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  1. I just cant see MB letting that happen. He saw the potential in Sekac & offered appropriately. If anything, he (Sekac) looked even better than we could have hoped with no NHL experience. you have to think that if there's any truth to this (beyond AK Bars just trying to play a hunch) that MB will step in and force Therrien's hand. What is frustrating is that he shouldnt have to.
  2. Well or at very least put them back together on the PK. Last year they spent a good stretch of games on the PK together & looked great. I know Patches & Pleks look good together too but everyone looks good on the PK next to Pleks. Absolutely. I dont think management thinks Bourque is here long-term (ie after the contract is done) so perhaps they should explain that to Therrien
  3. Honestly i dont think they are a good Match. At times (last year's playoffs) they've looked in synch but that is not the norm. Both have been more effective with other players so Id definitely try mixing things up a little.
  4. Yah, his first year here he played with Pleky and (back when he was productive) Gio. Bourque didnt look out of place but he was hardly lighting it up. He's a decent depth player and I dont think he's terrible value for the contract, but I wouldnt expect a ton more out of him than what we're getting. He'll go through some more hot streaks but there will be slumps too.
  5. I think he would - but his current contract would be considered overpayment (if its not already) and his next one would be considerably less. Without fighting or defending his teammates, his tool box is greatly emptied. He's still a good defensive player and he is still a legitimate 4th liner, but gone are the days you could drop him on the 3rd or even (shudder) 2nd line for a shift or two & get energy & not terrible production out of him. He gave his all but his body is definitely starting to show signs of that wear & tear
  6. If used sparingly on the 4th line he may still be useful but I agree, if you were to replace moen & prust with Sekac and Bournival you'd get a bottom 6 of: Bourque - Eller - Sekac Bournival - Malholtra - Weise Thats got to be better than what we've been seeing the last few games. If i were MB Id definitely be floating the notion of Moen and/or Prust (not sure id lose both) being available & see what is out there in terms of a trade.
  7. Yeah, its like if he doesnt get on a hot streak he's just completely invisible. Even things he's doing well right now (ie playing the body) he is doing in a way that has little impact (getting in the face of a forward at his blue line when play is near the net etc). Poor Lars looks lost because he has no one to back him up - last night in Edmonton Eller made 3 or 4 plays where if he had had a little support, we would have had major pressure but instead it was Lars against 3 oilers & voila, transition back to our end. Id definitely consider sitting Bourque for Sekac or Bournival at this point. I suspect he'll be in tonight against his old team but if he doesnt score or at least come close, look for him to be a healthy scratch come thursday.
  8. We had the lead & the one aspect of Sekac's game that still needs polishing at the NHL level is his defensive play (he'll get there, no doubt, he just doesnt seem to always know where to "be" yet) so they played moen & such on that line for the 3rd. Im pretty sure there was no injury etc.
  9. So far, he's actually been playing a lot better than the stats indicate. I feel like a goal in the next game or 2 and that 3d line is going to light things up. But if they dont score soon, I can see all of them tightening their sticks and making things much worse if they are not careful...
  10. Agreed, which is why i still think Sekac-Plekanec-Bourque and Gally-Eller-Gally makes a lot more sense than what MT is apparently planning to start the year (bourque-Eller-sekac, gally-plekanec-gally). But either way, i think both lines can be effective.
  11. I tend to agree. I think that the line of Sekac-Eller-Bourque, should they stay together, may well be very surprising this year.
  12. Obviously line mates and ice time is important for most players but for a guy like Bourque its hugely important. As bad as he's looked for stretches, I dont actually think its been due to lack of effort most of the time. I am hoping he gets off to a strong start this year & can get back to a 20-25+ goal season again.
