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  1. 100% agree. Paying him $4m may be a tad risky (considering you're in effect paying him for his breakout season) but on the open market you can bet someone would pay him more. I also agree we'd be hard pressed to find anyone close to his offensive ceiling on the blueline - especially at that price.
  2. Exactly. Its so tough to say. Im im Gauthier...i dont know what i do - and heck, we dont even know what he has done - for all we know he has offered Wiz a contract & he turned it down. i definitely agree with all of your points about him as a player though (both pros and cons) and his age makes him very appealing. Wish Gorges wasnt injured because I have a feeling that a Wiz/Gorges pairing would make Wiz look that much better 5 on 5.
  3. Thing is though, if we want him, it might be smart to sign him NOW. If he continues to score at this pace, we wont be able to afford him come summer. Mind you, if we sign him & he slows down... ;P Ah, PG make the right move!
  4. Seriously, Forsberg...again??

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    2. HabsRuleForever


      He wants to see if he has it in him to play one more time.

    3. powerplay2009


      dude's a good player. But don't worry, his lower body is more stubborn than he is.

    4. ForeverGuyLafleur2010


      Sometimes, I fell this guy really is hopeless.

  5. Have a look for the original swedish version - let the right one in - you may find you like it even more
  6. PLus it was sort of a freak accident - 2 inches in any direction & it would have hit pads etc. Wiz isnt a rookie, he wont stop with the booming shot just because of that. It happens. Im sure patches forgives him
  7. Dinner for Schmucks 8/10 I was surprised to see this at the movie store - i hadnt heard anything about it when it came out in the theatres & Im a big Steve Carell fan & even bigger Paul Rudd fan. I am not sure if this movie would have even been watchable if it hadnt been cast so astutely. Rudd is absolutely perfect as the "every man" - put in a situation that a less charming character would gain our ire over, he handles himself well & still gets our sympathy. More importantly, however, is Carell's character. I think you could line up 100 actors & put them in this role & watch the movie flop. Im thinking of how terrible it would have been with Adam Sandler or Mike Myers in his place. Even someone like Ricky Gervais I think would have come off as pithy, while Carell manages to be an absolute train wreck & still earn our feelings. I know its not for everyone, but f you like movies like role models, shallow hal, etc (ie rough around the edges but ultimately fairly heartwarming) then i think you'd be down for this one.
  8. Weep, he's bounced around quite a bit but remember how young he is. The Wisniewski we're seeing right now - and the one we saw in NYI and even parts of last year in California - is quite a bit different than the Wisniewski I remember watching in Chicago. I believe that some time towards the end of his time in Anaheim he started to become more defensively responsible. Im not sure if it was playing with a solid defensive partner, coaching or simply maturation but there was a definite change - and as we've seen in both Long Island and here, that is translating into decent-to-solid work in his own end and very smart moves in the neutral zone and forward. Honestly, I see more of a comparison to Souray than Streit with Wisniewski - but with the obvious note that Wiz is considerably more defensively responsible due to better vision (i dont think Sheldon ever wanted to be a pilon, he just didnt have the on ice vision to keep up with faster attackers).
  9. Not on paper at least. He stepped down as GM that summer (2006) and Dipietro got the contract in September. Im sure Milbury had some part in the early negotiations - you dont come to a ridiculous contract like that over night, but its entirely possible one of the reasons he stepped down was the insanity of the deal. In a franchise known for ridiculous moves though, I dont think that dipietro is even close to the worst. This franchise has traded away an all-star roster in the last decade - Chara, Redden, Berard, Brewer, Kasparaitis, McCabe, Luongo, Salo, Jokinen, Bertuzzi, Connolly etc. And now they let us have the Wiz!
