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  1. I said during the summer that if he wasnt in our long term plans, then was the time to move him. He was coming off a great season, had a full year at his tiny cap hit & would still be a RFA after that. With Plekanec, Galchenyuk and Eller in the mix i just cant see how he will get the ice time he had last year, meaning that his point total most likely wont get better.
  2. Budaj was expected, and i also thought white would get a chance but Im sort of surprised Moen is sitting. Eller has played well so I knew he'd stay but Moen out over Armstrong? This surprises me.
  3. You said it. I was thinking this just the other day - we could possibly be set in nets for the next decade plus. I know people were calling for guys like Brule (thank god we didnt!) or Kopitar (would have been ok, but still not as great) but the Price pick was truly one of the bright spots in a stretch of otherwise futile management.
  4. Hey all, so as well as being a huge Habs fan, I am also a professional Artist. After much nagging from Friends & Clients, I finally put up a Facebook Art Page & if you would like to have a look, please click the image below: Anyone can view the page of course, but if you have facebook yourself, you can click "like" to be entered into contests & keep up with my new work. Anyway, thought id share, feedback is always welcome. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion haha.
  5. Agreed. Only way I see price resting more is if we somehow keep up this miraculous pace & are "in" the playoffs so early that we can give Price some nights off in preparation for the playoffs, but even that is risky as then he may not be as sharp. One game at a time but I think it wouldnt hurt to let the backup play at least one game this week.
  6. Yup. The problem is next year. If he was UFA this summer it would be easy to find a dance partner (although at that point we may actually want to keep him as insurance for the playoffs) but with that full year next year I think you'd have a very hard time finding a partner now. Its remotely possible that this summer someone takes a chance on him for 1 year (yes the cap is going down but there are still some very dumb GMs out there) but i think you need a team that has a hole for one year, not one that can take him on for 2.
  7. As much as Id like to see Eller continue getting good minutes, Moen and Armstrong are not your usual breed of 4th liners & as long as they get decent minutes, this is not a terrible demotion for Lars. At least he gets to go back to the position he's most comfortable at.
  8. DD-Eller-Armstrong ? We need to do something to shake that top line up.
  9. haha. I think the habs should do fine. Hopefully we dont ease off in the 3rd period as we've done a few times lately (carey has had to save our bacon)
  10. Yup and Id suggest putting Eller in the middle but I dont think that DD can handle the board work that is required of a winger on that line. The big problem is that the plekanec & galchenyuk lines are both going so well that we cant really split them so its either DD-Eller-Cole, or else you replace one of them with a 4th liner, which is obviously not ideal. My hope is that one of these guys starts clicking soon. Cole looked decent 2 games ago, Eller had flashes the last game - if DD can get out of his funk, the 3 of them *should* begin to click.
  11. As long as neither of them start wearing their underwear on the outside of their pants...
  12. Ultimately thats what it comes down to though, right? Our opinions, the ref's opinions etc. The only person who can tell you for sure how bad it was is Brandon Prust - even the Jets player doesnt know how it felt, only how hard he hit him (and Id add that in a different situation, that hit could have been quite serious - it was hard & a couple of feet from the boards). The Ref obviously agreed with you, thus the call. At the end of the day though, Prust wasnt seriously hurt, the Jets didnt score on the PP and it didnt affect the outcome of the game in any way, so we can close the book on it & just forget it I guess. It may have raised Theirren's blood pressure a bit though> I was waiting for him to snap & throw a bench, or maybe Tomas Kaberle on the ice.
  13. +1 I didnt see a dive. I saw a guy who got hit awkwardly & was winded. He didnt pull a Ribiero & writhe in pain only to get up laughing. He looked stunned & winded even a minute after the play. It clearly wasnt serious because he was ok within a short time, but I dont think it was an overreaction at the time either. I dont necessarily think the Winnipeg player should have been penalized but i absolutely dont think a diving call was in order.
  14. 5-2 habs. - Galchenyuk with another multiple pt game - Bourque first goal - Eller 2 points - Price stands on his head in the third
  15. And you didnt even mention Mara's beard!!
  16. Agree with all you've said. I still think Kabs could be valuable to this team and I absolutely think his value as an insurance policy outweighs his trade value (which I think is extremely low if at all, right now). With 1 more year left on his contract, im not sure if he has any value at trade-deadline either TBH.
  17. It really is looking a LOT better than I expected this offseason. Having Kabs as the #7 isnt too shabby either. You could sub him in as a PP specialist from time to time too. I dont think MT likes to dress 7 dmen (which is a good thing most of the time )
  18. Thing is, he always did stuff like that - give aways /getting burned etc - the leafs fans would compare him to Markov but we'd always say how much better Markie is defensively. however, when he's scoring close to a PPG, Kaberle can be effective even with the brain cramps. The key now is for MT to figure out how to utilize him best and give him a little protection in terms of ice time and defensive partner.
  19. Taking a work-break for the game (shhhh, dont tell my boss)
  20. Yes, they need to cram the same number of Powerplays in a regular season into 48 games you see.
  21. I believe it would be nigh impossible to move Kaberle right now (unless you were taking back as much salary). If he continues to play reasonably well this year, he may well be tradeable in the summer (should we opt to go that route) but right now he has a lot of things to prove after a pretty bad stretch last year & a bit of the previous. According to Capgeek, we have close to $6.5m in salary left, if Galchenyuk stays, then obviously that cuts into that amount, although some of his salary can be deferred to next year - not ideal, but $7.2m comes off the books for Gomez then too. I dont think we'd have to move Kaberle (mostly because i dont think we'd find a partner) to fit Gally & PK on the roster, but we would probably have to move someone.
  22. Yeah, aside from the first one on sat, the other two were nigh unstoppable & I wouldnt even fault him on the first. He's seeing the puck right now as well as Ive ever seen him - last night there was a sequence in the 3rd where he stopped 2 or 3 shots he had no right to stop. He's in mid-season form already.
  23. The other thing I meant to mention is that it was nice to see White's reaction even though it was a bad hit on Gorges. Last year, you would have most likely not seen anyone jump in & the unwritten explanation seemed to be "well, its Gorges, he's tough, he doesnt need protecting." We saw guys stick up for Plekanec, Gio and DD but when guys with size like Eller, Patches or PK got mauled, other guys rarely stepped in. White is showing "it doesnt matter WHO you mess with on MY team, if it aint clean, im coming after you" and thats a strong message. I think by next summer people wont be calling us smurfs or soft very often.
  24. As I mentioned in the Markov thread, its early but with Markie looking like the Andrei of old and Diaz looking far more polished than last year, this defensive corps may not be anywhere near as bad as they looked on paper in the offseason.
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