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  1. I think that Bournival can become a very good 3rd line center after a full season in the AHL to develop. Montreal management will have to decide how to make room for this player after he becomes a great two way center in the AHL. MMW.
  2. I think 40 or more games in Hamilton will help his game. Ideally the full season in Hamilton but with all of the injuries for Montreal over the past few seasons that might not be possible. I am not positive but I think that a few top defencemen and forwards will move from junior to Hamilton this season. The team in Hamilton should be very good which I think helps develop players far more then a poor quality AHL team.
  3. I have a brick. I am not very happy that it is moving to a storage location and then back around a new condo. I think fans should get a refund for the brick purchase.
  4. I am fairly surprised that the NHL has not deemed the contract invalid. It goes against everything that the salary cap intended. The contract is totally front end loaded and the final 3 years are just a joke at $1 per season. It is really $110 - $3 = $107 million for 14 years - 3 years = 11 real years making the REAL cap hit $9.72 million. A farce of the NHL salary cap. With the NHL claiming it is financially broke how can the Wild and Flyers be throwing money around so easily? Because the NHL is not financially broke. The fans of hockey are paying a lot of money for tickets, NHL Center Ice, merchandise, and watching hockey on TV / Internet. The NHL is not financially broke. However I will not be travelling to watch any live NHL hockey if the rich / stupid owners lock out the players. Clearly the NHL owners are not in financial trouble with these stupid contracts. I think that the Predators should ask the NHL to either null and void the Flyers contract offer or at the very least deem it to be worth 4 1st round draft picks. And I think that the Predators should then take the 4 1st round draft picks. I don't like the 14 year offer sheet for Weber. The NHL players should love the offer sheet however maybe they are also wrong in that it is playing into the rich NHL teams hands like the Flyers. I don't like that PK Subban has not be re-signed. I hope no NHL makes an offer for Subban as it can be hard to match the offer sheet until our management and owner deal with Kaberle and Gomez contracts. I can only assume that management is looking for some type of buy out in the new CBA that will allow our team to deal with those two contracts without having to put the huge salary in AHL. But if a huge offer sheet is put for Subban by the Red Wings or Flyers or Preds I think that our team will have to match the offer sheet and then put Gomez in the AHL.
  5. The Flyers lost Carle and didn't sign Suter. The Red Wings didn't sign Suter. And the Preds lost Suter. I think that there are at least 3 teams that would take Kaberle and his contract. And I think Kaberle is worth a 1st round draft pick as they really need someone to run the PP and top 6 D. I think that several "rich" teams have lots of cap space so it does not matter that Kaberle has a big contract. He can always be traded in a season when the right player comes available next summer so those teams are really not giving up a 1st round draft pick. Just pushing the draft pick to another season so it is a win for the team trading for Kaberle. I will be surprised if Kaberle is still with the Habs in two weeks. The cap savings can be used to re-sign Subban to a big long term contract.
  6. I believe that MB was referring to not buying out Gomez contract in the recent interview. He then said the correct thing that Gomez is part of the team. It certainly did not indicate that Gomez was going to be part of the team for 2012-13. I think that some teams like the Islanders might jump at the chance to have Gomez for a prospect as the Islanders would have to pay $10 million for the remaining two seasons but get a cap hit of $7.3 per year. I think it is critical to remove Gomez from our team ASAP even if the $7.3 million if not spent this moment on a UFA player. We have seveal players that can play center. All with lower cap hits than Gomez. I believe that Doan and Semin are the two best UFA forwards still without a contract. I wonder if Montreal could land AK46 with a low one year offer. Something like $2 million for one year. Right now AK46 seems to be looking for a team and IMHO before the trade to Nashville there were some good games for AK46. What is the asking price for Rick Nash? I don't understand how it can be high considering the cap hit for Nash but maybe I simply do not understand the value that Nash brings to the team that signs him. Is he a 1st line winger or on several teams just a 2nd line winger? All things equal I would take Rick Nash over Semin. However Nash would likely require a 1st round draft pick, young player and roster player. So lets play that trade game. Our 1st round pick in 2013, Eller, and Gionta. Our team would get Rick Nash. With the salary going back to Columbus it