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  1. This....
  2. I agree with all of the points you've mentioned. I seem to remember a time when slashing had nothing to do with stick on stick play, when any hit three feet or more into the boards was called boarding, when a player taking more than 5 strides to check a player was called charging, when a crosscheck was the obvious use of the stick in that fashion was a penalty, when hooking was using the "hook" of the stick blade to impede a player, when interference was a penalty any time a player without the puck was obstructed and/or checked in any way and any time a player was hit from behind regardless of how it occurred was a penalty... and when many of the dangerous infractions above were considered 5 minute major penalties. There is no need for fighting or any of the unsportsmanlike conduct after whistles... you throw a punch you get ejected, plain and simple. None of that behavior is really hockey in the pure sense of the word. But the macho-mantra of the old boys who run the league remains, "There must be blood" and the name of the game is "violence preferred". Just one more point.... watching the game the other night where some were upset over the non call that lead to the winning goal.... earlier in the game the Bruins actually did the same thing and that was not called either... albeit no goal was scored against the Blues... in retrospect, I wonder if it was the same Referee
  3. Dano Petry Mete KK
  4. If he could land a replacement with a younger player like Eric Karlsson, Bergevin might think seriously about dealing Weber.
  5. Are we sure it will have to be 11 million? Term and the fact he may want to return to the region near Ottawa because of his wife could mean actually less if money is not the main issue.
  6. But why not Weber? There will definitely be a taker out there IMO
  7. It could mean that some right defense prospects could be traded for a top-two LD
  8. Petry Danault Shaw Armia Mete Byron Juulsen Lehkonen
  9. The Jacobs factor?
  10. 1 - Carey Price 2 - Jeff Petry 3 - Shea Weber 4 - Max Domi 5 - Brendan Gallagher 6 - Tomas Tatar 7 - Philip Danault 8 - Jesperi Kotkaniemi 9 - Victor Mete 10 - Jonathan Drouin 11 - Joel Armia 12 - Ryan Poehling 13 - Artturi Lehkonen 14 - Brett Kulak 15 - Paul Byron 16 - Nate Thompson 17 - Jordan Weal 18 - Noah Juulsen 19 - Jordie Benn 20 - Christian Folin 21 - Cayden Primeau 22 - Michael McNiven 23 - Charlie Lindgren There could be additions to this list after training camp... Suzuki, Teasdale for example
  11. It sure seemed that way to me throughout these playoffs... and it continues. They get away with a lot while other teams are penalized for very similar plays.
  12. good luck to all you winners in the next round... Congrats Cenner... I was off from the getgo and could never catchup... Win it all Bro
  13. Wednesday’s playoff schedule Game 7: Colorado Avalanche @ San Jose Sharks Start time: 9:00 PM EDT / 6:00 PM PDT In Canada: Sportsnet, CBC (English), TVA Sports (French) In the US: NBCSN Elsewhere: NHL.tv/Rogers NHL Live
  14. Tuesday’s playoff schedule Game 7: Dallas Stars @ St. Louis Blues Start time: 8:00 PM EDT / 5:00 PM PDT In Canada: CBC (English), TVA Sports (French) In the US: NBCSN Elsewhere: NHL.tv/Rogers NHL Live
  15. Monday’s playoff schedule Game 6: Boston Bruins @ Columbus Blue Jackets Start time: 7:00 PM EDT / 4:00 PM PDT In Canada: CBC, Sportsnet (English), TVA Sports (French) In the US: NBC Elsewhere: NHL.tv/Rogers NHL Live Game 6: San Jose Sharks @ Colorado Avalanche Start time: 10:00 PM EDT / 7:00 PM PDT In Canada: CBC, Sportsnet (English), TVA Sports (French) In the US: NBC Elsewhere: NHL.tv/Rogers NHL Live