  13. Lately ive been watching a lot of South Korean movies. Frankly, they put the whole hollywood thriller genre to shame. Im not sure what it is - if its because its harder to make a movie there thus only the ones with the best stories and talent get made but whatever it is, time after time these movies (at least the ones you can get over here) are of an amazingly high standard. Note: this is an all ages board but these are definitely NOT all ages movies. Most are pretty violent (although more often than not the gore is limited and the actual violence is often off screen). Oh and (of course) they are all subtitled. A couple (oldboy etc) have been dubbed but id strongly recommend the subbed versions. Oldboy: 10/10 - The movie that started the South Korean craze. This is an amazing film from start to finish with one of the best twist endings ever. Remade in America with a fairly poor copy last year. (as a frame of reference, i give the american remake 4.5/10) The Chaser: 10/10 - This is the quintessential thriller movie. Dark, beautifully filmed and gripping from start to finish The Good, The Bad & the Weird: 9/10 - A Korean Western. Brilliant, hilarious and some interesting political undertones. Featuring Byung-hun Lee (storm shadow from the GIJoe movies) Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance: 9/10 - Same writer/director as Oldboy, doesnt have the one huge twist but has probably 30 over the course of the movie. Im not sure ive ever seen a film with so many "no way" moments. Brilliant. Memories of Murder - 9/10 - based on a true story, this film is gripping, tense and in some places very funny. An extremely well crafted movie A Tale of 2 Sisters - 8/10 - creepy, moody and just a flat out amazing horror movie. remade into the american "the univited" which was watchable but nowhere near as effective. (american remake 5.5/10) Lady Vengeance - 8/10 - Same writer/director as Oldboy, an icy vengeance thriller, methodical and very well crafted. Stunning cinematography. There are 2 versions one which slowly (over the course of the movie) fades to black and white - very very cool effect that follows the vengeance storyline brilliantly. Joint Security Area - 9/10 - Same writer/director as Oldboy, a brilliant movie overall but with terrific political undertones (happens at a north/south korean outpost involving both sides).Featuring Byung-hun Lee (storm shadow from the GIJoe movies). FWIW, Tarantino ranked it as one of his 20 favourite movies in the last 20 years. The Man From Nowhere - 8.5/10 - this one is probably the least 'plot heavy' in that its really sort of like a north-american action flick (taken?) but the fight scenes are so well choreographed and innovative its worth watching. There's a knife fight inside a bathroom stall for example, that feels simultaneously frenetic, claustrophobic and exhilarating all at once. The Host - 8/10 - probably one of the only films you may find at your local video store, this one got decent north american release. Its a great monster movie with some very subtle political undertones. So much different than most hollywood monster movies you'll ever see, especially the ending. I Saw the Devil - 7/10 - i know a LOT of people love this movie and there are some amazing scenes but it is one of the most brutally violent movies ive ever seen. Unlike many Korean movies where they pan away at the last second, this one shows a LOT of gore, so be forewarned. The story is a real thought-provoker though I just think it would have been more effective with at least a little less gore. Featuring Byung-hun Lee (storm shadow from the GIJoe movies) A Bittersweet Life - 9/10 - One of the best gangster movies ive ever seen. Again, featuring Byung-hun Lee, this movie is so powerful and visually stunning. Takes a little while to get into but by the end you will be wishing it wasnt over. Thirst - 8/10 - just a weird weird vampire movie. Definitely worth watching but its so surreal in places you have to laugh. Its drama, comedy, action and vampires all rolled into one. Im a Cyborg but thats Ok - 8/10 - one of the only non-action movies on my list, its funny, quirky and silly. Its sort of like Amelie in a mental institution. Definitely unlike anything you've seen before. My Sassy Girl - 8/10 - also remade in north america this one is very funny. (american remake 5/10) The Yellow Sea - 7.5/10 - takes the same two leads from the chaser but now the good guy is played by the bad guy from that movie and vice versa. Some very good parts to this film but also slow in parts (especially in the beginning) Into the Mirror - 7/10 - Remade as the american (Mirrors) it is so far above that one in terms of storyline and value, they shouldnt be mentioned in the same breath. Unfortuanately it gets a little muddled in what its trying to be, so there's a let down but its much more sci-fi/horror than the american horror/gore remake. (American remake 5/10) There's more but thats a good start if anyone is interested in checking some out
  14. Its looking more and more (barring a trade) like we will start the year with a line of Bourque-Eller-PAP. If those 3 gel, that will be a very hard line to play against and while it may be our de-facto #3 line, should operate much more like a #2. I think we are going to be pleasantly surprised by monsieur Parenteau & his new start in Montreal.
