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  1. Id actually be surprised if the defense we have right now is what we start the year with in October. There seems to be a lot of rumblings that Bergevin is wanting to make some more very big moves. God lets hope that at least a few of them involve us winning the trade....
  2. Three bars: Character, Grit and Jam. I always thought they were the same thing but according to habs brass they are 3/4 of a balanced meal.
  3. Lucic, while i dont love his after whistle antics is still a useful player. you'd have to make sure its a 1 or 2 year deal only but I would be ok with that if the money wasnt outrageous
  4. Perron 28 years old - UFA Ladd 30 years old - UFA Hartnell 34 years old - $4.75m cap hit till he is 38 years old I would have interest in either Perron or Ladd for mid-length deals (3-4 years) meaning they would be 32 or 34 years old respectively when the deal was up. Hartnell just doesnt interest me because of his age & the last few years of his contract, although i think he'd be a decent fit here for at least 1 year. Plus we'd have to give up assets to get him.
  5. Definitely. I get the mentality that you shouldnt have to "coddle' a player but understanding someone's weaknesses & trying to help them work through them is not pandering - especially not when its in the best interest of your team. If you ride a guy like Gallagher, he'll fight back and play even better...but not everyone is like that. For years many of us have been saying that Eller's biggest issue was between the ears. You could see he was incredibly hard on himself. He'd make a mistake, get down on himself and then get in the coach's doghouse & you might as well put him in the pressbox for 10 games. A smart coach would have seen this & realized that maybe he needs to approach eller a little differently than Gallagher or Patches, or Subban. Rather than berate him, maybe trying to help him refocus. I wonder what a year with Muller would have done if he hadnt been traded. Who knows, maybe Lars will have the exact same issues in Washington & MT can say "Told you so" to us all. But if Trotz gives him just a little less criticism and helps boost his confidence, vs. killing it, I think we will see a much different player next season & we will regret this trade... a lot.
  6. Please. please, please get on the phone & talk to Don Meehan on our behalf Ted
  7. Yes, that was my point exactly. Its no secret Eller was one of my favourites but I can stand to see him moved in order to bring in a better player but this sequence of events makes zero sense. Worst still: By comparison, Eller was not a super huge cap savings (Emelin, Markov, Plekanec - all make more money and would appear to be less of a fit with this team) and guys like DD (who seems to have no logical spot on this squad) also remain. Im really really bummed. Not about losing Eller but that our GM seems completely out to lunch.
  8. I was really happy on deadline day when Bergevin told Eller he was going nowhere because he was in the team's long term plans. I am not sure what happened between then and now but Im pretty bummed that he's gone. Its not that im opposed to seeing him moved. Frankly, just about anybody on this team should be *available* for the right price (even our 'untouchables' would be 'touchable' if the price was so incredibly ridiculous that you had to make the deal). What upsets me about this trade is that we got almost nothing for him. Its not even like we got picks we could use this year. Two second rounders is probably not far off 'fair value' for Eller, but we didnt need to move him. Thats the problem. He filled a very important role on this team & I think we're going to really feel that pinch next year. But dont worry, this way DD can get lots of ice time from his buddy MT. The deal reeks of 'freeing up cap space' which is absolutely ludicrous when the player you are moving is probably one of your top 7 forwards. Why wouldnt you move one of your 8 - 18th ? Further, of the 6 or so guys id rank ahead of him, one (Plekanec) plays a similar game for a considerably higher cap hit and is several years older. Another (DD) is such a bad fit for this team we actually played better when he was out of the lineup for an extended time. IMHO this is a bad move that Bergevin is going to regret next year. I wish Lars good luck in Washington - i suspect he's going to do quite well there. I dont think he'll ever be a high scoring player but I wouldnt be shocked at all to see him put up career numbers next season.
  9. Agreed on all points, especially the bolded part. If thats true (that the offer has our #9 going back the other way) its ludicrous. The ONLY way I see this having a hope of making sense for us is if we get some quality young bodies and retain our #9 so we can draft the best available defensman. Then we try to sign a couple of quality veteran dmen to fill in until this year's #1 is ready. Even then, none of this makes sense to me. Trading PK would be just one notch below trading Price - both of which are absolutely nuts imho.
  10. There's a lot of noise coming from all directions but I still dont buy it. Bergevin had made some questionable moves but trading Subban? That would be so far out of his comfort zone I just dont see it. The other thing that gives me a little comfort is his choice of words at the presser yesterday. He didnt say "if someoen offered me the right player" he'd move subban he said "if someone offered me half their team" - which obviously is a bit of a joke/exaggeration but its clear he's not moving Subban for one player. If LA called up & said we want Subban so badly we're going to give you Doughty, Kopitar, Toffoli and a 1st rounder I think you make that move - but obviously it aint happening. I just cant conceivably imagine Montreal (of all places) trading away maybe the most dynamic and marketable players in the league - and thats not even taking into account his play on the ice. He's the best defenman we've had since Chelios. Maybe since the big 3. Id have no problem with Fowler as our #4. Subban - Beau Petry - Fowler but we'd probably need to dump Markov or at least Emelin to make that work.
  11. Plekanec & DD gone = $9.5m Your centres are: Stakos Galchenyuk Eller Mitchell Thats a pretty ridiculously strong pivot lineup. Obviously we would have to take $$ back but the point being that while Stamkos may not play the same type of defensive game as Plekanec, Eller does - and was actually more effective at it last year than pleks - and with a 1 - 2 punch of Stamkos-Galchenyuk - you dont really need much more than an eller shut down line to round out the big minutes.
