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  1. Yeah my two least favourite teams (by far) are the Bruins & Flyers - any time we can beat either is a good day in my books. Its easy to get down by the loss last night (and two in a row!) but after watching the "top 10 best starts after 30 games" feature on the main canadiens site, its pretty amazing what a great beginning we've had this year! Fourth best start (first 30 games in a season) in franchise history? Amazing. The team needs to focus on that & really believe they CAN win, forget the last 2 games (Which easily could have been victories themselves) and focus on trouncing the Bruins.
  2. Well, AND - the last time the Pens had a winning streak this good, was the year everyone expected them to win another Stanley cup but...wait, who won that year??
  3. Sorry Penguins fans, but "the streak" ends tonight. Price stands on his head, we get timely scoring from the Eller line & maybe a chip in from the 4th. Once we crack Fleury we are able to knock in a few quickly. I foresee a 4 - 1 win for les Boys.
  4. Agreed. Only way I can see Ryder back here next year is if we somehow pull a rabbit out of our hat & win the cup this year & he wants to resign for a 2 year deal with that history. I am almost certain someone will offer him 3 - 4 years and: a ) I don't think he's worth locking up that long and b ) I don't think he's a good long-term fit for this team (with several young players who will be needing his ice time in 1 - 2 years. It was still a great move to get out from under cole's contract, but as well as he's played for us, I suspect its for a limited time.
  5. I dont think anyone really has a problem with us bringing back Boullion. There are 2 things that are being tossed around: 1 is timing - it just seems like a very odd time to sign a 3rd pairing dman who usually doesnt get offers until a few weeks into free agency anyway. There is no real "urgency" to get the deal done. The other thing - and probably more important - is that even though in a vacuum the deal isnt bad, the problem is that as you hand out all of these 4th line, 3rd pairing deals, you do two things: 1) you use up the money you may need for higher end players and 2) you take away opportunities for young roster players. In both cases, the Boullion deal may be fine - im not sure we have anyone who can step in next year (and if we did, we can still trade someone) plus i dont know we'll need that extra $1.5m - but to give the deal out so early just seems strange/somewhat counterproductive. Thats all.
  6. Exactly. Even though his play is bound to slide a little, his contract isnt hideous & he brings a lot to the table. I can absolutely live with one contract like his now that we've shed several of the worse ones on this squad.
  7. While i think its totally fine (and probably correct) to suggest he hasnt played "elite" this year, i think its way too early to suggest he isnt 'elite' as a long-term projection. He's got amazing poise, great skills and i think deserves time to see what he will truly become. But I dont think your assessment about this year is incorrect either. That said, even the fellow in your avatar used to let in some hideous goals. The biggest problem with Carey this season is his timing - letting in bad goals right when the moment is going our way, but i think that will come. We've changed our entire system & there's no question Price has not totally adapted to the way the defense is playing in front of him yet, but I think it will come & he will prove to be elite.
  8. Well I know how I feel about it but even I am not allowed to swear here so...
  9. Yeah, this is the thing for me, I just dont see why it couldnt have waited. I dont hate the deal (or love it, it just "is") but Im not quite sure what the rush was to sign a bottom tier defensman. I cant see he would have garnered much interest in the offseason - at least not to the point where our offer wouldnt have been enough, but its done so there you go.
  10. Yeah its up on the main site now. I can live with 1 year. There's not much risk, keeps Cube and MT happy... Its not really a "priority" signing obviously but i dont think its much of a distraction either. He's been a serviceable 3rd pairing dman
  11. Time for Chuckie to break out of his slump!!! Seriously though, as long as the boys dont take Buffalo for granted, they should do just fine. Play sound defense, stop Vanek and you're well on your way to a W.
  12. I completely agree with MT. There's no lack of effort or skill in that drought. He's been snake-bit to be sure, but thats his adapting to the game. A "Mature Game" is a great way of describing it, as Chuckie hasnt hurt the team in the least, he's just not quite at the point of producing but it will come. He's also developing some very nice chemistry with Eller & even though many of us saw them as our future #1-2 centres i think there's a real chance they stay together (maybe lars moves to the wing) for a while.
  13. Interesting to see armstrong starting on a line with Eller & Chuckie. Im not sure it would be my choice, but he has been able to keep up with talented players in the past (Crosby) so who knows. I think the move is more to see Dumont at centre on line 4 but it should be interesting to see if Armstrong can do a little tonight now that he has the monkey off his back. If he manages to go to the net, he may be rewarded as Eller & Chuckie have been strong at getting the puck there consistently (the other reason i wouldnt mind seeing Bourque on this line when he returns).