  15. Welcome onboard! If we could somehow motivate him (and Bourque) to play strong game-in, game-out then a line of Bourque-Eller-PAP would be murder to play against.
  16. There seems to be a lot of confusion about this. I thought he was LW because my understanding is that he's been playing LW for Lev Praha and is usually listed as C/LW on most sites but then others have him at RW. Very confusing indeed.
  17. Should be interesting. I mentioned in another thread that I didnt think he'd make the team right out of camp but someone else astutely noted that perhaps the reason he signed here was that MB offered him a near "guaranteed" roster spot. I dont love doing that with an untested prospect but if our scouts are comfortable he'll at least be a top 12 forward then why not. He's listed as a LW so while we're certainly not short in that dept (patches, bournival, bourque moen, prust) if he pans out right away it would allow us to move someone too.
  18. As much as I love Saku, that ship has sailed imho. If Bergevin was to make a couple of moves (ie ship of DD to move up in the draft or as a package to land a top 4 dman AND ship off Plekanec to fill our #1RW slot) then maybe you bring in Koivu to play 3rd line checking role. Right now our centre depth (in terms of what they bring - and what they potentially could bring) is like this: 1. Galchenyuk (assuming we move him to centre, he's probably got the goods to be our best player at that position since the early 90s) 2. Plekanec (is arguably our best centre right now, but falls back to 2 or 3 based on the performance of our 2 youngsters) 3. Eller (could be #2 if he can continue his strong playoff performance) 4. Desharnais (offensively he's got great vision but beyond that, there isnt much.) 5. Briere (is what he is at this stage in his career) Saku would slot in somewhere between 4 and 5 imho... i just dont think we need that.
  19. All the more reason why MB should offer him a 1 year deal for $8m or something. Let him build his value back up and then he can get his big payday next summer but I dont see it happening.
  20. I really don't mind us passing on Vanek. As explosive as he could be, I never felt his style was a great fit - BUT - one thing that became extremely evident is how badly we need a #1 RW. We have Gallagher (and possibly Gionta) as a #2 and #3. On LW we have Patches as #1 and several solid #2-3 etc (Bourque, Bournival and L-shooting centres like Briere, Galchenyuk etc). If we let Vanek go thats fine but we REALLY need to replace that #1 RW imho.
  21. Im with HRF. Its not that I dont think there's still a fit there, but whenever a player says "im going to test the waters" it generally means he's looking for term. Vanek probably has 3-4 really good years left in him and he can be a game-changer but he's 30 so a 7 year deal would really be worrisome. If he'd settle for 5 years Id offer something, but still probably not as much as another team - so for both of these reasons I wouldnt expect him to sign with us - BUT - There's one scenario where i think he may remain a hab next year: Lets say he wants 7 years. Lets say his value is deflated because of the playoff debacle & teams worried about his consistency. Lets say he really does value winning. Maybe, just maybe, he tries a Marian Hossa 1 year deal. One year, decent money - he resigns with us, hoping we can repeat (but do better) next year. He pumps his value back up (assuming he has a good year) and who knows, could even raise it if he gets a full year of first line minutes with DD & Patches. Then he signs his big 7 year deal somewhere foolish enough to pay him huge money till he's 38. Its highly unlikely but I think its probably the most feasible scenario to seeing him come back with us.
  22. it would have been nice if they hadnt made it public (his intention to test the FA market) - we could have possibly gotten a 3-4th round pick for his rights but now I suspect there are very few teams who would pay anything at a chance to talk to him first....
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