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  1. Actually, we potentially have everything we need to "win it all" but we require a few things to happen. - First, as 1952 pointed out, consistency is key. - Second, Carey needs to play the best he ever has - for 4 straight rounds of the playoffs. This is no easy feat but we've seen plenty of goalies nearly single handedly win cups. While teams like Pittsburg and Chicago intend to win using their skilled skaters, we only actually need one guy to be the best in the league at his position to win it all. - Third, in order to actually make a run this year, a couple of our "up and comers" need to be ready to go. Specifically Galchenyuk. If he can find a groove & get one step closer to being the player most of us believe he can, this is a different team. Imagine the run a few years back - now throw an elite centre on that squad. If Eller continues to improve and Gallagher is consistent this is a MUCH Better team than the top 6 we expected we had when we went into this season. - Fourth, we need to stay healthy. Specifically the blueline, several of whom are logging way too many minutes for my liking. Add all this up and its possible (not likely, but possible) to make a cup run right now. The reality is though, that this team *should* (if the prospects pan out & the drafting continues to be strong) be a strong contender within a few years and thats without the need for Carey to stand on his head. If i were the GM I would stand relatively pat at the trade deadline (barring some sort of incredible deal) and simply go into the playoffs with this squad & see where it takes us. It would also give us a better idea of what we need to get next summer.
  2. Cool, i can live with that. I still like Eller/Gally and with Gio finding his touch the last couple of games maybe Chuckie gets some confidence back tonight
  3. Do we know the lines for tonight? Im curious where MT will start Chuckie. I would try to give the kid as many minutes as he can handle as i think he just needs a point or 2 to get his confidence back.
  4. I looked at it again today & the camera angle that is shown on youtube, it seems less severe. The one on RDS last night looked extremely fast and dangerous but having watched it from the other direction it seems less so and it does look like Emelin may have *just* seen him right before the hit. I agree though, its highly unlikely anything would come of it, Im just not a big fan of sucker punches (and that includes the white play we were talking about). If you want to retaliate, be a man & come at the player from the front.
  5. I think its a problem that some people miss when some of us talk about a player. We can say he's "not great defensively" but remember thats a relative statement. Its not 'in a vacuum' its based on how the team is choosing to play him, his line-mates & assignments. Ryder is not "great defensively" in the sense that you aren't throwing him out on your first unit PK and you aren't playing him on a defensive zone face off with under a minute left and a 1 goal lead. Thats no slight on him, of the 12 forwards, there are probably only a handful who you would use consistently in this role. The truth is, we have very few "complete" players on this team (there are very few of them in the league). Just as DD and Ryder are offense-first, guys like Moen, Armstrong & White are defense first. Our only "true" all-round forward is Plekanec although guys like Galchenyuk & Eller still have the potential to be also. Again, I dont believe anyone is trying to lessen Ryder's abilities or value. As many of us have already said, the deal may have been in principle to get out from under Cole's contract, but there's no reason, if he fits in well here, why we wouldnt try resigning Ryder in the offseason.
  6. It wasnt the sucker punches after Emelin was down, it was the high speed levelling of a player, from behind, not even close to the play - that initial hit - that should be suspension-able. Emelin was virtually standing still, looking in the opposite direction, with no inkling that someone would come up behind him. You all know i have no problem with big solid hits - especially open ice ones - and I have no problem with defending a teammate, but because of Emelin's position in correlation to Chara, the fact that he was barely moving and - most importantly - the fact that it was nowhere near the puck, this was a dirty hit. I agree, Emelin did a lot better than i expected - at least he fended him off.
