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  1. While I dont disagree with you, we said a year ago that we were littered with 2nd & 3rd liners up front, but with the emergence of a few key players (the 2 gallys, eller) we have managed to take a whole lot of spare parts & get scoring by committee. We also know that as those youngsters improve, we will see them take on more of a starring role but for now, we have balance amongst a lot of "non-1st line" pieces. On defense, i think you could make the argument that if we could just get ONE GUY - someone who can play big time minutes and compliment PK perfectly, that we would have an elite 1st pairing & our 2nd & 3rd pairings could be used evenly over the other 30 minutes a game. Its not ideal, but like the 3 offensive line things we're doing up front it gives us time for our kids (Tinordi, Bealieu etc) to mature and take on those premium assignments. The trick is finding that one guy - that true #2 this summer. Do that, and our defence has a fighting chance at being respectable.
  2. 01 - P.K. Subban --- vs --- 16 - Peter Budaj 02 - Brendan Gallagher --- vs --- 15 - Raphael Diaz 03 - Lars Eller --- vs --- 14 - Jarred Tinordi 04 - Carey Price --- vs --- 13 - Josh Gorges 05 - Alex Galchenyuk --- vs --- 12 - Brian Gionta 06 - Tomas Plekanec --- vs ---11 - Alexei Emelin 07 - Brandon Prust --- vs --- 10 - Rene Bourque 08 - Max Pacioretty --- vs --- 09 - Andrei Markov
  3. And lets face it, build a strong core around Price and even an off-season like this year wont be as glaring. Every year ST. Louis seems to have a new Vezina-caliber goalie - and thats all on the defense & the coaching. I like Gorges & would be happy to have him stay on this team, but once again we have a player with a contract that his skill level probably doesnt allow him to live up to.
  4. Well, the only reason to buy him out (or more likely, move him) would be if we could actually improve that position. Obviously im not moving him to play Bouillon more or something. You move Josh Gorges to make room for Keith Yandle or another true #2-3 guy. The thought may be "well lets add a Yandle or Justin Faulk and KEEP Gorges" but the reality is you cant keep him, at that price, on the 3rd pairing... I dont think, at least.
  5. I chose Price, Lou and Martin Price, because i think he's legitimately the best. He may have had an offseason but I think next year will be a bounce-back, big time - not to mention the fact that as others (Roy) have mentioned, Price's numbers looked worse this year because of the shortened season + slump. Over a full year his numbers would have been better, im sure. I chose Lou because if he can ever calm down, he too has the ability to be very very good. Plus, he's historically shown to be very good in a relief role and lets face it, you are most likely to go with one guy throughout the tournament, so if those are the 3, the only way he gets in is relief of Carey. I chose Martin because I believe his experience would be invaluable to a young tender like Price. I am not sure he'd see any minutes, but as the 3rd guy, he would be an excellent choice imho.
  6. Interesting thought, Weep. I never even considered the compliance buyout on gorges - and why not? He's not much different than Kaberle (one dimensional and slipping in that role) but with a much longer term on a similar cap hit. That said, i do actually think we could move Gorges, if he's not in our plans, which would make the most sense.
  7. He's got great character. Im just playing. I still think that Gorges is better than a 3rd pairing guy, but I never liked the contract and like it less now. The problem is our other top dmen. Gorges cannot handle the sort of minutes and assignments, game in and game out, that PK can. He cant make up for the flaws that Markov has. He would be ineffective next to Emelin and we need Emelin next to one of the aforementioned offensive guys. Honestly, the best thing for our team may be to trade Josh + something and get an upgrade in the top 4. I am absolutely sure that with his reputation around he league, you could find a team desperate for leadership that would offer up a young defensman with a good chance at being a legitimate top 4. Part of me would hate to do this, because i really like Josh, but I think it may be in the best interest of the team, going forward. Pair him with a guy like Shea Weber (who is big, strong AND offensively gifted) and you may have a very good fit. There's probably a team out there looking for a guy like him, question is, whether they have a guy who would benefit us.
