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  1. I second this... but have a gut feeling Bergevin will want to stay away from him because of his actions regarding systemic racism. Bergevin does not seem to like players who are more vocal than others (i.e.- like Subban)
  2. this
  3. Well he did return to Montreal... not the bubble
  4. Forget the poll about... what's is name? Now... as for how the NHL is handling (not) the playoffs in bubbles... personally I don't see any difference than the way it always seems to be... questionable
  5. PVR it
  6. Agree with both of these comments... Let the kids get the playoff experience... they may be just what is needed to win this series vs. the Flyers
  7. Boston vs Washington-Boston Dallas vs St. Louis-Dallas Columbus vs Toronto-Toronto
  8. I feel the same way about all of this... it has been fun to watch... but the end result has to favor the future. A 12.5% chance of drafting Lafrenière (or a 9th overall pick should the lottery not go their way) sounds much more beneficial than a short-lived playoffs run…
  9. Agreed... this is just weird
  10. Vancouver vs Minnesota: Vancouver Washington vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia Las Vegas vs St Louis: Las Vegas Toronto vs Columbus: Toronto Calgary vs Winnipeg: Calgary
  11. This was unexpected for me... I guess you never can tell what this team is capable of when things go their way.
  12. I couldn't say it any better...
  13. NY Islanders vs Florida: New York Nashville vs Arizona: Nashville Tampa Bay vs Boston: Boston Colorado vs Dallas: Dallas Pittsburgh vs Montreal: Pittsburgh Edmonton vs Chicago: Edmonton
  14. Very astute observation... I agree totally
  15. Florida vs NY Islanders: Islanders Arizona vs Nashville: Arizona Columbus vs Toronto: Columbus Calgary vs Winnipeg: Calgary Carolina vs NY Rangers: Rangers Minnesota vs Vancouver: Minnesota