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  1. Thanks! Definitely been a blue moon or two. Need to get back in the game. Told the GF im watching more of these games.
  2. Most for one team in a game is 16.... by Montreal in 1920... Long shot, but new goal to reach..
  3. Let's just say from what I remember, Bulgaria pulled the goalie out partway through and played with 5 defence or something like that...
  4. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Finally-video-evidence-of-Slovakia-s-82-0-slaug?urn=nhl,107581 I'll just leave that there
  5. No kidding... mine is safely parked until spring... unfortunately.. So.... who does Colorado put in net for the third?
  6. Sorry, my fault we didn't get to 10 this period. Went for a walk to Timmys and they didn't score until I got back and turned the TV back on.
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