  8. [14] Colby Armstrong [23] Nathan Beaulieu [24] Mike Blunden [22] Francis Bouillon [12] Rene Bourque [21] Peter Budaj [17] David Desharnais [18] Raphael Diaz [29] Davis Drewiske [25] Gabriel Dumont [1] Lars Eller [10] Alexei Emelin [2] Alex Galchenyuk [4] Brendan Gallagher [11] Brian Gionta [15] Josh Gorges [19] Jeff Halpern [26] Tomas Kaberle [9] Andrei Markov [20] Travis Moen [7] Max Pacioretty [27] Greg Pateryn [5] Tomas Plekanec [6] Carey Price [8] Brandon Prust [30] Michael Ryder [3] P.K. Subban [13] Jarred Tinordi [28] Yannick Weber [16] Ryan White I am predicting an Eller, GallyA & GallyB, Price and Subban top 5. We shall see
  9. Interesting, I dont remember anyone suggesting Bergevin for GM of the year when talking about habs' awards, but today he was announced as a finalist: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=423069
  10. This. I cant see how you start off with such good positioning & then you come back from injury and you're a so much worse. I think he may not have been 100% and am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt next year. Frankly, like weep mentioned though, he needs to earn his spot next year. IMHO we have only one player who's earned his spot: PK at #1. Beyond that, every other spot is up for grabs on this blueline.
  11. This. Our future hasnt looked this bright for a long time. Im very excited for next year & cant wait to see how our young players (especially) respond next year. I look forward to what MB will do over the summer & am interested to see how MT will put it all together on the ice in October.
  12. First we come back in this game then the series & then THE WORLD.... mwahahaha. Ok ok. its one goal. Still.
  13. Well, it wasnt likely that Budaj would have a SO anyway, so might as well get the ONE stinker out of the way now. Lets get back in this & score!!
  14. Actually, Id prefer they let us win on our own accord tonight and then tilt the ice in our favour for game 6 - thats the game that worries me the most. Obviously we'd need to win this game first but i think if we somehow manage to cap a comeback and win this series, it will be game 6 that we look back upon as the toughed win.
  15. Hehe. Yes. I even think saying "he was in tears" would have been acceptable. "he cried in my arms" sounds...well, not so good.
  16. Queue the comeback. Tonight I believe we will play a strong game. A team game. Nothing flashy, no end to end rushes but a simple game with hustle. Losing skill out of our lineup hurts but we will have the advantage of guys who are rested, hungry and ready to follow the system. We need the veterans and the leaders to step up and remind this team we've not only been the better team in 3 of the 4 games, you could argue we've been the better team in 9 of the 12 periods we've played so far. Luck cannot remain bad forever & hopefully ours turns starting tonight. Budaj is the biggest question mark. If he can play remotely like he did in the regular season, we will have a chance. If the team plays like a unit, we will not need him to be spectacular, just "solid." We dont need him to channel his countryman Halak & stand on his head, but with timely saves and a good team game, this contest is ours for the taking. One game at a time, although I fully expect us to win tonight.
  17. Interesting point, CRB. Are there not more members of the PHWA in the east though?
  18. Bingo. It makes little sense. It will be quite interesting to see who does, in fact, win.
  19. Agree on all counts. I'll admit i havent seen a ton of Minnesota games, but from the 10-12 or so Ive seen this year, I dont see anything in Suter that makes me believe he's better defensively than PK. As good, maybe, but then PK wins in several other categories. And like you, BT, I would say PK is the best defensman we've had since Chelios - and there have been some very very good defensemen on this team since then.
  20. I would say Halpern is a lock, especially considering our PK issues. I would hope that MT will pick the next best available forward, although I could see him dressing Blunden simply for the size factor - which is fine, Blunden's not really a downgrade over any of the other options - as long as the plan isnt to try to outmuscle them again. That will not work in our favour.
  21. Thats what the comments reek to me of: jealousy. Sutter is somehow the "ok" choice because he's not as high-profile or exciting as either Subban or Letang. Most who are saying Letang should win are either Pens fans (there are a lot of them out there!) or those who feel like PPG is the only stat to measure a player by. I have a sneaking suspicion he (Subban) will win. I was a little worried (because of biases etc) he wouldnt even be a nominee, but now that he is, I think there's a good chance he got the votes to put him in 1st. We shall see.
  22. My only concern with tonight's game is that someone doesnt go out there looking for revenge against Eric Gryba. I dont *think* they will but you never know. As a few of us have mentioned in other threads, Im sure Lars would much rather be "avenged" with wins than with fights that most likely would be accompanied by extra penalty minutes for our team.
  23. An interesting take. I hope you're right
  24. Well and thats the funny thing. Going into the 1st intermission, I couldn't help but notice how frustrated some of the sens were at Gallagher and PK. Unfortunately, we couldn't capitalize on getting them frustrated and then we went off the deep end, but at least for the first 20 minutes we were doing ok.
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