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  1. I think you could make a pretty strong argument for Boucher being a clear cut upgrade. Also Dineen is probably an upgrade based on just about anyone's opinion - and he speaks Francais ...un peu.
  2. Im not saying that what DSP has done in NJ is sustainable, but Im just saying that if lowly old ME can see that maybe it was worth trying to give him a clear role (go to the net) and the opportunity to do so before we gave up on him. New Jersey seems to have immediately identified what DSP's strengths are and played to that - rather than trying to take him and make him do stuff that doesnt necessarily fit with his skill set. Funnily enough, its entirely possible that DSP's success may be the final nail in Therrien's coffin. Our scouting staff thought so highly of him that we would give up Sekac to get him and then Therrien does nothing to try to integrate his skill set into our game plan. We give up on him & he lights it up in NJ. Keep scoring DSP!!
  3. Hrm. Does this explain Bergevin's "I can't really tell you why I had to make that trade. But if i could, maybe you would understand." I mean it makes no sense to me - if a guy is using, you get him help - you dont throw the baby out with the bathwater, but clearly (Kassian) that has been our approach so it at least explains why MB may have felt he needed to trade away Tinordi. It doesnt explain why we couldnt have gotten back a prospect or a pick instead of a journeyman defensman.
  4. Im really really surprised by this. I mean he's young(ish) cheap and seemed to have the skills to be (at worst) a 3rd or 4th liner. There were nights where it didnt seem out of the question for him to be looked at for top 6 potential. Great skater and solid on-ice vision. I am not normally one to ever think of or consider "off ice" issues but you have to wonder now that he's been dumped by 3 teams in such a short period - despite seeming to have good skills for cheap - whether he's got some off-ice issues? Very very odd.
  5. No question that if he can play like that he'd be a huge boost to the team & become an integral part but the questions that are raised are: 1) was the last game an aberration or can smith pelly actually play that well consistently 2) If it wasnt a fluke game (ie something he can sustain) then was it because of his linemates and/or assigments? 3) Is his increase in effectiveness enough that we should play specific linemates with him to get the most out of him, or do we just play him wherever we have holes. It will be interesting to see how the next few games go. I suspect that last night was the type of game our scouting team were hoping to see from him consistently when they got MB to go after him (and give up sekac). Time will tell if its sustainable.
  6. They also had ridiculous numbers together in the infinitesimally small sample size we saw them together last year. It seemed like every time they were on the ice together (usually because of line changes or PK if Plekanec was in the box) they would create scoring chances, many of which were converted. Obviously 10 minutes over a season doesnt tell you much but one would think that at very least a coach would want to see if there was potential there. Especially since Therrien obviously liked Patches-Plekanec-Gallagher but switched them up when it wasnt 'working' so why change Plekanec with a guy completely unlike him (DD) rather than a guy who plays a very similar game to Plekanec (Eller)? Sorry, was using logic again. What was i thinking??
  7. Unquestionably, but it wont happen. Thankfully, Eller has become a strong two way centre so it really doesnt matter where he plays in the lineup, he'll be effective. He wont have numbers to show for it, but playing with Fleischmann (and now Andrighetto) he has at least a glimmer of hope of someone finishing his plays.
  8. IMHO Scrivens has been a victim of circumstance. In Toronto he played behind some horrible teams and still performed ok. In LA, when he was given a good team to play behind, he did extremely well (19w, 7l, 5otl 1.97gaa and .931sv%) Then he backstopped a couple of horrible Edmonton teams and, not surprisingly, had poor numbers. He's an "acrobatic" goalie in the style of Moog, Ranford or Hasek - he relies on his excellent instincts and reflexes. Now we get to see if Waite can bring a little more structure to his game & who knows. Right now it looks like he has the hot hand so Therrien will ride that. I still dont see a place for him on this team, long term, but I suspect it wasnt simply a "get rid of Kassian" move - i think maybe Waite & his scouts asked MB to target him because they knew there was some potential there since Condon probably couldnt carry the season by himself long-term.
  9. Getting back on track - this is the DSP, not Sekac thread - it will be interesting to see what MB decides to do with Smith-Pelly. On the one had you can say he's been a disappointment and unlike many young players he doesnt show a lot of flashes of upside - BUT - he is also a bit of a unique case. He's one of those big players with speed who is very hard to knock off the puck. The biggest knock on him is his vision...which seems non-existent at times. so many think he's a lost cause... but, I think there's still a chance he turns into one of those rare players who finds a home in front of the crease and becomes a garbage goal specialist. They are rare - Dave Andreychuk, Tim Kerr etc - but when you get one, he becomes a hugely valuable part of your team. I still believe thats what our scouting team felt like he could be - and still think he might - so it will be interesting to see if he continues to get given time to prove he can be that player or if we give up on him & send him packing.
