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  1. Wow, I'm the first guy to take Iginla? St. Louis Giroux Iggy Perry
  2. Really? I'd say he had very good first season there. He went almost PPG this year, 35+ goal pace. More productive than his last few seasons in Columbus.
  3. A big congrats! Can't think of a more deserving candidate
  4. Ugh, so hard. I was hoping Eller and PK wouldn't meet until the finals
  5. Subban Gallagher Eller Galchenyuk Youth movement
  6. This is the hardest category by far. I'd bring 5 or 6 and put one or two on the wing. If I have to pick just 4: Crosby, Stamkos, Toews, Bergeron. I would bring Tavares and stick him on the wing. I think Stamkos could snipe from the wing as well if necessary (which would allow someone like Getzlaf to center a line as well).
  7. +1. Too bad AV wasn't available at this time last year.
  8. We'll see; if 6 months is the "normal" recovery time for this surgery, an elite athlete with the best doctors/physical therapists might be back sooner (look at Karlson). I just hope it doesn't affect his game too much going forward. He's young enough that he can hopefully come back 100%.
  9. Agreed, but that holds equally true for Boudreau. And if you're into advance stats, they show the Ducks weren't playing particularly well and got there on the back of some unsustainable high shooting percentages and some incredible goaltending. At least in MT's case, he had this team playing a brand of good possession hockey we haven't seen in probably at least 15+ years.
  10. 01 - P.K. Subban --- vs --- 16 - Peter Budaj 02 - Brendan Gallagher --- vs --- 15 - Raphael Diaz 03 - Lars Eller --- vs --- 14 - Jarred Tinordi 04 - Carey Price --- vs --- 13 - Josh Gorges 05 - Alex Galchenyuk --- vs --- 12 - Brian Gionta 06 - Tomas Plekanec --- vs ---11 - Alexei Emelin 07 - Brandon Prust --- vs --- 10 - Rene Bourque 08 - Max Pacioretty --- vs --- 09 - Andrei Markov That 7 vs 10 match-up was a tough one for me.
  11. Agreed, that's the end game. But since it won't happen in one year, we may as well use Josh until we get there and stay as competitive as possible.
  12. It absolutely wasn't IMHO. Frankly, the first two games of that series were two of the best games we played all year. We all know what happened in the 3rd period of game 3, but we adjusted and played another dominant game 4. We dominated the first period of game 5 with half our roster injured, and somehow finished the period down a goal. That was it, the last kick in the teeth we could handle. Did we play perfect hockey? No. But we played better than the Sens. Did we mistakes? Yes, but we made less than Ottawa. We had the second best posession stats through the first round of the playoffs, second only to Chicago. I'm not saying we deserved to win the series; the Sens were opportunistic and goalies are part of a team like anyone else, and in that facet of the game we got outplayed big time. But I can objectively say our skaters played better than theirs did and I'd like to think poor goaltending with not be a sustainable/recurring issue going forward.
  13. It's a good point, although if you're going to be playing someone in that top 4 role regardless, I'd say it may as well be Gorges who's probably best suited for it out of that group. If you assess the defense as follows (I'm going to go ahead and borrow yours from State of the Habs): 1: Subban 2: No one 3: No one 4: Emelin (possibly) 5: Markov, Diaz, Gorges 6: Bouillon, Tinordi The jury is still out on Emelin (even more so than Gorges IMHO) and we've just learned he won't be ready to start the season. But for the time being, let's assume the stars aline, that he comes back early in the season and is a bonafide #4 guy. Even if we manage to acquire a legitimate 2 or 3 guy, we still need to slot someone from that bottom group in the top 4 and that may as well be Gorges for the time being. And getting that guy this offseason is going to be a challenge. Getting two guys, virtually impossible. To me, we roll with Gorges for probably at least 2 more years. It'll be the development of Tinordi and Beaulieu (and possibly some other guys) that pushes him out the door.
  14. Even if you want to get rid of him (not the right time to do it IMHO) I really don't think a compliance buyout is necessary. He logs pretty good ice time and has the impressive shot blocking stats and raw raw leadership that GMs eat up with defensive defensemen. He's probably moveable (even if the return is mediocre). Why buy him out though? I get that we're missing some top end talent on the back end, but I don't see how moving a guy who's currently 3rd or so on the depth chart (you could maybe argue even higher) helps improve an already spotty defense core, particularly if we're not getting anything back in return. It would be different if we needed to free up the money, but we really don't.
  15. Don't worry, there's lots of vancies in the top 4 for them! I think he's a decent second pairing guy, but he needs the right partner. He's not going to carry a pairing. Subban = right kind of partner Pre-injury Markov = right kind of partner post-concussion Diaz = wrong kind of partner
  16. Well, we know for certain Kaberle is gone.
  17. [21 ] Colby Armstrong [14 ] Nathan Beaulieu [25 ] Mike Blunden [20 ] Francis Bouillon [10 ] Rene Bourque [13 ] Peter Budaj [18 ] David Desharnais [12 ] Raphael Diaz [29 ] Davis Drewiske [24 ] Gabriel Dumont [1 ] Lars Eller [17 ] Alexei Emelin [4 ] Alex Galchenyuk [2 ] Brendan Gallagher [9 ] Brian Gionta [11 ] Josh Gorges [16 ] Jeff Halpern [27 ] Tomas Kaberle [10 ] Andrei Markov [23 ] Travis Moen [6 ] Max Pacioretty [26 ] Greg Pateryn [7 ] Tomas Plekanec [5 ] Carey Price [8 ] Brandon Prust [15 ] Michael Ryder [3 ] P.K. Subban [19 ] Jarred Tinordi [28 ] Yannick Weber [22 ] Ryan White I ended up with 29 . Must have double counted a number.
  18. I think Brian Murray deserved a nod over most guys on that list. The youth + goalie he acquired during his tenior carried the team this season.
  19. Subban and Letang both had phenominal years and are both very deserving candidates. I'll be happy either one wins (though my preference is Subban for obvious reasons ) I'd be pretty dissapointed if Suter pulls it off. My concern is that the rhetoric of Suter being a better/shutdown guy will take over. The average voter can probably pick Suter and feel like they are choosing a guy who does "more than get points" even though Subban and Letang are both clearly superior to Suter when you look at the advanced stats.
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