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  1. Habs reference on HIMYM, awesome.

    1. kinot-1
    2. HabsRuleForever


      How I Met Your Mother

    3. kinot-1


      Really,,, that's cool. TKS, HRF

  2. Anyone see FHX lately?

    1. kinot-1


      According to his profile,,, was last active in May this year.

  3. It may be slightly early, but since I was up I wrote up what is THE MOST important GDT.... of the day.

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    2. habby4ever


      and Kinot is not arguing :)

    3. uncivilengineer


      I'm sure Kinot is firmly planted in their position.

    4. kinot-1


      No I am not, habby,,,, and yes I am UCE.

  4. Invasion of Rogers Arena step 1 complete, tickets acquired.

  5. Invasion of Rogers Arena step 1 complete, tickets acquired.

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    2. ColRouleBleu


      oh well, an addiction is an addiction, what can you do LOL

    3. uncivilengineer


      Yeah, well lets not forget the fact that in Vancouver I'm in section 327 ($140/ticket). At Bell Centre I'm in section 318 ($61/ticket).

    4. kinot-1


      hey, UCE, you could always go to a Col-Van game for less LOL

  6. Blow Leafs, Blow.

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    2. hdidou


      Hahaha! The end of regulation time was so funny :)

    3. habs_93


      That has to be one of the biggest meltdowns in playoff history.

  7. It's been a while, so remind me.... If the leafs get swept.... do we call it a raking?

  8. Well, at least Boston lost as well..

  9. Still no iphone support for forums...

    1. WestCoastHabs


      We can only hope it gets fixed soon!

    2. roy_133
  10. Sure we lost 6-0 last night. But remember. We beat them 5-0 on the Mats Sundin retirement night. Which is more memorable?

    1. uncivilengineer


      Civil....... thats electrical.

    2. GreekHockeyCoach


      Then you went into the wrong engineering field

  11. Anyone else finding the reporting on the PK not bring signed issue is getting old? Like the reporting on the lockout. There's nothing new to report.

  12. Sched's out, lets get that GDT signup going.

  13. How many bears could Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears?

  14. Tenative NHL deal eh? Lets see how this turns out.

    1. Forever_Habs10


      So damm disinterested at this stage,could care less.....waiting till next season to get back into the full extent of it all.....for me.

  15. The good news, my habs jersey still fits.... The bad news... my Team Canada jersey is still in Kelowna.

  16. Off until Jan 2? Booyah! Hope to get caught up on some threads here....

  17. Just realized, I haven't heard this beauty in a while. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BPkXThpTos

    1. uncivilengineer
    2. EHIW


      words do not describe how glad I am our subway adverts are normal

  18. Would just like to wish everyone a happy MOvember 1st.

    1. uncivilengineer


      Mobile app is free.

      MOvember first, is the first day of MOvember (movember.com)

    2. uncivilengineer


      But the manly thing is a moustache... hence MOvember.... I dunno, them Aussies started it all.

  19. Looks like I'll be settling in Vancouver, as long as they didn't pull my job offer there.

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    2. Forever_Habs10


      Hey,say hi to my sister-in-law for me.

    3. thethrillisgone


      oh Vancouver is where I live :o Hopefully everything works out for you!

    4. uncivilengineer


      Well there goes my plans to buy a houseboat. lol

  20. I may be applying to jobs in.... *shudder* Toronto....

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    2. hatethosebruins


      May the Hockey Gods have mercy on your soul.

      If they win the cup its your jinx

    3. beaubie


      ^lol htb.

      It's not that bad here!

    4. uncivilengineer


      Was rather much a joke, archey... If I get a job there its fine..

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