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  1. I would agree he's a poor man's Wisniewski, but then again so was Wisniewski until his breakout season last year. Will this guy walk in and be a stud and solve all our problems? Doubtful. But this also isn't your typical 'sign a guy at the bottom of the barrel nobody wanted'. If it was, he'd be here for $700K. Spector (not Eklund!) had reported following arbitration Campoli was confident about getting a contract and was already talking to teams and taking his time. Obviously to get the most money possible (which you can't really blame him for). Let's face it; if Markov can't start the season he's our next best puck mover after Subban. (Spacek can be, but he's pretty much a wild card). He's also in his physical prime and used to playing 19-20 minutes a night. Is it desperate? Maybe, but I still think it's a good move given our cap space and the state of our defense.
  2. Funnily enough, if you look back at some of my posts around the forum I've actually found myself defending him quite a bit. For some reason I have a feeling he is going to surprise a lot of us and be a contributor this year. Not one of our best defensemen or anything, but I think he will deliver much more than the fringe 6/7 guy many are envisioning him as for the upcoming season. Having said that, when I look at the defensemen that were or still are available in the off season, I don't think it makes sense for anyone to go out and give up assets to acquire Jaro when they could have signed someone else on a one year deal without giving up anything.
  3. I'd only be acquiring him if I were trying to move a defenseman (or maybe another player) on a long contract I wanted to get rid of. Think Spacek ++ for Brian Campbell if Florida hadn't made them such a great offer. Unfortunately a big contract is the last thing we need.
  4. The first 25 games or so last year he was absolutely awful, our worst defenseman on quite a few nights. He started to play much better after that but I think the way he started the year left a bad taste in most of our mouths for the rest of the year (mine included). I don't know what caused him to not appear ready to start the season, but if he can come prepared and not use the first 1/3 of the season as an extended training camp, I think we'll see a big difference and be pleasantly surprised. I thought in his first year with the Habs he was put in a very difficult situation and did pretty well. If he gets back to that level of play (and that really shouldn't be impossible) I'll be pretty happy.
  5. It's funny, because outside of the PK, he's actually a lot more useful and versatile than Gill IMO who is generally well liked by the fan base.
  6. Hard to say. Alot will depend on AK himself. It's unlikely he unseats Cole, Cammy or Gionta, but Patches is still young and would be effective on an offensive 3rd line as well, so there's no reason to believe those two couldn't have some healthy competition for a top 6 spot. It's also very possible he still sees some PP time if he's playing well. I think the offensive opportunities are still there for him if he takes them. What's nice is, we're not as screwed this year if he doesn't take them.
  7. I think well at his job and worked hard, but other comparable players bring another element to the table, be it more offense or more physicality. Maybe he'll get the chance to go play with his brother. Phoenix can sign him cheap and work in a $6M bonus if he scores 30 goals to bump up his cap hit.
  8. Well, if you look at most bottom 6 forwards in todays NHL alot of them put up close to PPG numbers as over-agers in junior, so the projection probably isn't that far off. (Have a look at Tom Pyatt's junior stats as an example). Having said that, I have absolutely zero problem with these kind of deals. They cost nothing and you never know when you'll get a diamond in the rough. At the worst, you add depth/competition to the farm team.
  9. Given we lost the game last because we allowed 3 PP goals he'll be a welcome addition.
  10. Agreed, I haven't seen any other comparable D-man acquired for any cheaper this year. Really, he's a UFA after this year and on a extremely cheap contract. The Ducks receive absolutely no benefit to moving him beyond what they actually receive as compensation. When you start talking about 6th or 7th round picks, Anaheim may just as soon say whatever, and just keep him in case of injury.
  11. Common Paul, channel your Phoenix 05-06 season
  12. After last season, I never thought I'd be this happy to see Paul Mara in the line up.
  13. I'd sure like to throw him out there right now lol
  14. It's not that there's no D in Hamilton who can be given a chance, it's that we've called them all up already Seriously though, I totally support giving young players a chance, but we have a ton of young guys from Hamilton throughout the line-up at the moment and our defense core is scary young right now.
  15. Look at how often Toronto deals with the Ducks. They're just nice guys I guess. Anyway, pure depth move to deal with our devastating blue line injuries. Hopefully it helps us salvage this western road trip because our blue line is not pretty.
  16. He's obviously raw, but agreed it was a solid debut. He had some really smart passes, seems to see the ice pretty well.
  17. I feel a bit of the same. My curiosity gets the best of me when it comes to new prospects. I'll look at is as win/win. Either Spacek is ok to go and we have a better line-up, or he can't and I get to see a Habs prospect I've never seen before.
  18. It's a bit surprising actually; he put up some decent numbers in the AHL before getting called up the first time. I wasn't expecting him to be a top 6 or anything but I thought he had a little more to bring offensively from the bottom 6.
  19. Well they showed JM chasing down the refs in the hall after the game and talking to them, so it could be related to that or it could be related to Boston being idiots in general in the last minute of the game.
  20. I don't know. I'm sure in pure ability there isn't much of a drop off, if any, between Auld and a guy like Sandford or Desjardin. But Auld seems to have the ability to play a pretty decent game when he goes long stretches without playing. I don't know if the other two would be as effective in that scenario. Also being a veteran and the support he can provide to a starter probably has some value, though who knows. I've been happy and feel Auld has done what he's needed to do this year.
  21. Agreed. It's always nice to see some size down the middle, even if it is in a bottom 6 capacity.
  22. If he's on the ice, it's a pretty strong indication it isn't a concussion issue as some of us we're worried about.
  23. Actually, there's been a few times where I thought he'd lost his stick because it blends in with the ice so well.
  24. If we're not willing to go to $4M then we're not going to get him IMO. He's going to expect a raise and at age 26-27 there is no reason to expect he can't maintain this level of play.
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