  10. Two movies in the last couple of days: The Last Airbender: (a very generous) 2.5/10. This movie was perhaps the worst thing Ive seen all year. It fails on almost every level (only the great cinematography and good CGI earn it the 2.5 stars for me). The story is fine - simple, typical epic yarn, but becomes completely pointless and juvenile if the rest of the film (character development, plot, dialogue, acting) fails. The actors are absolutely abysmal. Im not sure if they're just really bad, or if they knew how crappy this movie was & were going through the motions. The dialogue borders on an old episode of the Power Rangers (and im talking the Tv series here, not even the PR movie!) - even the music is heavy-handed. If it wasnt for the solid Photography work (Andrew Lesnie - who was also DP for the LOTR trilogy) I dont think it would have even been watchable. The laughable 'action' sequences (again similar to a power rangers episode) mar the otherwise solid CGI (take a look at the flying bison, Appa - its actually very well done). The worst thing about this movie is that it has no audience. I have often defended juvenile-seeming flicks/characters (ie Jar Jar Binks) because of the target audience - my kids love some of the things we consider childish - but this movie like a drowning man flailing around for a life preserver. Who is it's target? Its obviously not meant for adults for the reasons listed above. That leaves out teenagers too. Its not meant for small kids as its too scary & 2nd - 5th graders will probably be confused by it. And the best part of all: there's still more to come!! The other movie I watched was 13 which I give 8.5/10 Its a very "different" sort of flick - not for everyone but very gripping/absorbing. I cant really say much about the plot other than the fact that its definitely a movie for adults. Its not especially gory but it is shocking and it really makes you question what you'd do in such a damned if you do/damned if you dont situation. Its a remake of the french movie 13 Tzameti - but they did use the same writer/director as the original: Géla Babluani, so hopefully it doesnt lose much in the translation (i havent seen the original). If you like movies like fight club or reservoir dogs, you'll probably like this one.
  11. Although he's worked with a lot of Canucks in his time, Murray isnt Canadian - maybe honorary He was born in the USA - illinois if im not mistaken.
  12. saw knight and day last night. I know this one has been given moderately favorable reviews but I could get into it at all. i knew the story would be preposterous going into it - its just that sort of movie - but whatever is 10x crazier than preposterous is what it was. add to that the fact that I didnt like the interaction between Diaz & Cruz & I give it a 4/10.
  13. Well, remember too though that its just one guy's opinion. My wife enjoyed it & im sure some other people did too! Ultimately we only had a couple of choices too - small town & a couple of the movies playing (Narnia etc) I wanted to wait & take the kids to this week.
  14. Saw The Tourist last night. Ugg. Angelina Jolie played her role well and effectively - Depp was out of sorts & I found character/relationship really didnt work for me. My wife chose the movie, although to be honest, I dont usually mind those sorts of films if done well. It is very much the same sort of preposterous plot & storyline that we have seen in classics like Charade (suspense thriller, romance, and comedy) which can be very effective if "pulled off." Angelina Jolie plays the role as well as Audrey Hepburn ever did, Depp falls far short of Cary Grant (which is a shame because i do believe he actually may have the charisma to do so - he just didnt in this one). Id give it a 4/10 if only for the beautiful scenery of Venice (and Jolie )
  15. So i FINALLY saw Inception last night. For me, it was the best movie Ive seen all year - possibly in the last 5 years. If I try to think about movies that Ive seen in the last 5 years that have had that much impact on me, I come up with Hotel Rwanda and Pan's Labyrinth. thats it. Damn fine movie. I give it a 9.5/10 (I almost never give anything a 10) For me, it was extremely inventive and gripping (big surprise from Nolan!) and overall just a brilliantly constructed, crafted and acted film. Suspenseful, thought provoking and the thing I really liked about it is that it stuck to its guns - it wasnt a mind-bender that turned into a violent shoot em up (the Matrix), it didnt turn into some romantic drama with Dicaprio Falling for Page. I thought character development was good all around (could have been slightly better with Hardy & Watanabe) and the casting was spot on. I cant remember the last bad movie Joseph Gordon Levitt was in. For those that have seen it, I'll also add a funny anecdote. After watching it I had a very vivid dream: My wife said to me "You are dreaming" and I said, "no no, im not - see, i have this spinning top, its mine, i know this is reality." "No!" she insisted. "You are dreaming. I know it because i love you so much." "But I dont get it - that means it IS real - - I love you so much too!" To which she said "But you're married to my sister!" Thankfully I woke up at that point.
  16. I just ran into a girl I dated in highschool...its been a long time since i saw her. At the time she was the "it" girl - head cheerleader, prom queen etc. Just a beautiful person inside and out. Well, she still is beautiful on the inside but - and i am NOT exaggerating - she looks like Jack Black with a wig now. Wow.

