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  1. Yeah i saw that too. Makes you wonder how many players feel that way. Not that we landed any big UFAs (were there any really worth acquiring this year?) but there definitely seems to be a perception, amongst players at least, that Weber is draw to playing here.
  2. I agree. Radulov is going to be a very interesting experiment. There are some fantasy reports that predict 75-85 pts from him! I am not so optimistic but lets hope they know something we dont. I actually listed 'all of the above' even though, as ted pointed out, we 'know' what to expect out of many of the guys, im still very excited to see them back. I actually think Galchenyuk will be our #1 centre from now on - i dont even think MT can mess that one up and here's why: He said for years "we have to be patient" and then last year when Galchneyuk showed he was ready for #1 duties MT said "see, I told you we had to bring him along slowly" - i think that means that hes' basically "MT approved" and will be given that chance no matter what - or else MT will certainly look like he's contradicting himself. Lets hope anyhow. Obviously the return of Price and Gallagher will be fantastic. Weber, despite who we lost for him, is going to be great for us & Im really looking forward to his debut. Interestingly Pacioretty called out Beaulieu a week or so ago saying "this is your shot kid" (paraphrasing). I know Patches doesnt make the lines but you have to wonder if MT is actually going to start the way most of us want to Beau-Weber. Lets hope. Muller behind the bench gives me some confidence but I dont expect to actually see that influence right away. Maybe we will (lets hope) but i suspect it will be hard to measure.
  3. Who wants to bet MB has enquired about Ryspayev ? He single handedly landed punches to like 8 different players' faces in one sequence just 3 minutes into a KHL preseason game: http://www.tsn.ca/must-see/video/must-see-ryspayev-tries-to-fight-everyone-in-khl-preseason-game~926286
  4. Agree. Markov was, for a short time, an elite defensman. For most of his career he was easily a top pairing dman. The last 2 years have signalled the end of that role (despite being used there still). Right now Id say he's maybe a top 4 still (with the right partner and the right assignments) but if you played him in a third pairing/PP specialist role he'd not only be perfectly capable, he'd be one of the most valuable depth defensmen in the league. The 2 questions/problems with that are: 1) is our top 4 strong enough to not play him there. 2) from a cap standpoint, can we afford to pay a guy that much for maybe 12-15 minutes a game? Right on the money. Last year was his best year in a while and if Therrien could prove he could use Emelin effectively (Ie in the proper situations) then I could see him still being useful to this team. Bottom line: Either Emelin, or Markov, are probably ok in our top 7. I am not sure that we will ever be as good as we can be with both of them there. There are merits (and risks) to trading either but with the loss of PK, id be much more inclined to move Emelin at this point even though the return for Markov for a team in need of a PP quarterback would be higher. I think that we will require someone like Markov to play with Weber on the PP.
  5. Hopefully its a case of overexerting himself and the medical staff has him on a plan to stay healthier. But yes, its been a relatively troubling trend with Price. Lets hope he has a long time of injury-free hockey starting this fall.
  6. Right but the point is, why move Eller - for fair market value - when we didnt need to? Its not like we even recouped those picks for this year. We gave up 2 picks in this year's draft and we replaced them with picks in 2 subsequent drafts. We didnt move Eller for assets we moved him to clear space. I am pretty sure someone in the league would have taken DD for a 7th if we absolutely had to.
  7. Yeah I have Zero problem adding Shaw. I dont love his contract but if the team sees some potential in him then who knows. What frustrates me is: We didnt need to move Eller to get Shaw. It wasnt a trade and it wasnt even particularly necessary in order to fit him under the cap. If we needed to move a body in order to make room for Shaw then it should have been Desharnais, who doesnt fit with this roster, or even Plekanec who, while more skilled than Eller, is winding down his career. And what probably frustrates me the most is that we gave up 2 send round picks this year to get Shaw but only received 2 secound round picks in subsequent years to lose Eller. I have a feeling Shaw will quickly become a fan favourite. I think he'll do well here. I just think we're going to severely feel the lack of Eller's shutdown capabilities in the very near future.
