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  1. IMHO Therrien looks at Semin & judges him by his history. He says "this guy scored 40, he should be able to do it again" and when he doesnt meet those expectations, he must not be 'working hard enough." When in reality he should be judging him based on his cost - for which he's providing very similar value to DSP. I wish Smith Pelly the best - and i still think there's potential there - but if it was me, I would have left lines 3 and 4 in tact and used 2 of Andrighetto, Semin and Holloway as my top 2 RW during this stretch of injuries.
  2. Tough to say. I think you're right although I think they felt like Kassian would be fighting with DSP for 4th line duties (despite the fact that Kassian is probably more inclined towards a skill-game, regardless of his size) Certainly would be a great opportunity for him if he came back now. That said, im kind of curious to see Mitchell on the 2nd line. Chances are that he cant be a true top 6 player but it seems to me that early in his career in SJ they thought he had top 6 wing potential & since then he really hasnt been given much of a shot there.
  3. imho he doesnt have near the potential of McDonaugh but point taken. I think there's still a decent chance he's a legitimate top 4 dman which is nothing to sneeze at. I Its an interesting situation we are in as a team. MB clearly hates trading away young players (we nearly didnt get vanek because MB was very reluctant to move Collberg!) and on the flip side we have MT who seems to take forever to trust young players. I still hope that Tinordi has a future with us; Hulk-like defensemen who are relatively mobile dont grow on trees! - but I am finding it harder and harder to believe he does.
  4. Yeah no way of knowing at this point. Assuming everything went well & he's cleared to leave rehab one has to assume he has at least a few weeks of conditioning before we can see him on the ice again but who knows, maybe he's been training in private & just needs a few scrimmages to get him closer to game shape.
  5. We could really use him right now. Unfortunately, I cant imagine him being less than a month away (at best). I still think he has top 6 potential and would love to see us try Eller - Galchenyuk - Kassian I think thats just the right combination of skill and forecheck to make Kassian develop into the player he clearly has the skills to be.
  6. I dont disagree with any of this, but thats why I prefaced it with "The best we can hope for from him (Therrien) is maybe something like this"
  7. Agree with everything you've said here. Unfortunately, you know as well as i that Therrien wont make the changes required to fix that. The best we can hope for from him is maybe something like this: Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Gallagher True #1 Eller - Plekanec - DSP Shutdown Fleischmann - DD - Weise Exploitation scoring I dont agree with that top 9 but I think thats probably the best you're going to see from MT.
  8. Well thats the thing. Because of the stall in Tinordi's chances to develop, Gilbert is probably the better player right now, but for how long? Gilbert is 9 years his senior. We cant send him down any more (exposed to waivers) so imho we have 3 options: 1) we play him & see how he does 2) we trade him (we'll get peanuts considering he's not even dressing right now) 3) we play him, get his value up a little & see if we can trade him for a prospect or decent pick There are no other options imho. He's either in the team's plans or he's not in the team's plans - and in either case he should be playing: either to improve/develop, or to get some value out of him.
  9. I am leaning towards carey for sure. I just cant decide how to draw him. I mean usually id do a sketch of a player in full uniform /action but in that case you cant see Carey's face. Dont really want to do a montage... will come up with something. In the meantime, the Rock shared my sketch of him on twitter which was fairly cool
  10. interesting that a lot of people have suggested players from the past. I'll definitely take that into consideration & probably do one in the near future although for right now i think im going to stick to a current player so that i can tag him on instagram/twitter.
  11. oh i like that idea. weird re: the link - it seems to work then not work. I wonder if IG is being glitchy.
  12. Hey folks. As many of you know, im an artist by profession. In the last couple of months ive done sketches of a bunch of celebrities & had a ton of good response (many of the celebs reposting or retweeting my work and several sending me personal messages etc). So i figure its time to draw a hab now. But who? Give me YOUR choice - both based on who you'd like to seen drawn and also who you think might actually respond to it, retweet or repost it. I included the ones i was thinking of but you can certainly vote for someone else if you like. Let me know! Here's a sample of some of the celeb stuff ive done: and links to my instagram: http://instagram.com/justin.maas.artist (if the link is not working go to instagram.com and search justin.maas.artist ) and twitter: https://twitter.com/maas_art if anyone is interested in following Thanks for your input!
  13. sort of surprising with Kassian out of the lineup although i see we picked up Paul Byron (waivers) so maybe that was why. With everyone healthy it was only a matter of time before he went down (doesnt have to clear waivers) so it was more or less to be expected.
  14. Whoa. Yeah, lot more to it imho. This is very surprising. have to wonder if he had other issues like coming to practice under the influence or something. Considering he's only been in montreal a short time this is very surprising news. Trying to look at it glass half full: maybe this is exactly what he needs and he will get help, get a fresh start & becoming the power forward everyone seems to think he is capable of becoming! Im almost positive one of the reports (maybe HIO) noted that it was in face his truck (police report said it was the male passenger's vehicle).
  15. ugg. Broken foot is not a good thing to start his career here. Then again, by the time he comes back, a lot of the pressure will be off & we'll have a clearer idea of the team we have.
  16. This. None of us know exactly what was going on. At least he wasnt driving. Hopefully there are no lasting affects & this is just a very small footnote for his season.
  17. I have a sneaking suspicion he will be packaged with a forward & traded for a different prospect or perhaps a draft pick. Too bad because i think he could have been very good here but I feel like he's been leapfrogged by other young dmen due to our usage of Murroullion etc when we really should have been letting him learn & grow as a younger player.
  18. I think, if MT can resist breaking up the lines and the Eller-Galchnyuk-Semin remains intact, he will flourish here, finally.
  19. Looks like it was a stick to the face from Emelin. Chances are its not going to be serious (although Eller may be selling chiclets) but you never know. Lets hope its nothing.
  20. Great article on Eller here: Why the Dane is Great For those that question his defensive abilities, please read.
  21. For 6 games. He played 14 in those playoffs.
  22. Yup - but that one was part dumb luck. The two players are less than a year apart in age - yet Savard retired only a few years later and Chelios played for what, 12? 14? more seasons? The guy never aged. Of course some would be quick to point out that while it may seem like a terrible move, we won a cup with Savard and the Hawks never won with Chelios - and if you agree that the cup is the ultimate goal... well, i guess its hard to argue with.
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