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  1. Game Center Live has been pretty decent so far. The one dissapointment is lack of Chromecast support. Streaming to my TV from the tab works OK sometimes (the video isn't quite as fluid but I can live with that) but othertimes, and moreso lately, it freezes up and/or the quality plummets. Part of me wonders though if the inconsistency is due to my wireless speed. I have cable internet, the connection is plenty fast but it may be time for a new router (or some kind of booster). Anyway, I was really hoping the NHL would come out with a Google Chrome app when the season started, they have one for most other platforms.
  2. Beaulieu Short term, it's risk because our depth on defense would take a hit, but he can somehow move Emelin for anything close to Eberle's value, you take it and run and worry about the depth issue later. Still don't see how that deal is possible though. I think Emelin has a no trade clause as well?
  3. Mostly agree, although I will add I tend to give the coaching staff the benefit of the doubt since they have a much larger sample size than we do from seeing these guys at practices.
  4. Almost certainly yes. He's pretty much the epitome of a moneyball type player that advanced stats help you find. He's already taking critisism, but he's been getting heavy zone starts and the toughest matchups among defensemen and still finding a way to play a solid possession game. Like you said, he's really efficient at retrieving the puck and getting it to a teammate in a hurry. He's also great at holding the line in offensive zone without getting caught. There's nothing flashy about it so we don't really notice his game much, except for the odd time he makes an akward play or doesn't hit someone we expect him to. But that's exactly why we got a top 4 defenseman who tilts the ice the way he does for the price we did.
  5. Question to CRB or whoever knows. I noticed there are also "Master card pre-sale dates" that are a couple of days prior to each of the 15th dates listed above. Two questions: #1 Do you just have to have a Mastercard (which I presume you'd have to purchase the tickets with) to qualify for that pre-sale? #2 Does the pre-sale work the same way as the regular sale? (ie: you're put in a random order and there may not be enough tickets left when it gets to you?) Thanks everyone!
  6. As I recall, our depth down the middle really hurt us that year too. We brought in Lang who started the year on fire then he got his tendon cut and was out for the year.
  7. Might even be 2 years, similar to Subban.
  8. Ya, with respect to the D, you'd like to see things cleaned up more but as you've mentioned, every pairing is new this year. I know some of the wins have been close but we've managed them through absolutely god awful special teams play and a few bad bounces. With even decent PK/PP some of those games aren't as close. The PP looks like it's coming around at least, no just because they finally scored but the puck movement seemed much better on Saturday. We've also seen how many goals called back? These are things that tend to even out over the course of the season, so picking up wins when they occur is a nice bonus.
  9. What's most encouraging to me is that we've been playing quite well at 5 on 5 so far. Our special teams have pretty well been a disaster all around though. We have the personnel for a strong PK and PP so hopefully that gets fixed sooner than later.
  10. +/- can be a dangerous stat over a full season. Over a handful of games it can be extremely misleading. You watch the Tampa game for example where they were on for 3 goals. HEOTP posted the video replay of all 3 goals. You watch all 3 and you really can't fault any of the three forwards on any of the goals. Luck is going to be a pretty big factor in +/-, especially over a sample that small. This is also without taking into account their aforementioned tough zone starts and assignments.
  11. Ya, rare bad game for him, he was getting frustrated.
  12. At least if he's injured we know he won't be replaced by Bouillon or Murray. What a great feeling
  13. Seeing as we're officially down to a 23 man roster and he's still around, he can probably make the jump to the Players section
  14. Even then, at their worst this year, I can't imagine the young guys being any sort of downgrade on Murray or Bouillon.
  15. Nice, I didn't realize that. Between him and DD we should be set!