  12. Thing is though, I dont think money is going to be the issue. I am not certain its going to require $12m - and to be honest, there's this sort of 'code' in hockey that most guys seem to live by. Would Stamkos be looking for more than Ovechkin ($9.53m) Malkin ($9.5m) Crosby ($8.7) ? Dunno. Just getting paid in that range would most likely do the trick - and knowing he's one of the top 5 highest pald players while not totally handicapping his new team financially probably will suffice. That said, if it takes $12m + max term to sign him, you do it. You dont get an opportunity to get a guy like stamkos very often. You could easily argue, if we got him, that he was our best forward in the past 20 years. You have to do whatever it takes to get a guy like that. I still say where he signs will be 100% up to him. He will call the shots & he will sign where he feels most comfortable & most likely win a cup.
  13. Agreed. Like i said earlier 30 teams would take Stamkos in a heartbeat, but probably only a handful of teams can really compete for his services. Some that may want him, he would want to go to while others he might like may want only be able to fit him into their plans on a reduced cap or term. In that respect, we *should* be one of the 5 or 6 best options both in terms of our needs and his. But, as always, who knows whats going on in MB's head. We could have easily had Jagr for the past 4 years but for some reason MB felt he was not the right fit here.
  14. Agree with everything you've said here. Before TO got that first pick, I agree - but with Matthews coming their way, it throws a wrench in. Dont get me wrong, who wouldnt want Matthews AND Stamkos? But they will be drafting a (potentially) generational talent and they will be signing an elite talent...but they only have one #1 Centre spot. Could Matthews play #2 centre? Sure, absolutely - but for how long? If you're signing Stamkos long term (you know he's going to want 6+ years) then that is potentially a problem. Im not saying we're a lock, i just think we have a slightly better chance now than we did before, when TO was not a guarantee for 1st overall.
  15. He's 34, making nearly $5m a year in cap hit and will be on that contract till he's 37. You think thats a wise acquisition? I mean its possible he puts up one more decent year but i just cant see him living up to the last 2 years of that contract. I think there are a lot better options out there via trade - even some better ones via UFA.
  16. Not me. He's in steady decline & Id be very leery of signing him - especially since he's on a relatively high contract until 19/20. He put up lofty numbers last year but I dont see that happening again - plus his negatives tend to outweigh his positives. If he wasnt signed so long Id probably take a gamble swapping them DD for him but thats a lot more years on the hook for SH than DD. On another note, Eklund has us as one of the two teams (Philly being the other) in on Yakupov. I still have a hard time believing Edmonton will dump him (only 4 years removed from going 1st overall) for what we'd be willing to pay. He has been a dissapointment, yes, but at this point its still possible that the only problem with scouting is that he wasnt ready - meaning he'd just be entering that sweet spot for most players of his draft class. Would be a weird time to give up on him unless the return was really good.
  17. Thing is though, every team in the league would offer him a sweet deal. Stamkos is arguably (should be make to UFA) the most talented player ever to go free agent in his prime. What that means is that basically where Stamkos ends up is going to be entirely up to him. Hopefuly with us, but really its going to come down to where he wants to play.
  18. I just dont see PK as even being remotely in play. Sure, if Edmonton offered us 3 of their top players,then you move him but a team would have to overpay substantially to get him so Im really not too worried. If anything, the Muller signing should make it even less likely PK is moved: Muller is a big PK fan and I suspect at least part of why MB hired Muller is to act as a buffer between guys like PK and MT. LaFleur even hinted at the same thing the other day in an interview. As for Barrie for Emelin, id be falling over my desk to make that deal if i was MB. Barrie would easily be in our top 4 - probably our top 2 - and would allow us to play Markov on the third pairing/PP only. The only downside is that Barrie is a right D but im sure between him and Petry one of them could play on the left. I dont buy that we could get him for Emelin though. But who knows maybe Emelin + a vet?
  19. Thanks Ted. For some reason i thought someone coming over not on an NHL contract (like a Radulov or before him Sekac etc) were eligible.
  20. Oh wow, i misread that report. I thought he wanted $7.5 for two years, not $7.5 PER year. Crazy. I guess you could tell him to put his money where his mouth is. You offer him $8m per for 2 years but you make a base salary of $3m and the other $5m is available in bonuses. If he's as good as he thinks, he'll earn them, right?
  21. And therein lies the problem. I think this team, with this coaching staff is good enough to be a top 4 team in the playoffs. I am not certain, without a coaching change, if we can win it all. Even if Price goes on one of his super human runs.
  22. I actually think we're going to have a strong year next year - assuming we're moderately healthy. We just have too much talent to have another year like last. When things are going well, I think MT will, at very least, not have to do much - meaning he will do ok. Remember, Carbonneau looked like a pretty decent coach when we were winning. He just imploded when we had an extended loss streak. Therrien looked awesome to start the season last year. Then Price went down & he couldnt adjust. Of course this makes it even more frustrating he wasnt fired when they had a chance because now its going to be nearly impossible to do. The real test is going to be in the playoffs. I have a sneaking suspicion our Veteran leaders will forcibly take the team on their backs & win - almost in spite of Therrien. I predict a top 4 eastern conference finish (maybe higher if we manage to sign a guy like Stamkos) and maybe as far as 3rd round in the post season. But obviously all of this will most likely hinge on Price.
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