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  1. Bingo to both comments. This is a 33 year old perennial all-star. Find him the right partner and and manage his minutes and he could be a valuable member of this team - 3rd pairing and PP specialist. I know his price-tag is high for that, but if it works, who cares?
  2. Agreed, its a fine line. Shayne Corson, probably my all time favourite hab, walked that line a lot & sometimes crossed it. I remember him jumping off the bench to help a teammate who was getting pummelled by someone much bigger. Sure it was a great "teammate move" and it sent a message, but Shayne got a 10 game suspension for leaving the bench. Anyway, in this particular instance i dont mind what white did, but I agree, he has to be careful about when & how he makes these sorts of statements.
  3. Agreed. The other thing is that in a vacuum i dont "hate" the prust OR the moen contracts but its worse when you figure we got both for that long, for that much.
  4. Archey, Ive never had a problem with refresh time - are you using the IPBoard or "canadiens import" at the bottom? The latter is prettier but the former does work faster.
  5. To me, as much as Id like to see Eller in, I understand the move. This is as much about evaluating Gally (who has very little time) than it is anything else. To do that effectively, you want to see him at least once or twice at centre. So you either sit DD or Plekanec (not likely on either) or else you drop Eller or White. Sit White and you have to re-arrange the whole lineup as Gally needs someone decent on his wing. The other thing is: you sit prust or white or moen, big deal. You sit a young, talented forward & it sends a message to everyone. Plus its only fair to give Gallagher at least one game with the bigs before getting sent down. I would be shocked if Lars is out more than one game. If Gally looks awesome at centre, then look for Eller to dress as a winger next game.
  6. Yeah, Cole has fought. He doesnt go out looking for them and he will skate away from most challenges, but Ive seen him fight to defend a teammate on several occasions. he plays tough too, of course. I think, like PK, its frowned upon by management when he pulls himself out of a game with a fight.
  7. Agree with CRB - Bourque was easily one of the top 4 habs that night - & quite possibly, as Manatee mentioned, the best - but when you lose...and in such a lacklustre way...its hard to get excited about the little things. Besides, as good as he looked, he needs to produce to be counted as "rebounding" so hopefully the goals will come.
  8. Exaggeration aside, I agree that he needs a far more robust defensive partner, which is why pairing him with Diaz is so strange. Bouillon, while undersized, would be a better choice & if we're going to regularly give him the sort of minutes he had in game one, Gorges may not be a bad idea to at least try.
  9. Actually, we've got more than 4 now. Prust & White actively seek it, Moen, Armstrong and Bouillon won't hesitate to engage in it. Bourque, Cole & Gorges will definitely fight too. Don't forget Blunden who has also been an active pugilist - whether he has a regular roster spot or not is up for debate. The nicer thing now though is as well as these guys, we have far less guys who "need protecting" - that was always the knock - and this is far more important to me than just having a bunch of guys who can fight. Patches, Eller, Gally, PK - they all have great size & don't get pushed around. Aside from a couple of guys (Gio, DD, Pleks) - some of whom play tough but are undersized - we really don't have a very small team any more. I still don't love the 3rd and 4th line contracts of Moen & Prust, but you can't argue that this team is a bunch of smurfs anymore.
  10. Agreed about the strange pairings we saw last night - Diaz and Kabs was almost as weird as Gorges/Cube which is one of the most bizarre I could think of with our group. That said, I also agree that he looked fairly strong - much better than most of last year - BUT - my concern is that he should look very good right now as, unlike most of our squad, he should be in game-shape. Either way we agree that we need to see him in a few more games to get a real feel. The reality is, if Markov can be close to what he once was, and Kaberle rebounds to at least as good as he was his last season in TO, our defense really may not be as bad as it seems...especially once PK is back
  11. Commodore is a real dark horse. I know he was brought in for the AHL but this guy is still relatively young (33) big, strong a team player & for a while there a legitimate top 4 guy. I know he's bounced around a lot because he never lived up to his potential (he was drafted high and expected to be possibly a #2 dman) but like you, I wonder if he still has what it takes to be a solid 3rd pairing guy. Subban-Gorges Markov-Emelin Commodore-Kaberle Assuming Markie, Kabs & Commodore could return to something of their old form, this might not be a bad top 6 to be honest... and that still leaves guys like Diaz, Weber & Cube around if needed. still, I dont see Commodore making the big club, but who knows.
  12. Im sorry, but ask 100 canadians and 99 will tell you this is bull. A league minimum salary of half a million dollars is still a ridiculous amount of money. The average Canadian (which was my original starting point) makes less than 1/10 of that. Minimum wage would put you at approximately 1/22 of that! And to the poster who talked about taxes, believe it or not, we all pay them! I am not sure why we talk about Hockey players like they suddenly die the moment they retire. They retire with a modicum of fame - regardless of whether or not they are a star or a grinder which is a HUGE leg up in business. Sure they work hard at training and practicing, but doctors and teachers and artists and musicians work 100 hour weeks too, perfecting their art/skill. We're way off topic as this is the Erik Cole thread, but we will have to agree to disagree on this topic.
  13. I most certainly wouldn't like it - but - i sure as heck wouldn't act like I was working for the betterment of some impoverished millworkers or something. The whole "brotherhood- and looking out for our brothers to come" thing amongst a bunch of millionaires is ludicrous.