  10. Indeed. Cant help but think that Fleischmann - Eller - Kassian could have been a pretty special line for us. Right but thats the very definition of accident: "an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury." Not even giving him a chance after what was clearly not a deliberate incident (he wasnt even driving) seems like cutting your nose to spite your face.
  11. He's the type of player that will give you a good solid game night in, night out - but its unspectacular. He's well suited to the 4th or maybe 3rd line - he wont make many mistakes but he wont do much in the offensive zone either. You need guys like him to eat minutes and give your top players a break but right now that is not the problem with our team. The problem is that our "top players" arent playing any better than the DLRs.
  12. One of the lone bright spots last night. I quite like him (as i expected i would) with Fleischmann.
  13. This. I dont mind him on Galchenyuk's wing assuming we have a good shut down option (he certainly makes Galchenyuk's line more defensively responsible) but what we're doing now is messing up all zone starts for all 3 lines (and putting too much ice time with the 4th line etc). We have some quality 2 way forwards, we could make a very good shut-down line with Eller as the pivot of that 3some. As you've very astutely pointed out, if Lars is going to get 30-40 points no matter where he plays, why not put him on a checking line where his 2 way play is much more valuable.
  14. Interesting idea & you may well be right. A team looking for "grit" would love both of these players. Im not sure who that team is but if we can translate the two of them into one, more skilled player, it would be well worth it.
  15. Agreed. I still have to believe its a calculated gamble on MB's part - assuming no one will take him & wanting to give him time to get his game back in the AHL. I agree with you that if its simply a 'we're done' move like with Semin, it is a mistake. This logic is why I have to believe the waivers thing is simply to help him find his game.
  16. This one is a bit tough to call at this point. As others have suggested, the waivers thing almost certainly is so that he can be sent down to the minors to get his game going (conditioning is only for a short period of time & Im guessing they would want him down there for a month or 2). On the other hand, maybe MB is so unhappy he's just giving up on him. On the surface that would be a very bad call (not even giving the guy a chance) but we dont know about the behind the scenes stuff. Im hopeful he doesnt get claimed, can get back to speed in the AHL & come join the big club in the new year. Im still of the belief that he has a chance to be an impact player with our team. Lets hope he gets the chance.
  17. Yeah, again, tough to tell. I think my only problem with that trade is that we might have been able to get DSP for a different player or a pick but if we had done that we likely wouldnt have had ice time for both of them anyway. They are both very different players so its tough to compare them. Im happy enough with DSP and i would have been happy enough about Sekac. Neither would or will be core players imho, although certainly that can change depending upon how they develop.
  18. Yeah, time will tell. DSP is still a bit of a mystery to me as I really have a hard time seeing what sort of player he's going to develop into. Meanwhile, the Ducks havent given Sekac many more chances than the Habs did. He was scratched during much of the playoffs and had minimal success before his injury this year (albeit at only a slightly lower PPG total than DSP). Im not saying its a slam dunk either way but right now I think its a bit of a wash.
  19. Yeah my guess is that next thursday is the *minimum a guy can be out for when on mandatory rehab. How long beyond that would be up to the doctors, the player etc. Hoping he's 'all better' but chances are this is a deep seeded issue that will take some time to correct.
  20. IMHO Therrien looks at Semin & judges him by his history. He says "this guy scored 40, he should be able to do it again" and when he doesnt meet those expectations, he must not be 'working hard enough." When in reality he should be judging him based on his cost - for which he's providing very similar value to DSP. I wish Smith Pelly the best - and i still think there's potential there - but if it was me, I would have left lines 3 and 4 in tact and used 2 of Andrighetto, Semin and Holloway as my top 2 RW during this stretch of injuries.
  21. Tough to say. I think you're right although I think they felt like Kassian would be fighting with DSP for 4th line duties (despite the fact that Kassian is probably more inclined towards a skill-game, regardless of his size) Certainly would be a great opportunity for him if he came back now. That said, im kind of curious to see Mitchell on the 2nd line. Chances are that he cant be a true top 6 player but it seems to me that early in his career in SJ they thought he had top 6 wing potential & since then he really hasnt been given much of a shot there.
  22. imho he doesnt have near the potential of McDonaugh but point taken. I think there's still a decent chance he's a legitimate top 4 dman which is nothing to sneeze at. I Its an interesting situation we are in as a team. MB clearly hates trading away young players (we nearly didnt get vanek because MB was very reluctant to move Collberg!) and on the flip side we have MT who seems to take forever to trust young players. I still hope that Tinordi has a future with us; Hulk-like defensemen who are relatively mobile dont grow on trees! - but I am finding it harder and harder to believe he does.
  23. Yeah no way of knowing at this point. Assuming everything went well & he's cleared to leave rehab one has to assume he has at least a few weeks of conditioning before we can see him on the ice again but who knows, maybe he's been training in private & just needs a few scrimmages to get him closer to game shape.
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