  7. I would agree that his bread and butter is his release. He's never going to amazing you with stickhandling or shock you with some miraculous defensively play. That said, in the couple of games he's played since coming back, I am (pleasantly) surprised at his play without the puck. You're never going to mistake him for Plekanec or Eller, but he's definitely improved in that area since he last wore bleu blanc & rouge. He seems to be a slightly better allround player than he was when we let him go & thats a nice surprise. I still would say its unlikely we try to resign him in the summer (the move was 99% to get out from under the last 2 years of Cole's contract imho) but time will tell. I dont read what Weep said as being a like or dislike of the player. He was being honest - Ryder is mostly 1 dimensional but so is DD and even Markov these days. Thats not necessarily a bad thing - providing you are paid accordingly (not bogging down the cap space with 1 dimensional players) and the coach plays you with other players who compliment your style and (perhaps) make up for your shortcomings. If you read the Cole for Ryder thread, Weep was actually in support of the deal.
  8. Thing is though, even with Gally cooling off (and so far its only been for a couple of weeks) you still have Pleks and Eller down the middle. Its a very tough situation because DD has an amazing amount of offensive vision, he just is very limited on how & where you could play him. I certainly would have no problem resigning him to a 1 year deal but I think he may be hoping for a long term deal & at this stage of his career, he has likely earned it.
  9. Im surprised there's no love after at least *trying* to stand up to Chara. Obviously there's no one on this team (maybe no one in the league?) who could go toe to toe with Chara because of his enormous reach, but it was gutsy of Emelin not to simply turtle after getting nailed from behind & then pummelled while down. Frankly, im sort of surprised that sequence by Chara wouldnt be reviewed by the league - a very hard (albeit open ice) hit from behind, well away from the play - you could easily give the recipient a concussion or whiplash. The hits while he hadnt even had a chance to get back up were just poor sportsmanship.
  10. Yup, exactly what i was thinking when it happened. Same with Emelin vs. Chara. Prust was way overmatched size-wise, but managed to limit the damage by (mostly) tying up Lucic.
  11. Plekanec is getting pressure relief from both directions lately: DD's line scoring and Eller's line defensively. DD has really looked good lately (agree, some of the credit goes to Patches who is in complete beast-mode since that flukey goal) and i wonder what they will do long term.
  12. Except that I really like Eller-Gally together. Maybe Gio with those 2, although Cole seems to be clicking (albeit in a very small sample size) so far. Gio will come around i think. his big point total days are behind him but he's still playing smart hockey and a sound defensive game.
  13. Well you likely dont touch these two lines: Eller-GallyA-Cole Patches-DD-GallyB You put Bourque back on the only line that has 'worked' pretty much all year long: Bourque-Pleks-Gio Which means Prust drops back down to the 4th line (no way he sits) so one of: Moen - White - Armstrong sits. I would probably pick Armstrong to sit as both Moen and White are tougher and better defensively. The only thing that might happen is Moen - who seems to be nursing a minor injury - getting the time off to heal properly. One of those 3 sits imho, although I have a feeling RB will still be out tonight at least.
  14. To those suggesting we Trade Erik Cole now - while he is in a major slump - thats crazy talk. You want to move Cole? You move him when he's hot - which historically for him is later in the season. Of course then he will be the golden boy & no one will want to trade him again until next year when he slumps to start the season again.
  15. I didnt give a grade because a ) I think its too early to tell for sure and b ) im not sure a letter grade accurately rates a coach. That said, Id be more inclined to give a "B" (if minuses and pluses arent allowed) for this reason: - Ive liked some of what he's done (not all of it) but at the end of the day, we have one of the best records in the east. You can say it is or isnt Therrien, you can say it is or isnt his staff, you could add footnotes and disclaimers about people playing over their heads, competitors playing poorly or mismanaged ice time but the FACT is that right now, today - february 22, 2013, we're in 1st place in the eastern conference. The number one goal of a coach is to get wins (the ultimate win being, of course, the Stanley Cup) - and under Therrien, we've won a lot more than we've lost. Do i think he could do better? Absolutely. But if we were to miraculously win the Stanley Cup this year on the back of say, Price standing on his head - it may not be the coach that did it for us, but ultimately this ship got to the destination while he was at the helm, so I dont know how you could give him anything less than a passing grade.
