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  1. Sunday, April 21 Game 6: San Jose Sharks (2-3-0) TBA Vegas Golden Knights (3-2-0) Game 6: Boston Bruins (2-3-0) 3:00p ET Toronto Maple Leafs (3-2-0)
  2. Saturday, April 20 Game 5: Dallas Stars (2-2-0) 3:00p ET Nashville Predators (2-2-0) Game 6: Winnipeg Jets (2-3-0) 7:00p ET St. Louis Blues (3-2-0) Game 5: Carolina Hurricanes (2-2-0) 8:00p ET Washington Capitals (2-2-0)
  3. Friday Bruins Flames
  4. I think this could be what the strategy will be for now, while they look for that coveted left-defenseman
  5. A decent third pairing right defenseman with experience. I think those of us looking forward to seeing players like Juulsen, Brook et al. will have to wait. If a trade can be made to acquire a first pairing left-defenseman one of Mete, Kulak or Benn could be moved out.
  6. Washington vs Carolina: Carolina St Louis vs Winnipeg: Winnipeg Las Vegas vs San Jose: Las Vegas
  7. Absolutely As I am for the disregard for Folin as his Partner, who in my opinion showed hockey smarts in terms of passing during breakouts
  8. Wednesday Leafs Preds Flames
  10. Boston vs Toronto: Boston Washington vs Carolina: Tie - Carolina Nashville vs Dallas: Tie - Nashville Calgary vs Colorado: Colorado
  11. This in essence is why I can't legitimize the run for the Stanley Cup anymore... It is no longer a true representation of a League Championship
  12. The way the games are played and officiated I wouldn't doubt what you hope for comes true.
  13. Here, here!!!!
  14. Sunday NY Islanders @ Pittsburgh Tampa Bay @ Columbus Winnipeg @ St. Louis San Jose @ Las Vegas in OT I'm clueless so far.... I'll go with this
  15. I know you hate the leafs HTL and Kadri does deserve what he gets in terms of suspension... however, I watched the whole game on my PVR and the Bruins were basically allowed to do the greater amount of dirty play left unpunished by the Zebras. The officials favored the Bruins IMHO. I wonder how much influence was because of Jacobs.