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    2. roy_133


      I have it on great authority that Jack Black does read the forum

    3. jedimaas


      Sorry Jack! :) You're not terrible looking for a man...but for a woman... :P

    4. weepingminotaur


      uh, Jack Black is terrible-looking regardless of gender.

      Anyhow, we all age, we get grey hair (or in my case, lose it), we put on a few pounds. Can't stay 19 and in great shape forever...;)

  17. Good point! I dont think Frost was particularly interesting - certainly not without nixon Interesting that they would try to spin it that way. Yeah, sounds good. If i get a choice, I always pick blu ray these days - not so much because of the better picture (i have 2 great upscaling DVD players that sometimes fool me into believing Im watching a blu ray, to be honest) but more because of the add ons. Just picked up Watchmen the other day & man the add ons were phenomenal. On another note, I finally watched the expendables tonight. Good god. I would say Im being generous in giving it a 3 / 10. You know, when you watch a movie & at the end notice "directed by clint eastwood" and you say "wow, that makes sense." well this one was written & directed by sylvester stallone...and it sure feels like it. A shame because I really like Jason Statham and Jet Li.
  18. Hrm. I havent seen the movie, but if they slanted it like he was Australian or that was where his career started, its quite wrong. Frost was a very well known humor-journalist all over the world at the time. He did a number of Political Satire programs in Britain in the 60s (a modern day version/comparison would be our own Rick Mercer) and it was on his show (the frost report) that John Cleese got his start. He worked primarily in Britain but did start a show in NY (the david frost show) where he eventually met Nixon and had variations/syndication/specials around the world (Ie Frost over Australia). The belief is that when Frost's show was cancelled, he was looking at redemption. Nixon thought he was going in for a nice easy ride (like when people would get interviewed by Jay Leno vs. going on Letterman) and was in for a big shock. The interviews were carried out in California, for British TV. (I believe Nixon was paid for the interviews & therefore much of the broadcast world was not interested in it - thinking it was going to be a political white-wash). I suspect it came off as him being australian (or a supplanted brit in australia) because it was one of the few Frost shows that wasnt cancelled at the time, although in the grand scheme of his Dosier, his time in Australia was very minor. I do want to see this flick though because it sounds very good & I usually really like Ron Howard's work.
  19. I watched the movie Fighting last night. I kind of expected it to be a poor man's rocky - wasnt looking for much other than 'mindless' entertainment...but yet the idea of Terrence Howard in the film piqued my interest. He's rarely in bad movies these days. This film was surprisingly good. The acting was probably better than it should have been & overall a pretty enjoyable flick where you cared about the characters. Not mind-blowing, but a solid 7.5/10
  20. damn. broke my nose in my sleep last night. thats gotta be a first. ouch

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    2. RSD


      That's so odd, into the wall at that eh.

    3. uncivilengineer


      Yeah, you get 'em tiger!

      Seriously? Ouch.... I'd have maintained that I was drunk at the time lol.

    4. Kindred


      you shouldn't have back talked to your wife :P

  21. Brilliant movie. In some ways its my favorite Python flick (even though they are all re-hashes from the original series). Its nice to see these old sketches re-polished for the big-screen a few years later. IMHO the timing is better on several of them compared to the original TV series.
  22. Easy enough mistake. Just thought Id post it incase anyone hadnt heard of it & wanted to. Kingfisher, on the other hand, is a great beer
  23. FWIW the title in English is "the Fisher King" - in case anyone is looking for it
  24. Dont get me wrong, I dont think it should have counted, but even on the slow-mo It didnt look like a "kick" to me - what it did look like was a redirect (i.e he turned his foot, but kept it on the ice & didnt actually make a kicking motion) Still not a "fair" goal, but a little different nonetheless.
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