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  1. Hey HTL... would you choose Markov at 40 before Gardiner? Just wondering...
  2. This would not be such a bad idea really... a look could bring about a surprise. That said, I think it is highly unlikely it happens.
  3. Apparently he turned down a more lucrative offer from the Ducks for 2.5 million per season for 2 yrs. And, personally, I would not be interested considering what we already have in the pipeline at a younger age (i.e. - Juulsen)
  4. 1952- Bill Nyrop Vs. Gerry McNeil or Jacques Plante... Poof!!!
  5. I don't think he will be given much of an opportunity to play with the Habs at the NHL level. That said, I could see this as a sign and trade option as an add on with someone else like a Drouin for example... to try to land a bigger fish as they say
  6. When I checked this out the answers were already posted... so I got them all right
  7. Steve "The Shot" Shutt and... I'm thinking one of Stefan Richer or Pierre Larouche
  8. He should probably fix the situation regarding Armia and Lehkonen before he makes any other offers IMO. Of course there is still the possibility for a trade (I'm thinking Byron and/or Hudon could be a part of that).
  9. Correct... again, sorry for the misread on my part
  10. Since MB has already tarnished his name with other GM's because of the Aho offer sheet, he may find it hard to find a trade partner. That said, IMO it them becomes reasonable that he should offer sheet someone else... be that Laine or Connor or someone else
  11. Sorry about this... I misread this comment which actually meant "should have" rather than "did"... my bad
  12. Posted on RDS that Pierre Lebrun says Hudon has been traded to the Minnesota Wild for a 4th round pick... can anyone verify if this is true or not?
  13. Though this would not have been my first choice I'm willing to take a wait and see before a determination can be made regarding whether or not Chariot is a complimentary piece that makes sense. I've read pros and cons as well as speculation from differing sides... time will tell
  14. Reading these posts makes me think there could be a possibility that Dundon's gut reaction to save face, would be to say what he has to this point... until it becomes official Monday I will wait to see how this plays out... and I think MB feels the same way