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  1. He is on pace for 30 goals.
  2. Thank god.
  3. I know he's a great leader and wears an "A", but in 15 minutes of ice time (less than any other defenseman, including the rookies) he managed to be on the ice for both backbreaking even strength goals against and took a holdling penalty to start the 3rd. Frustrating to watch last night when our current blue line is so innexperienced.
  4. Honestly, we keep wondering whether it will be Yemelin, Spacek, Diaz etc who sits when our D core is healthy, but I hope Gill isn't immune to these considerations if he's getting outperformed. His PK abilities are probably his ticket to staying in the lineup though.
  5. That's better than not bad. Nice to see him throw together a decent game.
  6. Martin had said before they were targeting the home opener vs the Flames as a return date for Lars. Assuming everything goes well, we might see him on Thursday.
  7. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.
  8. I'm all for Yemelin getting some ice time, but we just lost our second best puck mover after Subban, and I thought he was looking pretty good until he got hurt.
  9. Really excellent post. As far as "who is Shanahan to decide that the right amount of time is 2 seconds..." that unfortunately for him is the job he was given. I just re-watched the hit again, and I think if you look at it in a vacuum it really can go either way, almost a 50/50 call. However, if you factor in the fact Malone was trying to hurt someone all night, I think it becomes easier to lean towards suspension. I don't know if Shanny is supposed to/allowed to consider things like this when reviewing a hit, but I think he should be. My last point: although I agree and would like to see him lay down suspensions for all hits to the head, he really can't do that as things stand. The rule is currently just for intentional (including reckless) hits to the head. No matter how good our VP of operations is (and I do still have faith he'll do a great a job), the real solution won't occur until the rule itself changes to ban all head shots.
  10. I'm pretty dissapointed there was no suspension, but I'm giving Shanny the benefit of the doubt for time being since: 1) He made the same decision with the same reasoning in a similar case with Eddler on Hall. 2) He really has no reason to be bias towards Montreal one way or the other. Mainly, I'm just happy Campoli is OK and won't miss any time.
  11. Oh I know, but the fact that he embraces the self-deprecating nick name tells you a lot about his sense of humour.
  12. The name alone is great
  13. I assume this is tongue-in-cheek or sarcasm? If not, you're certainly entitled to your opinion but would be in the vast minority. I wouldn't have minded giving him a few games with the big club, but ultimately, I think for his development he needs to dominate in junior this year, make Team Canada and have a good showing.