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  1. Confirmed by Friedman's Twitter which is as rock solid as it gets. Still hard to believe. We really got away with one there. Let's remember this next time we're ready to bust our the conspiracy theories about the league working against us.
  2. It is strange. He's been very good-excellent for 7 out of 9 periods. Unfortunately the two bad periods were 3rd periods where he lets in mediocre back breaking goals. I wouldn't say he cost of the game last night by any means but he certainly didn't help the cause. On that CBS article... WOW. If true, we caught a major break and I'd be pissed if I were a Sens fan.
  3. Our defense is a team weakness no doubt, but we still played two great games where we significantly outchanced Ottawa. I have no reason to think we can't outplay them and win this series unless the tail spin from last game combined with injuries/suspensions carries over into game 4 and beyond. I agree sometimes you have to lose to learn how to win, and I'm hoping that will apply to this series and not just the big picture.
  4. I think at minimum Bourque gets suspended (which sucks since he's been one of our best players) with Prust and/or White being possible as well.
  5. I'm expecting at least one or two suspensions to our guys, we'll see how it shakes out.
  6. One of the few guys who kept his cool and stayed disciplined and actually kept his focus on playing and winning the geam. But I guess a real captain would have elbowed someone in the head or two handed a guy's leg and joined in a brawl to get thrown out of the game? He's playing hurt, will probably need surgery in the offseason, and still gave us 18 quality minutes picking up an assist on our only goal. And we're in here slagging him. The amount of disrepect he constantly gets sickens me.
  7. Eller released from the hospital. Hopefully that gives the guys a boost and they can rally and win this for him.
  8. I know he was shaken by that hit, he was markedly worse after.
  9. Wow lots of venom in here. I thought he was fine.
  10. Somewhat of the same blueline. Being without both Tinordi and Diaz at the same time is really when the wheel's came off though. A healthy Diaz and Tinordi (if he continues at his current level of play) is a pretty big improvement.
  11. Not that the data should be thrown out or anything, but we were one of the stingier teams in the league until that horrible stretch of games in April that really screwed up our GA.
  12. Probably just an elbow pad malfunction, I'm sure they'll clear it all up
  13. I've seen picks both ways but almost all of them seem to think it will go the distance and be a very close series. And I haven't seen anyone picking the Leafs over the Bruins, but I'm guessing that might be different if I lived in Toronto.
  14. Eric Karlsson has an Irish accent. Listen to his next post-game interview.
  15. If you look at how they played, posession stats etc. Toronto is probably the weakest playoff team in the East. I think they'd be easier to beat than Ottawa, but I think if we get passed Ottawa, we're in better shape: Better opponent in the second round: ie zero chance of playing Pittsburg Better shape going into the second round: less banged up/injuries
  16. Yup. Not tested a whole lot overall, but it's not easy to come out and stop 10 shots in the second half of the 3rd after barely seeing any rubber the previous 30 minutes of play.
  17. I don't know, he struggled quite a bit to come back from that concussion and turned it around nicely this year. What other Leaf player is more deserving?
  18. No real disagreements from me. I just think and hope that it's too early to call the contract an albatross or DD a reclamation project. I think secondary scoring is going to be essential for this team for the next few years so whether he's on a number one offensive line or a secondary scoring line, I think he can still be useful for a while and moveable thereafter.
  19. New potential Masterson top contender? Karlsson comes back months ahead of schedule, plays over 27 minutes, picks up assists on both goals in a 2-1 OT win that clinches their playoff position. Pretty incredible.
  20. He'll still put on a few pounds I'm sure but 6'6 is pretty massive for a hockey player.
  21. I don't know weep, those 'spare parts' (assuming you're referring to Armstrong and White) have much better scoring chance for/against ratios while playing the same role. Moen has been one of the worst on the team this year in that regard outside of the PK where he's still been one of our best. I like the guy, but he's not having a good season. For DD, we'll see. If he keeps averaging 50-60 points I think he'll be pretty moveable when the time comes. The slump he hit this year has been more the exception than the rule in his tenior here so far.
  22. Has a ways to go but looked great last night I thought. It's exciting to see that he moves so well for such an enormous guy.
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