round & beat each other up & we can just clean up the mess in the conference finals Exactly, or as some of us have been calling it, a "Hockey Deal" - the type of trade you'd make any time of year, not just because its deadline.
  11. That and the fact that this year - even moreso than most - it is hard to say who will and wont make the playoffs. There are really only 3 teams (florida, calgary, colorado) who are pretty much guaranteed to be out. The other 27 teams are all still in the hunt for 16 spots. Id still like us to make a play for Jagr (if the price is right).
  12. Ive been saying pretty much all year that I think Markov should be playing with Gorges & PK should be playing with Emelin. They just compliment one another better (plus i think Emelin can handle PK's minutes better than Gorges) but the coach insists on playing them together, possibly because of their languages? Not sure.
  13. Doh, sorry! I'll tell you this: If Im even remotely right, Im going to buy a lotto ticket
  14. Oh yeah, for sure - and frankly, if the deal is right, i dont mind the "and then some" because we have a lot of young players we could possibly dangle, I am always just a little hesitant to give out 1st rounders but I agree, for a guy like him, id do it most likely.
  15. Agreed. Id take a risk on a guy like Jagr - maybe even dipping into our draft pick pool (one 2nd?) if necessary. I wouldnt bother giving up solid picks for many players but with the way this team is playing now....adding Jagr to Plekanecs' line could be something pretty special. Also frees up GIO to join Eller & Galchenyuk, for example. A nice trickle-down effect. Id frankly be most interested in a "hockey deal" we've heard rumoured: Yandle. Signed what, 4 more years, good cap hit - and would easily be one of our top 4 dmen. Obviously the cost would be the determining factor, they arent giving him away, but this wouldnt be a deadline deal either - it would be a long-term move that could be very beneficial for this team in the long term. Id do my best to try to get him without giving up a 1st, but he's young, cheap and talented....I might even consider losing what will most likely be a 27-29th pick overall.
  16. Been looking at my crystal ball, here's what i see: 5 - 1 habs. - PK gets 4 points to take the defensman lead once & for all (wont give it up again this year). - Chuckie scores 1g 2a. Eller & Prust with a goal each. - The Penalty Kill actually plays well
  17. He's still a great player, but imho that contract is a killer. And like you, I dont want to give up prospects for him. I certainly wouldnt do it at the trade deadline - thats when you overpay for experience...and the guy's never played a single playoff game in his NHL career!
  18. There's no question in my mind that he is a more complete player than he used to be, although playing alongside two very well-rounded and responsible players in Plekanec and Gio doesnt hurt. He used to play with Ribs almost exclusively so when they werent scoring, there wasnt a whole lot going on on that line.
  19. I am very very interested to see how Pittsburg does in the playoffs now. They were strong already (obviously, based on the win streak) but they just keep getting scarier on paper. I still think they are beatable (their defense and goaltending, while decent, are nowhere near as good as their offense). When I look at their team, the way the season has gone & the way the analysts are talking about them, I cant help but think back to 1993. The pens were the undisputed best team in the league in the regular season. They had the best player in the world at that time as well as 2nd and 3rd liners that would be 1st on most other teams in the league. They had a decent defense and goaltending - but up front they were unparalleled. They had FOUR players break the 100 point mark. They set an NHL record (still holds today) winning streak of 17 games. Every single analyst that year had the Pens in the finals. They were, as a young Bob McKenzie said "As close to unbeatable as a team can be." Someone remind me who won that year?
  20. I actually clicked Prust but meant to say Diaz - but really both are being missed right now. Its not that either is a "key" player but both do a lot of good things & fill in gaps in various situations. Looking forward to getting both back.
  21. weird. i have never seen TSN run a story that says "According to" before. will be interesting to see if a) its right (i suspect it is) and if the return that McKenzie is suggesting is also correct.
  22. Thing is, its just another game. 2 points, up for grabs. Of course as you start to over-think things, its a game for 1st in the division. Its a game for 2nd or 4th place. Its a game against our bitterest of rivals and its a game against a team we will most likely have to play in hte playoffs, should we hope to go deep. My hope is that the players do NOT overthink it & simply look at it as another game, another chance to get 2 points and inch closer to a playoff birth.
  23. I would think this move has less to do with punishing Gally or trying to make the team stronger for tonight - and more to do with trying to help him refocus & start afresh after he is dressed again. On several occasions Therrien has mentioned how well Galchenyuk has played despite not scoring, so i think he's aware of his effort levels & overall contribution - i think he just wants to try something to 'get him going' so to speak. Personally, Id rather keep him in the lineup and try shuffling some lines but I cant really fault Therrien's abilities with our youngsters so far this year.
  24. Agreed. with the overall core we have right now, Id do my very best to stay away from "high profile/big contract" players right now.
  25. On iginla, a couple of things/thoughts: 1) I hope he goes to Boston because I would love to NOT have Malcolm Subban play for our bitter rivals. Sure there's no guarantee that PKs brother will be "that good" but id just as soon we not find out with Boston as the guinea pig. 2) I think its funny that so many bloggers and columnists are going on about how Iginla is "worth whatever it will cost".... its interesting. Yes, he's one of the most dominant players of his generation. Yes, while he's lost a step, he's still an effective player but I dont think he's anywhere near as important to a cup run as some people seem to think. Its almost unfathomable, but despite playing in 15 nhl seasons (1200+ regular season games) he's only played 54 playoff games. Ever. And 26 of those were in one year (nearly 10 years ago). Heck, you could argue that Mike Cammelleri is a more important/consistent playoff performer. One post I read said how Iginla's cup experience is 'priceless' - i felt like reminding said blogger that Iggy has exactly zero cups. 3) Im also glad he didnt include us in his 'teams he would accept a trade to' list. We cant afford the price its going to take to land him & not having the temptation just makes things a little less nutty. Oh yeah and on the flames - it would be funny for a team to add Jaybo for their playoff run. 9 NHL seasons. 748 games. 0 playoff games.
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