  8. He's definitely a top 6 capable guy. I think I would probably rank him 5th (tied with Pateryn since both have such small sample sizes) after Weber, Petry, Beaulieu & Markov. In some ways he's probably already ahead of Markov although Markie's vision is still elite, even if the legs cant keep up. I would definitely rank him ahead of Emelin. So on the left side he is, in my opinion, behind only Beaulieu and (probably) Markov. That puts him in my top 6 although I suspect he'd rank 4th on the left in MT's top 6. I still am holding out hope that DD and Emelin both get moved before october. Both are serviceable players and I like the as people but I just feel like their skillset puts our team at a disadvantage vs. other players that could take his spot.
  9. Im still holding out (misguided, i am sure) hope that MB will get rid of that option before October
  10. I am assuming they think Pleks is the guy (although like you, i dont know about that) but maybe they are planning on using McCarron there...
  11. Lets hope, because much of our success this season may hinge with Nate. I would assume (hope!) that the coaching staff realizes that Markov - Weber is a horrible choice for pairing #1 but that Nate - Weber may actually be very good.
  12. In fairness though, we can see how bad the Houle/Tremblay regime was because its in the past. Bergevin/Therrien are promising us a cup so, while I dont believe its going to happen, i suppose we have to at least give them the opportunity. The bed is made. Lets see if they mess it.
  13. Quite an interesting signing. In many ways I think Condon has more potential but you cant overlook Montoya's pedigree & the fact he was once considered a "sure thing" (6th overall for a goalie!) He has amazingly good puck handling skills but never has been able to shake the 'bad goal' syndrome where he'll stop a barrage of shots for half a period & then let in a stinker. I wonder what a little time with Waite will do for him. Is going to be interesting to see who backs up Price to start (and finish) the season.
  14. Yeah agree with both of you. I think Weber-Beau might work, but worry that Therrien wont allow it. my thoughts: Beaulieu - Weber ( consensus first choice. should work. If they click the way i think they can, they might be a very good top pairing. Will Therrien let them? Another question.) Sergachev - Weber (this is a loooooong shot. first off, he probably wont make the team. but if he does, do you really throw him to the Wolves? He may have the skills to make this work but i would be very cautious). Barberio - Weber (not ideal but if Nate and Weber dont click... you never know. I think he might be able to compliment Weber, not sure if he can handle the minutes though) Markov - Weber or Emelin - Weber will both be disastrous imho. If we can all see this, i sure hope Therrien can too. I dont like the idea of any R shot with Weber - we're really nicely balanced on the right side so I wouldnt try Petry, Pateryn or Juulsen there.
  15. An interesting (albeit a year old) article on Weber from a Nashville fan basically giving his theory on why Weber and statistics dont always measure up. Its a sports illustrated page so it may load slowly (does on my computer for some reason) A good read even though its mostly just one man's opinion/analysis of Weber. Shea Weber vs Advanced Stats One take away from the article is that if we can pair Weber with a mobile but relatively defensively aware partner (Nate?) he may well show a big improvement in Corsi. Im starting to think my ideal lineup (with what we have now) is: Beaulieu - Weber Sergachev/Markov - Petry Markov/Emelin/Barberio - Pateryn
  16. Yeah, not sure he'll crack the top 4 but he's a competent third pairing from what i saw in Colorado. At 27 its still possible he as a little more to show but will be interesting to see where he settles in our lineup. The addition definitely makes someone not named Weber, Petry or Beaulieu (and probably Markov) expendable.
  17. Funny you should mention Brodeur. He had one season (2007? 2008?) where he had a major injury (he was usually pretty healthy) - i think he was out close to 4 months. If memory serves, the Devils came first in their division that year. Losing your best player should hurt, yes. It should not mean a total collapse though.
