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  1. Actually Savard was 3rd overall - 2nd was Dave Babych who had a decent career but still paled in comparison to #3 Savard, #4 Larry Murphy and #7 Paul Coffey. Wickenheiser was definitely one of the 2 or 3 worst drafting mistakes by the habs but if we're talking "biggest mistake ever by the Habs" I still have to look at some of the horrible trades by R Houle. I still consider Turgeon, in his prime, and the "throw ins' that became good NHL players to St Louis for Corson to be the worst ever... and thats saying something because Shayne Corson was always one of my favourite players.
  2. i find that usually when Timmins and co draft players that were ranked a lot lower than their draft position (Juulsen was expected to go mid-late second round) its because they see something very special that others havent. We shall see but I could definitely see him becoming a diamond in the rough.
  3. Its what makes me worry even more about Therrien. Everyone says "just wait, if he falters & our record is bad, he'll get fired" but Lefebvre's has been brutal & he's still HC.
  4. Yeah, you still have to think that our scouts see something in him that we've yet to see realized. I mean it was obvious that Sekac and MT didnt have a loving relationship but MB rarely seems to give up on young players so easily, especially after going after one has hard as he did with Sekac. My gut still tells me MB was reluctant to deal Sekac but did so because he really really wanted DSP. So hopefully we'll see why that is, this year.
  5. I suspect that unless DD is traded, Eller will remain on the 3rd line and Kassian will be used to insulate DD (with Patches) which I suppose is ok but still no ideal based on this roster. Assuming our top 2 lines will be once again centred by DD and Plekanec, like you, id be quite interested to see a third line of say Hudon - Eller - Kassian. However, I firmly believe that now is the time to move forward with Galchenyuk at #1 and Eller at #2 centre positions. The only way this happens, imho is if MB trades DD though (which is a shame because i think DD could have a place on this team as bottom 6 scoring depth) but i cant see MT doing that unfortunately.
  6. Normally when a player clears waivers they remain in our system but since PAP was put on "unconditional waivers for the purpose of buyout" he's essentially done and as such Ive move his thread here.
  7. Agreed. I hope that this means Bergevin has a plan because as of right now we're worse than we were last year which is not ideal unless you've just won the cup or something.
  8. He's not hideous value and he has only 1 year left so I think if we really wanted to move him, we would find a taker - i just wouldnt expect the return to be much. I think he'd have more value to us to hold on to, even if we only play him in the bottom 6. He's as good, if not better, than all available UFA wingers this summer (assuming some of the guys like St Louis will re-sign with their current teams) A lot is going to have to do with our #1 RW. If we can somehow manage to get a "true" first line RW and Gallagher becomes #2, PAP, DSP and Weise all fight for lines 3 and 4. There's some options. But right now, PAP (and others) are being played beyond their abilities & that is hurting them & their play.
  9. Im not sure if we do (although I believe that his skills lend a guy like Eller to being more of a goal scorer than a passer). But Galchenyuk has a wicked shot on him...
  10. He's a bit of an enigma because despite being a winger I think his talent lies much more in his playmaking. Pair him with a goal-scoring centre and I think he'd be very effective.
  11. Agreed. One of a few players who definitely feels like he's getting mismanaged right now.
  12. Honestly i could care less about the stuff with the ref. It was a bum call & while i dont like that he said it to the media, i really dont care to be honest. We all knew he'd be fined, he was, end of story. What concerns me much more is the constant jabs at Bishop. First off, i dont like that stuff no matter which side is doing it and second of all i hate to think of a repercussion against Price. Lets play the game fairly & win on the scoreboard, not by trying to injure or intimidate.
  13. Yeah id be willing to try any of those guys in game 3. The other thing i didnt mention is that keeping Prust in worries me in that he's 'accidentally on purpose' run into Bishop what, 4 times now in 2 games? How soon before they start thinking about doing the same to Price? I love Prust & his passion but im not crazy about how he's acted this series.
  14. Agreed. If i was Therrien Id sit Prust for 2 reasons: One, he's been ineffective and Two, i think we could use his spot for a scorer (Andrighetto?)
  15. 4 goals in 8 games with the blue jackets. Maybe we should have tried to reacquire him before the playoffs!
  16. Sure hope this gets him fired. DUI? Insulting players on the very team he is supposedly a "respected" analyst for? The guy may have been a great player in his time but Ive got zero respect for anything he's done since he hung up the skates. The best part of the article is either him saying to the police officer “You can’t do that to me, I am Mario Tremblay,” or the fact that he called PK Subban Petty.
  17. After starting strong (3 pts in first 4 games) he cooled considerably, was dropped down the lineup, reduced to 7 - 10 minutes a game and last night was a healthy scratch. Obviously any rookie is going to see bumps in the road (and its not like DSP has been lighting it up for us) but i am surprised to see him scratched already.
  18. That penalty on Prust last night was ridiculous. I think they were going to call it elbowing & then realized he used his shoulder so switched it to interference even though it was a play for the puck. didnt like when the King player started throwing punches before Prust could get his footing - bad form.
  19. You know im as big of an Eklund Hater as most but in fairness to him, because a player doesnt get moved, doesnt mean he wasnt shopped. If PAP was UFA this summer, i think he would have been moved but since he's not he's ours. Too bad Colorado didnt have a return policy Not trying to be mean to PAP but id rather have Briere knowing that we're free and clear of either contract after this season vs. 1 more of PAP after this one.
  20. Especially when healthy, yes, i believe we do have better options for the 3rd line - but - im not sure id be ready to get rid of Prust just yet. All along i felt like one of Moen or Prust was good on this team and didnt love the idea of losing both. In an ideal world we have strong enough players in our top 9 that Prust doesnt need to play there but I think he makes our 4th line much better and has the ability (like Weiss) to move up the roster if injuries occur.
  21. Once PAP comes back it will be interesting to see if MT moves Prust off that line. Id love to at least try Sekac - Eller - Gallagher but even Sekac - Eller - PAP (a healthy PAP) would be interesting to see. Although i guess Weiss shouldnt be on that top line so thats likely where PAP will go but who knows.
  22. Seems like its an NHL.com issue. It was glitchy a lot yesterday & a couple of times I got a "login service unavailable" prompt off their main site. We'll keep an eye on it but Im not sure if there's much we can do on our (Canadiens) end.
  23. Thing is, with Patches, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Eller, Plekanec and Sekac (plus a few key guys in Hamilton) I dont see how he's a better option now - or going forward - in our 6. You can play him on the third line (prust - DD - PAP) but i worry that line will get exploited, especially over a long playoff series. I cant fathom that he would thrive in a 4th line role. Id be quietly shopping him, maybe as part of a package, to see if there's any interest. There are a few bottom feeder teams who probably would have space for him in the top 6 (I dont believe we do) and may have interest.
  24. Definetely not fitting in as well as he seemed to early in the season. Not sure if he can play effectively in the bottom 6 and he hasnt been consistent enough to earn a spot in the top 6...
  25. Defintely better than I expected. I thought we were getting a bournival type player - someone who would hustle, have good speed and work ethic. I really didnt expect his hands or vision. Really excited to watch his development.
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