should be fairly easy to fit Nash within the cap. Is Nash worth giving up our 3rd line center? Probably yes now that we have just drafted a center that will become the 1st or 2nd line center within 2 years. I would even consider trading DD instead of Eller depending on the skills shown by AG27 at camp last week. 1st round draft pick should be 20th to 30th overall with the new players and less injuries in 2012-13 so the draft pick is not a top end pick so the loss if likely not much to Montreal. Gionta is our captain but he is small, big cap hit, and coming off a serious injury. However Gionta would bring leadership to a young Columbus team. I think that a few teams would give up a 1st round draft pick or two 2nd round picks for Kaberle now that very few defenceman are still available this summer. I believe that Montreal has enough NHL experienced defenceman along with 4 potential NHL rookies playing in Hamilton to keep our team filled with 6 defencemen this coming year. Subban, Markov, Gorges, Emelin, Diaz, Weber, Bouillon gives our team 7 NHL defencemen. I am assuming that RFA Subban and Diaz are re-signed this summer. St. Denis, Nash, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Ellis, and a few other young defencemen will be fighting for roster spots or learning in Hamilton giving our team lots of depth making Kaberle or Diaz or Weber very tradeable. However I would have to believe that Kaberle has by far the most trade value even with his high cap hit. His long history of putting up offensive numbers should make him attractive to a few teams that need offensive defencemen. I believe that at least one rookie will make our team out of training camp. Not sure if it will be Tinordi or Beaulieu. But one of them should be Montreal. I think Beaulieu has to play NHL or junior in 2012-13 not AHL but I would not be shocked if Gallant will "tell" MT how to handle the rookie.
  7. Why not Semin for 2 year contract? With the assumption that Molson via the ticket sales, TV revenue, and other hockey revenue uses the huge profits from the fans to put Gomez in Hamilton or Europe eating his $7.3 million cap hit but actually costing less real money as the final 2 years of the Gomez contract are for less money. I would be shocked if it takes more than $13 million to get Semin for 2 years. Pleks would then have Gionta and Semin for his wingers which should give Montreal two top lines.
  8. Over the last 15 games Campoli played far better. Basically a try-out for a job next season. Campoli is UFA this summer. I see no reason for Montreal to re-sign Campoli unless the goal is lottery pick again next season.
  9. If Darche has a low cap hit then re-sign him to the press box and 4th line. Otherwise give his roster spot to a rookie. I thought Darche played good last season. I thought Darche played poorly in the first 30 games this season. But up until the injury Darche was a solid player and good on the PK. Not a 2nd or 3rd line player but 4th line type of player that could work well with White on the 4th line or sit in the press box for replacing injuried player which will happen sooner than later given how many injuries Montreal has experienced over the past 5 years.
  10. Scored a goal last night. But brutal in the defensive zone. Cost the team one goal against and could have cost us more. Time to trade or waive Campoli. Or at the very least put him in the press box until we need him to fill one of the six spots. Right now we are using 7 D even with Gill just leaving Montreal.
  11. St. Denis could at least learn somethings in Montreal. Even if it was only in the press box and practice especially with the Dogs well out of playoff in the AHL. Campoli was a MAJOR reason we lost against the Bruins. Waive Campoli. He had a few games with limited ice time and keeping things simple when he did not hurt the team. But Campoli has rarely helped the offense. Never helped the defence that I can remember. And numerous times played defence like MAB. At least MAB could use the lack of size as an excuse for his poor defence. Campoli can only use lack of skill as his response to his poor play defensively.
  12. I think that Campoli was by far our worst defenceman. And for some reason Campoli has been playing solid safe hockey recently. Maybe it is so he can be showcased. Or maybe the coach has Campoli playing within his skills. I suspect Campoli will be traded. But the good news is that our team has benefited from solid safe work displayed recently from Campoli.
  13. Makes the top 6 far better. When you don't really notice Spacek his game must be good. Didn't notice Spacek so things must be good.
  14. I thought he looked okay last night which is pretty darn good considering he missed training camp and only just joined the team.
  15. Looking forward to a big season for AK46. Not sure which line AK46 will play on. But with four centers that can pass like Pleks, DD, Eller, and Gomez there should be plenty of opportunity for AK46 to score goals. I think that 30 - 35 goals is realistic.
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