  14. I dont want to get to excited because defense can take years for a young player to develop into, but Tinordi looked quite good with sheltered minutes & assignments. Him & Frankie together was pretty funny though - frank is one of the 5 shortest players in the league & Tinordi has got to be close to a top 5 in height.
  15. Again though, if you are management & feel like Eller/Chuckie arent going to be "totally ready" for at least a year, maybe 2, then why not sign DD? With this cap hit & term, he's going to be tradeable so I dont see the harm.
  16. Yes, and its not like our PK has been good. A strong, well-running PK maybe you give Tinordi ice time towards teh end of a game we're winning handily. The way our PK is right now, we cant afford to put anyone out that isnt the best we have.
  17. The way I see it is: He's helping us now, we can sign him for a decent cap hit for 4 years...if in 1 or 2 we no longer need him we should have absolutely no problem finding takers with this cap hit and term. I dont expect him to be moved for at least one year after signing this (I think the team owes him at least a year or a couple of years after he's clearly taken a bit of a discount to stay here) but at some point, should we decide to move him, this contract should actually make him MORE appealing in a deal, rather than a RFA or another 1 or 2 year deal. Also agree. Its no coincidence imho that Lars is playing centre & has arguably our highest skilled centre as his winger. Let the two of them develop chemistry & at a certain point start to slowly swap their positions. After the faceoff they tend to shift around anyway.
  18. I really dont agree with this move. Kaberle is the perfect player to be playing sheltered 3rd pairing minutes & get 2nd PP ice. We had Gorges & Boullion as our 2nd pairing last night for Pete's sake. That said, Im happy for Tinordi. My guess is, as Roy pointed out, he's here to get a sniff & some NHL experience, but I wouldnt expect to see him up for long. I am sure that at least part of the motivation (going into the trade deadline) is to see if he is ready (99% sure he's not) but one of our "holes" right now is a physical stay at home defensman - something Tinordi should fill very well, in a couple of years - so they should at least look/evaluate.
  19. Ridiculously so when you consider we have Price in nets, PK, Gorges, Markov & Emelin on the blueline and we have a forward lineup of Pleks, Moen, Eller, Prust, Gionta & Bourque (when healthy). The PK should be a major strength for this lineup!
  20. Of course, but its interesting to at least start contemplating it. In some ways - especially with the maturation/development of guys like Patches, Bourque, Gallagher & even Eller & Galchenyuk (one of whom may end up as a top 6 winger - Ryder fits this teams' needs more than Cole could, contract aside. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this year plays out but I wouldnt be particularly surprised to see him still on the roster, come October.
  21. So.....I know its waaaaay early but after his initial success (9pts in 7 games + the good clip he was scoring at in Dallas) do you offer him a contract this summer?
  22. I actually thought this was "the move" that weep was referring to also. Ryder definitely tried the wrap-around many many many mind numbing times...but unlike the one that weep is talking about, it did work at least a couple from my memory.
  23. Actually, we potentially have everything we need to "win it all" but we require a few things to happen. - First, as 1952 pointed out, consistency is key. - Second, Carey needs to play the best he ever has - for 4 straight rounds of the playoffs. This is no easy feat but we've seen plenty of goalies nearly single handedly win cups. While teams like Pittsburg and Chicago intend to win using their skilled skaters, we only actually need one guy to be the best in the league at his position to win it all. - Third, in order to actually make a run this year, a couple of our "up and comers" need to be ready to go. Specifically Galchenyuk. If he can find a groove & get one step closer to being the player most of us believe he can, this is a different team. Imagine the run a few years back - now throw an elite centre on that squad. If Eller continues to improve and Gallagher is consistent this is a MUCH Better team than the top 6 we expected we had when we went into this season. - Fourth, we need to stay healthy. Specifically the blueline, several of whom are logging way too many minutes for my liking. Add all this up and its possible (not likely, but possible) to make a cup run right now. The reality is though, that this team *should* (if the prospects pan out & the drafting continues to be strong) be a strong contender within a few years and thats without the need for Carey to stand on his head. If i were the GM I would stand relatively pat at the trade deadline (barring some sort of incredible deal) and simply go into the playoffs with this squad & see where it takes us. It would also give us a better idea of what we need to get next summer.
  24. Cool, i can live with that. I still like Eller/Gally and with Gio finding his touch the last couple of games maybe Chuckie gets some confidence back tonight
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