  14. You didnt just say that did you? We're not talking about coalminers or something. These guys get obscene amounts of money to chase a piece of rubber around the ice. Even if they had somehow gone to an 80/20 split most players would earn more than the average Canadian does in 10 years. One of Hamrlik's arguments was that they already have enough "playing hockey is selfish" - he comes from an extremely poor country you know. People visit Prague and think the Czech Republic is a rich country but aside from that one major city (supported by tourism) its not. I would think it wholly logical for someone who comes from a very poor society to think that perhaps they should be happy with what they've got - but regardless - Hamrlik's comments were justifed - and his opinion. I have no problem with any of the players/owners/medias opinions throughout the ordeal - they own what they say - but I have more respect for Hamrlik saying it that for Cole harping on his opinion. But thats just my opinion.
  15. I fully agree about not tanking for the sake of tanking - I just think the decisions we make this year shouldnt be about this year at all, they should be about the future of this team & there are players that are going to be most likely playing key roles in our top lines that will not be apart of this squad as early as next year imho. I also agree about DD, which is why I think he should have been moved last year when his value was super-high...but then it leads me back to the fact that Gauthier should have been removed long before the end of last season - ideally before the trade deadline, so that someone else (Bergevin or whomever) could have gotten a start on the rebuilding during the existing season, not the next.
  16. Thing is though: now's probably the perfect time to do that. We will have an infusion of young forwards in short order & I dont know that giving Patches-DD-Cole the easy assignments and prime ice time is whats best for the team in the long run. Id still rather lose one more season & get another high draft pick than settle back in to mediocrity & squeak back into the playoffs at 8th. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered in short order, none the least of which are: Can DD play less of a one dimensional role? If the answer is no, maybe he needs to get shopped, or maybe he can be moved to wing at some point. Will Bourque bounce back? We should know this before the buyouts in the summer. Putting him on the 3rd or 4th line is not going to give us this answer. Can Eller become more of a scoring threat? Will he be our #2 centre down the road, or do we start priming him to be our #3 shutdown guy for years to come. Can Patches be the player he has been with someone other than DD? If we're not going to cherry pick that line's ice time and assignments then maybe we need to see how Patches does on another line too. Where do Moen and Prust fit in? We have then for several more years after all. I have no problem breaking up that top line if it means we can answer some of these questions. There was a very real chance we wouldnt have had a season this year so continuing this season as an evaluation and part of the rebuilding process is not a bad thing imho.
  17. I agree, he does most things decent - ie, a good penalty killer, decent use of his size, fairly good positional play....as long as he can chip in 20 goals or more - and roughly 40+ points, Im absolutely fine with his contract. The pace he hit while with the habs last season makes his contract look abysmal right now though. Lets hope he can turn things around.
  18. I tend to agree, and the way he tells it, the owners are entirely to blame - the PA deserves no part in the blame game, which is crazy.
  19. not sure, but wherever he goes, Nonis will replace him.
  20. Just a bit of fun. I actually dont Expect Gally to make the squad this year, but lets assume he does & plays very well: Paccioretty-Plekanec-Cole Eller-Galchenyuk-Gionta Moen-Gomez-Bourque Prust-White-Armstrong Subban-Gorges Markov-Emelin Diaz-Kaberle Boullion - We would try to move Desharnais (As much as I like the kid, I just see the writing on the wall with our depth at centre). - Gomez gets a chance to show he's a valuable defensive centre (hopefully chipping in a few points) so that possibly we can move him in the summer, rather than buying him out. - Play Gally with Eller - two big strong, young guys. Whoever plays better at centre gets the pivot position - Plekanec is still our best option at centre and this year he may not have to do everything, so give him the assignments you hand picked for DD last year 40 - 50 games of this & we see where were at next year, if we need to buy people out (and who) and what holes we have in the roster. Im sure it wont be like this at all, but its something Id personally consider, were I coach
  21. Agreed. Obviously the key is going to be how players play. If Gomez comes back & miraculously puts up a PPG for the first 20 games, you'd have no problem moving him to a poor team that will be very interested in his $3m of free cap money for next year. If Bourque finds a way to get his game back, maybe he isnt such a bad guy to have around. There's even a chance Kaberle comes back playing like he did for so long in TO (unlikely) so trying to decide now is sort of tough. That said, on paper, I would agree with Roy - Gomez is the "no brainer" (assuming we cant move him) and the second buyout is either Kaberle or Bourque. Yes, Kabs makes a bit more than Bourque but its only for 1 year. Bourque is what 4 more years? It will be interesting to see what happens & who can rebound.
  22. True, although those vet defensman have a way of getting signed during training camps/first month of the year when teams realize they are missing players and/or needing leadership on the blueline. I dont think he would have gotten any sort of substantial deal but you might have seen him signed somewhere for 1 year, $1m or something.
  23. Bingo. If you're not flying around like a chicken with your head cut off (ie White) then people think you're not working. I use this analogy a lot when talking about this type of thing but once again i bring up our 1st unit PK from a few years back. Radek Bonk and Steven Begin. Begin flew all over the place, working non-stop while bonk was very cool, calm and in position on his side. Both were equally effective. They made a spectacular PK tandem. Was Begin somehow "better" because he worked up a greater sweat on the same shift? Of course not. They were both equally competent. Kovy played "his style" and when it worked it was terrific. When it didnt, he wasnt, but then he never was Wayne Gretzky or something, stickhandling aside.
  24. Its why the lockout could definitely hurt the "DD Plan." I think that the hope was he would be our de-facto #1 this year and by next year (or trade deadline this year) we would move him & go with a top 3 of pleks/eller/galy. But DD needed time to get his trade value up and that may or may not happen as the season hangs in the balance.
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