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  1. The other issue is that he's really hindering that line - Eller's line is the only one we can count on for consistent 2 way play. Galchenyuk - Plekanec - Bournival would be a much better 200ft line.
  2. Vanek also has very good vision. Kovalev had the complete package though...Vanek is actually not a very good skater compared to much of our team. Its not just speed (which is sorely lacking) he's just not very mobile. His vision makes up for that when he's "on" because you never know what the heck he's going to do, but skating is definitely not his best asset. As for his play....people say his head is in minnesota...im not not sure the wild will want him anymore after witnessing this!!
  3. As long as he's "productive" in game 7, i'll be happy
  4. IMHO impossible to tell until after the playoffs. Right now, I dont even think Vanek could tell you. If we go deep, I think our chances go up exponentially. If we lose early, he almost certainly walks.
  5. Honestly, this is not a bad idea. If the short stint here is any indication, and we give him the ice time and linemates we've been giving him, he could potentially hit career numbers in one of his first couple of years. After years 3, 4 or 5 he would be slowing down but still have value to some Gm or other (you could likely get a high pick or prospect for him). The only problem with the plan is that you have to be bold and smart enough to trade him while he's still playing relatively well and this is a very hard course of action for most GMs. The greats - Sam Pollock for example - would make a move like that but its risky & can cost a GM his job before the dust has settled (and we realize it wasnt a bad move etc).
  6. If MB can't get a "term" deal I wonder if he would consider offering a short term one. Lets say we have a decent playoff run. What if he pulls a hossa? sign a one year deal (its not like he'll get a worse long-term deal next season) give it another shot with us & alongside DD and Patches potentially put up close to 'career' numbers. It wouldn't be the first offer I make to him, but if I was Marc Bergevin and he rejected my initial offer, I might well try a 1 or 2 year deal to see if he bites.
  7. And i still stand by the far that if we somehow manage to go deep in the playoffs, our chances of resigning him go up exponentially. Mind you, if MB only wants to offer him 5 years or something, then our chances may be nil, no matter what.
  8. This. The only 2 questions right now in my mind are: how good will price be and, can MT coach us properly for the playoff drive. If those two are both positive, we can contend.
  9. And thats fine. If you believe the sources, MB offered NY the deal for Vanek & they said No. He said "well im here, call me if you're ready" and they did. In negotiations you have to be able to walk away if its not on your term.
  10. Knowing MB's MO I actually see him offering Vanek 5 years at $8m per. I dont know why but I cant see him giving him more term, unless its for less money...which probably correlates with your hypothesis of an UFA day for Vanek.
  11. IMHO all the discussion of will we or wont we will be totally moot if we do anything less than game 7 round 2. If we lose in the first round, or easily in the 2nd, Vanek will almost certainly not resign. He got a pretty substantial offer from the isle but balked because he wanted to play for a contender. No better way to gauge if a team is one than by playing for them. So we'll see once the playoffs have come and gone but unless we win a couple of rounds, id be very surprised to see him resigned. If we do win som, then at that point, who knows.
  12. Yeah, hockey sense is off the charts. He's an interesting player. Normally Id agree with guys that are saying it would be risky to sign him long term but he's a special case. He has decent size but doesnt play particualrly physical. He's not particularly fast but never gets dropped from the play. He just seems effortless. In that regard he reminds me a lot of a guy like Selanne. As with most guys who rely on their hockey sense, its entirely possible Vanek keeps playing at a relatively high level for 5-7 more years. Im still not sure id sign him for that long but I wouldnt absolutely say no either.
  13. I thought he looked pretty good at RW with DD & patches....which probably means he'll be back on the checking line next game.
  14. Lol. yeah, I agree with HRF - its very unlikely Therrien gets fired this year (unless we like bomb 10 in a row or something). Someone (HEOTP?) had an article just after the Vanek trade that made a very interesting hypothesis that the moves at the deadline were designed to "give Therrien what he needed" and essentially absolve himself from being dragged down. In other words, if we do poorly this year, it puts MB in a position where he can fire Therrien more easily and remove himself from blame. Im not sure i agree, but it will be interesting to see how things play out. Personally I hope we start the Boston game with something like: Patches - DD - Vanek Gally - Eller - Gally Bourque/Briere-Pleks-Gio And both Vanek and someone from the EGG line scores (maybe multiple) so that MT keeps those lines together for a while!!
  15. Yeah, only way he would have stood out last night is if he had gotten really luck with a bounce or two. That said, I really dont love him on the plekanec line. You're putting him in way harder defensive situations than he needs to be and you're wasting his offensive abilities vs. just putting him on a pure scoring line like DD's.
  16. Here's a nice stat for us habs fans: In 53 games against the bruins in his career, Vanek has 30 goals and 31 assists.
  17. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that both GIonta and Briere had pretty amazing careers despite their size. We may have got them at the twilight of those careers, but if a guy like Reway is even close to their production, I think he'll be fine. I would agree that we still do seem to draft a lot of small skilled players but that is what happens when you draft skill in later rounds. You hope that one of them can turn into a Gionta or a Fleury or a St. Louis, but of course its less likely than if they were 6' 3" but thats why we got them where we did. The difference now is that unlike in the recent history, our core includes good sized players like Subban, Pacioretty, Eller, Galchenyuk, Tinordi, Pateryn, etc.
  18. Wow, thats nutty how the top 3 guys basically took 90% of the votes. So often its spread around amongst 6 - 8 guys. Interesting that chara got 10 first place votes (no one other than top 3 got more than 3) but far fewer 4th and 5th place votes. Its nice to see that PK distanced himself from Letang. I was worried they would split votes but it really came down to a race between him & Suter - which, imho is how it should have played out - the 2 best defensmen last year for sure. Doh, Gally - so close!!
  19. Well its a popularity thing of course. So while on-ice play has a lot to do with it, people are also making their picks based on personal "intangibles" and its hard not to like Gallagher.
  20. Giroux, Perry, Iginla & Horton for me. That gives you 4 guys who are not only offensive forces but could theoretically play on any of the 4 lines. I wouldnt be opposed to bringing someone like Gallagher as the 4th line energy player, but I think you have to go with a bit more experience in this case.
  21. Even though i took Eller over PK in the last round, over Gally (whom I also really like) I choose: PK Subban. Great top 4 this year though - not just 'popular' but great, young talent too
  22. This is going to be a VERY tight race, me thinks. In terms of my favourites: Eller Galchenyuk But all 4 are awesome.
  23. hehe. Shh, dont tell my brothers & sisters
  24. P.K. Subban --- vs --- Max Pacioretty Brendan Gallagher --- vs --- Brandon Prust Lars Eller --- vs --- Tomas Plekanec Carey Price --- vs --- Alex Galchenyuk Not much to choose from in the top 8 - the votes are already tough because they're all tops in my book!
  25. If had to guess, I would say we would take the following 7 players for sure: Doughty Subban Letang Seabrook Keith Weber Pietrangelo Obviously only 6 are playing at a time, but if healthy, I cant see how any of those 7 are overlooked. Its almost obscene how much talent we have on the blueline when you consider a guy like Weber is probably 4th or 5th on most people's lists. If only we had that much depth in goal! Mind you, we only really need one great goalie. We need 6+ great dmen. Guys like Staal, Phaneuf and Hamhuis will probably get a look for that last spot (we usually take 8, right?) although Id be interested to give Dougie Hamilton some experience because I think he's going to be elite in a few years' time.
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