  18. Beaulieu should be a lock & stay in this team's long term plans. I would move Markov in a heartbeat if a team offered a decent return - although now that we're missing PK we may need Markov for the PP. If we could afford to play him 3rd pairing minutes + PP he may still be a very useful player, but if we play him 1st pairing minutes, MMW it will be a disappointing season for Markie. Emelin still seems to be coveted in the West surprisingly. I still wonder if we could have done an Emelin + _____ for Hall deal, knowing what the oilers got for him.
  19. Tough to say. you have to balance your risk vs reward too. For argument's sake, lets say he's worth a late 1st round pick right now. If we bring him up & he flames out, someone out there will think "I can still turn this kid around" and give us at least a 2nd. Whereas if he comes up & thrives then we dont trade him. I think the drop in value would be minimal and worth the risk. Now, if we have some big deal in the works & he's the missing key to get it done, them maybe I move him before we've given him a shot, but it would have to be a pretty sweet offer (I hate throw ins).
  20. I think id try him at the NHL level before I gave up. Its rare but there are some players whose game does not translate well to the AHL level. Until you see him at the NHL its tough to say how he will fare in the future.
  21. I like it. The best thing MB has done in a week... actually the only thing Ive liked he's done in the last week.
  22. Weber is still a decent skater - especially for his size. He's positionally very strong and he tends to make much better reads than Markov when he's caught (as in, he'll get anticipate where he needs to be & get there). His vision is one of the things that make him an elite defensman still (he really is - he's just not as good as PK but he;s ours now so what can you do?) I dont think the comparison is fair - at least not for a couple of years - although he will most likely slow down, yes. What we lose in PK's speed and creativity may be mitigated by the fact that Weber's game is easier for his partner to understand and i think that will work very well for Beaulieu. As for Therrien's misunderstanding of modern hockey... im hoping the addition of Muller will help greatly in that regard.
  23. I agree. The trade looks like it might kill us in 5 or more years but for a year or two - on paper at least - our roster isnt really "worse" than last year...at this point i think all you can say is that its different. I would probably try the following lines - and hope like anything that Muller can teach Therrien that they have to give the guys a chance to prove themselves & not just dump them if they dont click immediately. Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Radulov - Bonefide #1 line. Andrighetto - McCarron - Gallagher - Excellent young exploitation line. Daneault - Plekanec - Shaw - Bonefide shut down line Byron - Mitchell - Matteau - Energy 4th line who can still play moderately good defense. I am under the assumption that the rumors are true (DD will be traded or bought out) but i also think my lineup above includes players who will still be traded before opening night. So while i have left out some guys (Carr, Hudon etc) I think they may get their shot anyway. Defense, as noted, is much trickier. I am not sure who can handle the minutes / compliment Weber's game but i *think* id try Beaulieu there first. Id love to think that Sergachev is ready but Im not sure & even then, dont know if id play him in my top 4. Beaulieu - Weber Barberio - Petry Markov - Pateryn Alternates: Redmond Sergachev (maybe) I have a sneaking feeling that Emelin will be gone by opening night. I am pretty sure he's being shopped. Our roster doesnt concern me too much - i think Beaulieu would be fine next to Weber & I actually think they'd make a pretty solid 1st pairing. In some ways they might be better than PK + Anyone else because no one else on our roster could think like him/keep up. Petry is your ideal #3. I just dont know who id play him with. I think Barberio would be out of his depth. Markov is too old. Pateryn is a 3rd pairing guy, as is the new guy (Redmond) Maybe Sergachev is ready and maybe he cracks our 2nd pairing but thats iffy at best. So.... i think our 1st pairing will be actually quite good. I think our 3rd pairing will be fine. I think Petry will be great on our 2nd but i dont know who the heck he's going to play with.
  24. This is starting to feel a lot like when Gauthier lost his mind & traded Cammalleri in mid-game. Panic moves. Awesome.
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