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  1. If Michel is at the presser, I doubt he's getting the axe.
  2. Sens Bruins
  3. Easy Mike Fischer's wife.
  4. Wet or dry it would fall at the same rate..... That said, it is falling
  5. Maybe put them away...
  6. Tie Jackets Ducks Caps Wings
  7. Rags Tie Laffs
  8. Tie Caps Ducks
  9. Feels agreeable, except the tampa game
  10. This really is a war of attrition, and I believe i'm the youngest still fighting.
  11. Opposite
  12. We could tape a laser to kinot's head...
  13. I'm barely watching games as it is. There's also a bit of a fine line for me between support and follow. I'll always be a habs fan, and will always want the team doing good. But I don't want to follow the team and spend the energy getting excited if I know the outcome will be the same next year either.
  14. Pens Caps Wings Bolts Panthers Sens Sharks
  15. Mic drop..... aka burn. Sort of a rapper thing I guess. And I'm not talking what's on a snickers bar.