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  1. Plekanec has been the best all round player on this team for years. He is Ryan Kessler without all the hype. He's a great player & the ONLY reason I think this team is even considering moving him (if indeed they are) is that the return would be higher for him than any of the other centres we may wish to move. We finally have several young, talented centres (and just drafted likely the best available centre in this year's draft) which means Plekanec is probably available if the return is right.
  2. Ya, if - IF - we are moving Plekanec I want a blue-chip Centre prospect like McNeill back in the return package. He can't be the "primary" but as an add on from the other side Id be all for it. However, I must say its interesting how all these so called "insiders" (and I use the term lightly) are coming up with all of these Habs/Hawks rumours since we have ties to Chicago via our GMs and advisors.
  3. If I were GM, I would be talking long and hard with the NYI about Scott Gomez. They are, imho, the perfect fit for Scott & here's why: - Scott is american born & the Isles have made a point to market their US born players over the years. They love having americans, just like we love having Quebecois. - Scott has played in NY before & said he loved the area. I have a feeling, that even with the Isles' terrible record, they would not be on Scotts "list of 3" teams he wouldnt accept a trade to. - Scott's cap hit is $7.3m which is terrible for a team like us, but a cap basement team like the Isles would love to throw that on their books while only paying Scott $5.5m this year and $4.5m next. - The Islanders have TONS of youth and one positive that has followed Scott around his whole career is his mentoring of young players. - The islanders lack depth down the middle and Scott may actually be able to contribute there. The best we could hope for in a trade would be a high (6th or 7th round) draft pick but I can live with that as the value (for us) is the cap space.
  4. Yup, but I sure liked his role in "goon"
  5. I think that Nashville will be in need of dmen but there are better options than Weber still available on the UFA market. I cant see anyone giving us more than a 6th or 7th for weber. Kaberle is an interesting thought, although my gut would still like to see him start the year here next year to see if last season was just an aberration.
  6. Agreed. Id love Weber & would give up anyone not named Price to get him, but if he hits the UFA market (which would be a concern if you traded for him now imho) then expect near league-max cap hits for ridiculous (double digit) term. He's basically Chris Pronger in his prime. There's no other defenseman in the NHL who can control a game in so many different ways as Weber can right now, imho.
  7. Yeah but time will tell if this is a good move or not. They have $51 million dollars tied up in EIGHT players. Right now they have a number of young players taking up small amounts of cap space, but for how long? Good on them for making a bold move, but if this doesn't make immediate impact, I think it could be very problematic in a couple of years. On the flip side, is there anyone we can try to pry out of minnesota now... ? Time will tell but I think you will see a huge improvement in the standings next year. Assuming our conditioning is better (Thierrien seemed to stress it) and we get an actual "system" we likely will at least be battling for a playoff spot, if not higher.
  8. Problem is, who will take him? Its a tricky contract - its not abysmally high or anything but I would suggest there are very few teams out there looking for such an up and down player with such a long contract. I agree though - with the signing MB has made, it sure feels like we'll be in for some trades prior to camp.
  9. I think Tomas deserves a fresh start. He came in last year with a monkey on his back already (and offensively at least he did provide some good value with 22pts in 43 games. His defensive game was not good, of course, but lets give him a chance this season. I just find it hard to believe that a guy can fall that far from grace in such a short period of time. He was a perennial all star & was very good just a couple of years ago. I still think there's potential for him as a top 4 on this squad. It would be a shame to dump him & see him have a strong season elsewhere next year, while we clearly have holes on defense.
  10. I absolutely agree that the Gomez contract is bad & felt it was when it was signed - but - my response was to your comment that Gomez' is worse than Grabovski's and the point is: its too early to tell. Grabs' contract wont ever make Gomez' look good - its terrible - but in a few years his may be just as bad, thats the point. I disagree that there was no indication Gomez was a 70 point player: prorated, he had been a 70 point player for something like 5 of the previous 7 seasons (he did have some injuries that limited his point totals some years), the problem is they paid him like he was consistently an 84 point player, which he never really was. We'll see how bad, or shrewd this Grabs contract looks in a few years time though. Its risky at best imho.
  11. Premature. When Gomez signed his deal he had several back to back 70 point seasons including one over 80 points. Grabs has yet to break 60 and may never do so. Its easy to say how bad Gomez' contract is now, but at the time there was absolutely no indication he would go from the fireball speed-deamon he was in NJ to the perimeter player he was in NY and Montreal.
  12. Wow. Thats a heck of a contract for a guy who's never broken the 60 point barrier. 5 years, $5.5m a year...
  13. Untrue. He scowled very menacingly in Grabovski's direction.
  14. Agreed. I have no problem with how he played the game the other night & you know what? Maybe there's a spot for him at league minimum, but this is a guy who's contract I wouldnt even consider looking at until say, late july, early august. Once we've gotten the main "players" on this team sorted out & we know how much money we have left.
  15. Agreed. Darche is a great "character" guy and Im sure he'll sign for league minimum and play where-ever and how-ever we want, if thats the plan. You know what you get out of him & if we decide to resign him next season to play as a 4th liner, so be it. Noke is out of the plans, IMHO. We need to find out if Engvist has a future and, to a lesser extent Palushaj (although i would likely give him at least 1 more year either way).
  16. Id say this is a fair assessment. Historically, he's shown he can be a solid #5 and even a decent #4 in certain situations. He looks lost & out of place here & I think its best for everyone (including Campoli) to move him before the deadline.
  17. ok, as for "real" pics... Here's one with the old hairdo... and here's one with the girls in my life (the big one is taking the pic ) when I was out painting one day.
  18. Actually there's two brands there - 4 stihls and 3 dolmars. The huskies & jonsereds are on the other side of the garage.
  19. Ha, ha. Close. Actually, this is my current Facebook Profile Pic: What, you dont have a chainsaw collection??
  20. Agreed, its always interesting to see people whom you've had a 'relationship' with online for so long, without ever knowing what they look like!
  21. Tend to agree on all points. As habs fans we all want vengeance, but the reality is, if you look at it objectively, you could call this either way, really...
  22. I agree. Im still not writing him off - ive seen some flashes of very strong play from him over the years. He's just coming into his prime years as a defensman so there is still an outside chance he can be an effective #4 dman. Time will tell.
  23. I would agree with this. The jury is still out on whether Campoli can be as good as Gorges, but even if he was to be, he'd be a different type of "good." He's a completely different type of player as you've pointed out very clearly. Time will tell. I have no doubt that this is exactly the "worst case scenario" that Pierre Gauthier considered when signing Campoli - however - it is still very much within the realm of possibility that he becomes a valuable member of this team. He's still young enough and has shown flashes of being a better player than he is often given credit for. I dont for one minute think he'll ever be a top pairing defensman, but I think there's still an outside chance he becomes a solid #4. Tough to say if it will be with this team (if it does indeed happen) but I do think there's still some potential upside to be had with Chris. I have no idea what you're talking about! :P
  24. Bingo. He can only do so much in regards to his destiny with this team - his playing time will also be based on how others in front of him fare.
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