  16. If Gallagher is back, where you do you play him? I really like Eller on GallyA's wing - he looks pretty comfortable as a RW - dont know if id like him on the LW.
  17. Frankly, he's been looking like that all year. We've had more than our fair share of talented goalies over the years but honestly I cant remember one who was as cool, game in and game out, as Price has looked for the last little while. I suspect Dryden was like that (i was a little too young to ever see him play) but even the great Pat Roy looked shaky at times. Price just seems unflappable. Gainey's "thoroughbred vs. baking bread" press conference debacle looks more and more true each day.
  18. He's playing way beyond expectations, absolutely. Subban brings other things to the table that Diaz cant but I absolutely love the new Raphael this year. His continued development is one of the reasons our defense looks a heck of a lot better than it did on paper coming into this season.
  19. well you knew it had to come to an end at some point but its going to be weird watcing a sabres game without him there. I guess when you have the leading scorer in the NHL and one of the top goalies + a decent cast & crew you probably are on thin ice when your team is doing that badly in the standings
  20. Absolutely! I have always thought - even when a team is stocked with goalie prospects - that it never hurts to grab a tender with your last pick. Aside from absolutely elite tenders (price!) its tough to get a guy with a high pick & consider it a 'sure thing' - and as you mentioned, tons of great tenders have come out of nowhere, signed in the late rounds, so whats the harm.
  21. Agreed. When we signed him I said I didnt have a huge problem with the contract - alone, by itself - i just felt like we didnt need both him AND Moen. I stand by that if for nothing else than we dont have enough ice time to get the best out of both of them. Prust has definitely been the better player this year & I wish we werent saddled to Travis for another 3 years (even though I do like him). That said, having both of them (and Pleks and Eller etc) we have a ton more options for PK ice time now. I do think he's getting way too much 5 on 5 ice time though. Guys like Patches, Eller, Galchenuyk (all of whom have had less ice time than prust in recent games) should never have les TOI minutes at the end of a game than Brandon.
  22. Yeah, I was going to say that Carolina has some major injuries too. One thing Carolina has that we havent seen from most of our opposition thus far is one dominant line - which is good and bad. Shut them down & you have a very good chance of winning, but obviously they are much tougher to contain than most we've faced. Me Likey! I actually thought that RW was better suited to Eller than LW - if he's going to play a wing - to be honest. Hopefully he can generate something fast because i cant see Theirren leaving them together if they dont click right away. Its one of the things I think he could do better: If you're going to try different combinations then give them a real chance, not just a few shifts. Good. I know he's back because of injury but I think the timing is fair too. I dont think he deserved to sit any longer than he has. Give him a chance to redeem himself. he has the skills to be an effective 4th liner as long as he isnt costing us points/games.
  23. Thanks guys. I dont have any Habs artwork up there yet (although I have done some ) The first contest is now officially over but I will be doing more in the future so if any of you are interested in keeping up with my work, "Like" my page and you'll also be entered in the upcoming ones.
  24. Even though I think Budaj is possibly a "better goalie" than Auld, I think Auld was a much better backup because he had an uncanny ability to go long stretches without playing & then play well. Not many tenders can do that & I think thats partially why Budaj is having problems this year (small sample size of course). Most goalies thrive under a decent work load & with Carey taking so many games, that just isnt going to be possible for a backup here. We need to find that guy who can take a start every few weeks & look sharp - which is easier said than done.
  25. Agreed. I thought he might come out looking rusty but he's actually looked better for patches this year than Ive ever seen him. You can see the maturity in his game. I remember when we had guys like Theo & always had this worry in the back of my head about consistency. Price gives me none of those worries. the guy is just cool. Yes!!! Yes, and there should have been like 4 on the year, its crazy how many times he's been beaten late - not blaming him, just bad luck and some softer backchecking from his teammates in the later parts of games.
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